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Living Next Door

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Bob hesitated a moment before opening the door. He knew Alex would be standing there, probably grinning devilishly and undoubtedly with a growing bulge in his trousers before even entering the house. He knew that because his own cock was already throbbing as it tented his loose boxers.

He and Alex had gone over the details a couple of times, wanting to make every aspect of the coming evening as arousing and erotic as possible for all of them. Linda went along without a lot of arguing since the perversity of Bob’s original idea aroused her as well.’

Now, all Bob had to do was open the door, lead Alex up the stairs and down the short hall to the master bedroom where his sixty-three-year-old wife awaited them both. He’d left her there a few moments before with Linda wearing an absolutely sheer negligee with no panties, her dark brown nipples pushing hard against the flimsy fabric and her neatly trimmed salt and pepper pussy hair clearly outlined above her puffy mons.

Alex greeted him with a nervous laugh and warm hug as he entered the foyer. Seeing Bob in just his briefs, Alex shed his own clothes down to his underwear then followed Bob up the stairs and down the hall. They stopped at the open doorway for Bob to announce they were there and ready to come in.

“That’s very thoughtful,” Linda giggled loudly, “because I thought that was entirely the point…to come in…here…and then…cum in…me…repeatedly.”

Bob turned to grin at Alex with his wife’s unexpectedly coarse language and stepped into the room. Linda stood next to the bed, her right tit already dangling free of the nightie, the thick outer lips of her pussy between her thighs standing out against the flimsy white material.

While she was well over sixty, Linda easily passed for late forties or early fifties. Her tits had lost some of their perkiness to the lifelong battle with gravity but still stood out proudly with erect nipples as big as the tip of her little finger. The rest of her trim body was soft and curvy in all the right places, with lips that dangled invitingly on either side of the pink fleshy inner folds of her cunt.

“Well, get naked the rest of the way already,” she instructed the two of them then pointed to a nearby chair. “Sit there Bob until I tell you to move. You can drag it closer to the bed if you like and jerk off all you want but don’t cum without my permission.”

With that she turned her full attention to Alex, who by then had dropped his briefs around his ankles and kicked them off to the side. She beckoned him closer until she could reach down and take his rock-hard cock in one hand and his tight ball sac with the other. He grinned back at her and, without saying a word let alone asking, cupped her bare right tit and rubbed the nipple with his thumb.

Linda appraised his body carefully, making no effort whatever to hide the lust in her eyes or the way she licked her upper lip. Alex clearly took care of himself with broad shoulders, rock hard abs and a throbbing six and a half inch cock above a clearly full to overflowing ball sac…one she had every intention of draining completely before the night was done.

She let out a low moan when he touched her nipple, feeling a few droplets of her pussy juices seeping down the inside of her thighs. She was more than ready to have Alex plunge his dick into her mouth and pussy and ass, taking on faith her husband’s assurance that the boy, like practically every other eighteen-year-old boy, could stay hard and cum repeatedly over the course of a few hours.

On the chair next to them, Bob’s eyes alternated between watching her hand on the boy’s cock and the teenager’s hand fondling his wife’s tit. His own dick throbbed in anticipation of seeing Alex’s shaft disappear inside Linda’s warm welcoming pussy, to hear her scream her climaxes the way she did for him when they first began fucking, to see her take that young cock into her mouth and throat until she gasped for breath with the head of Alex’s dick punching out the side of her throat.

Linda stepped a little closer, glanced quickly at Bob then pulled Alex’s head down for a tongue-lashing kiss. Alex readily returned the kiss, at the same time dragging his hand up between Linda’s legs to finger her dripping cunt.

After another louder moan, Linda stepped backwards until her legs pressed against the side of the bed. She let herself fall backward, pulling the teenager down on top of her. Alex slipped a knee between her thighs, pushing it hard against her now decidedly wet pussy, their tongues continuing their arousing dance.

Then he pushed himself up on his knees, grinned devilishly at Linda and ripped the negligee to tatters. She lay in surprise for a moment, all of her body now totally exposed to him, before she grinned her assent and took his cock back in her hand.

“Where do you want to cum inside me tonight, Alex, for your first time?” she murmured seductively, sitting up enough she could lick the drops of his precum leaking from the head of his cock. “My pussy is wet and warm just waiting to feel your hard cock shoot your fresh cum deep inside me…or I can tease your dick with my mouth and tongue until you can’t help but explode down my throat and I swallow every sweet drop…or my ass is so very tight it will suck you off until you fill my bowels. By the way, it doesn’t matter which one you chose first, because I expect you to cum in all three of my holes at least once each as my husband watches.”

