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More money from Grandpa

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More money sucking grandpa’s cock, incest , cum swallowing, bj

Two days went by after (I sucked off my Grandpa for $200) before he brought up the subject. I just got in the door from school and dropped my bag by the door when Grandpa called out from his bedroom down the hall. “Hey Jenny” he yelled “can I talk to you for a minute?”. I smiled and wondered if he was gonna ask me for another bj, I sure needed the money. I walked down the hall and went into Grandpa’s room and there he was totally naked laying on the bed stroking a big hard on. “Want to earn some more money?” he laughed. “Sure” I said as I walked over to his bed and sat on the side of it reaching out for his big swollen old cock.

He had a fucking great cock and it made me instantly wet as I gripped it in my hand and started to stroke it for him. Fuck I thought he is so fucking huge. I just loved the big blue veins covering his cock, the feel of his hot skin as it slid up and down the hard inner core. His huge balls still blew my mind I never knew a mans balls could be so big. They were as big as a softball and covered in white course hair and I knew they held a glorious amount of cum.

I started to feel his balls with my other hand as I stroked him. Feeling his nuts move inside the bag while I moved them over my fingers. My pussy was really wet now and I was horny as hell, I needed to suck that monster right now. I leaned forward and licked across his cock head tasting some of his precum that was leaking out of the little slot. MMMMMMMMMMMMM fucking yummy I thought as I gave his cock head a big wet spitty slobbery kiss. Then I licked my tongue all around the head as I pulled his foreskin back. I needed it now and sucked his cock head into my wet warm waiting mouth feeling it fill my mouth as he put his hands on my head running his fingers through my hair. I sucked as much of his cock as I could into my mouth then started to bob my head up and down as my lips slide over his shaft.
He must have been stroking his cock for awhile because he didnt last long and was soon pumping huge squirts of gooey cum down my throat. As I swallowed my Grandpa’s thick creamy loads I clamped my legs together and had 2 huge orgasms one after the other, I could feel my juices running down my thighs. I milked Grandpa’s cock empty swallowing every last drop, I had never swallowed cum before Grandpa shot his load down my throat 2 days ago but I really loved swallowing his. His balls shot out so much of it it was like swallowing 6 loads of my bf’s.
I pulled my mouth off Grandpas empty cock and smiled as he said “You blew your load again didn’t ya baby? You sure do get turned on sucking Grandpa’s cock and swallowing his cream.” There was no sense denying it, I had shivered and moaned loudly as I orgasmed, so I just smiled and said “You owe me another $200.”.

Grandpa looked at me with a sly look in his eyes and smiled, “Yeah I guess I do but I have a proposition for you.” “What?” I asked suspiciously. “Well you have a little under 2 weeks until you have to have all your money saved up so you can go. Right? So I was wondering how much money would you feel you needed to have a fun vacation with spending money for the whole time you are there?”.
“I don’t know $2000 would be totally awesome but I could manage if I saved another $1000. Why are you gonna give me the money?” Grandpa said “No I am not going to give you the money but you can earn it.”. “I thought that was what I was doing?” I laughed. Grandpa looked at me and said the rate your going you won’t even make $1000 by the time you need it.”. “Well I could suck you off everyday till I go and then I would have $2000.”. Grandpa laughed and said it has been 3 days since you sucked me off the first time. I am an old man I don’t know if I could get it up everyday.” I was to learn he was not only an old man but a lying bastard. “So what can I do?” I asked and he smiled. ” will give you $2500 if you will service me anytime I want day or night and I want to be able to suck on your titties.”. I thought about it and figured I would have a win win situation here. I would get the money, more then enough and all I had to do was suck him off maybe 3 more times and so what if he sucked on my titties I would be making much more money. I could have a blast on holiday and do what ever I wanted. “Deal.” I said and we shook hands

I went to get up and leave his bedroom when he told me to sit back down on the bed and take off my top and bra. “What?” I said surprised. “Hey didn’t we just make a deal?” Grandpa said “Now get over here and let me suck those little titties of yours.” Fuck I thought but he was right I had just made the deal. I swallowed and pulled my top up over my head and undid my bra dropping both to the floor. Then I went over to the bed and Grandpa grabbed me by the waist pulling me down so he could put his mouth on my little boobie buds.

I felt his whiskers scrape the sensitive skin on my small breast as he sucked my nipple into his mouth and scraped it with his teeth sending a shiver through my body. My bf had sucked my titties a couple times but he said there wasn’t even a mouth full and it was a waste of time but Grandpa seemed to be enjoying himself with my little titties and the feeling was awesome. I felt shivers run through my body right down into my pussy making me leak. Grandpa used one hand to play with my other nipple as he sucked and licked in the other. FUCK I thought in my head I am gonna orgasm again if he keeps this up, my breathing coming hot and fast as I closed my eyes and just felt the sensations. Grandpa kept sucking until I couldn’t hold back and I moaned loudly as my pussy contracted and gush my juices out running down my thighs. My knees buckled and I fell to the floor as my orgasm finished off with me gasping for air like a fish.

Grandpa smiled down at me and I thought I heard Grandpa say “I am gonna make you into my own personal little slut” but my head was spinning so I wasn’t quite sure.

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