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My life without Mary# 2

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Before I could react she had me turned around on her knees with my colliding into her mouth.
She looked up at me and called me daddy and told me she loved me then continued to give me the best blowjob of my life
After that we went to my tent and I had her completely naked. At first I feasted my eyes on you beautiful sexy body.then tastes every inch of her, before getting comfortable between her sexy legs for a feast on her beautifully bald pussy.
I ran my tongue from her ass to the top of her pussy back and forth several times, before parting her beautiful closed lips, running my tongue up the soft hood that protected her erect hard clit. Sucking as licking it like a woman would suck on a cock.
I kept going as she tensed up and came all over my mouth which mad me want to suck her clit harder milking it with pressure from my.and lip milking it till she gave me more
After her third orgasm I. Can up and slipped my cock in her soaked pussy.
Abe wrapped her legs around me as I fucked her. Her right pussy was making me fight not to cum, I could tell she was close. I quickly pulled out, which made her start to complain telling me she couldn’t get pregnant, but shut up as my arms went under her legs to find her clit again.
Ernie bucked and said over and over OMG and saying she was cumming. After she started to flus my mouth again I came back up and without warning I was balls deep and pumped her with everything I had in and out.
She was still cumming and my cock swelled letting loose 4 long blasts into her pumping harder with every shot.

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