Bob let out a low moan, his cock so hard it ached watching his wife present herself as an unashamed wanton slut to the teenage boy. He stopped stroking himself fearing he would cum unbidden by Linda.

Alex just laughed, pushed Linda’s legs up from behind her knees and unceremoniously rammed his cock into her waiting pussy. She let out a yelp as his balls slapped against her ass and the tip of his cock penetrated to the deepest recesses of her cunt.

He hovered over her, pounding her cunt unmercifully, faster and harder with every one of her moans. Linda reached down to finger her own pulsing clit and Alex’s cock at the same time, cumming twice before his back arched and his body tensed when he grunted his cum into her cunt canal.

Alex kept pounding her for a few moments, then pulled his still stiff dick, glistening with the mixture of his cum and her juices, out of her pussy. He grinned down at her again then flipped her over on her hands and knees and pressed his still rigid cock against her tight puckered asshole.

Linda dropped her head on the bed and reached back to spread her ass cheeks with her hands for the teen. Alex’s cock was so slick with his cum and her pussy juices that after but the slightest resistance, his dick slid deep into her bowels.

Her next orgasm began even before she again fondled her throbbing clit. After ramming his cock as deep as he could go a half dozen times, Alex slapped her right ass cheek hard with his next thrust into her, then the left in the thrust after that.

Linda howled, the sting of those slaps causing her orgasm to build, amplified by each one. By the fifth or sixth slap, her pussy erupted, squirting pussy juices on Alex’s balls and legs to pool on the bed beneath them.

Bob was digging his fingernails into the arms of the chair, his cock steadily dripping precum down between his legs. Linda was positioned so Bob could see the entire length of Alex’s cock thrusting in and out of his wife’s tight asshole, something she had denied him for years. He had to bite his lip every time she shrieked another climax, begging the teenager to fuck her harder and faster…more and yet more.

At last, Alex could hold back no longer. His creamy cum erupted deep in her bowels as he flailed and moaned until the last drop emptied into her, his cock slowly deflated partially, and he pulled out of her with a soft pop. He rolled off to the side, breathing heavily with his heart racing. Linda lay silent for a moment then looked over to Bob.

“Get over here now,” she told her husband as she got back on her knees, “and lay on your back next to Alex.”

Bob immediately did as he was told, his rigid dick flopping back and forth as he crawled into position on the bed. Once he was set, Linda straddled his face hovering far enough over him he could not reach her pussy or asshole with his tongue.

“Now drink drown all that lovely cum…every last drop,” she instructed him, taking her hand away from her crotch and pushing so Alex’s cum oozed from her cunt and asshole to splash on Bob’s cheeks and into his open mouth.

When the flow slowed, she lowered herself to rub her sticky seeping pussy slit across Bob’s face, with his nose strumming her clit with every thrust. By then, Alex was propped up on one elbow watching them, his dick again stiff without being touched. Linda finished rubbing her crotch on Bob’s face, sent him back to sit in the chair like before and pushed Alex on his back to take his cock into her mouth.

Alex slumped back on the bed, reveling in the soft warm feel of the mouth and tongue of the woman forty-five years his senior. Linda took her time, using her tongue to swirl around the head of his dick, alternating that with taking him so deep into her throat her nose pressed into his wiry pubic hair.

When he got close to cumming again, Alex grabbed the back of Linda’s head, pulling her down over his dick while furiously thrusting his hips up into her face. He was completely buried when he started to cum in her throat. Linda gagged and sputtered. Alex pulled out so his second spurt coated her tongue and the third and fourth splashed on her lips and cheeks to dribble down toward her tits.

Alex lay back while Linda grinned looking down at him. Then she turned and beckoned for Bob to climb back on the bed with them. She gave her husband a tender kiss and got on her hands and knees, inviting him to fuck her swollen oozing cunt in their favorite position from behind right over the teenager’s face. Bob instantly accepted, plunging into her warm sticky cunt with abandon. His orgasm started on the third thrust into her sloppy pussy, with more cum than he could remember shooting ever before in her or on his own hand.

The three of them lay entangled for a few minutes until their breathing and racing hearts returned to something approaching normal. When Alex started to get up to leave, Linda took his hand and pulled him back down between her and her husband.

“Oh no you don’t quite yet,” she told the teenager while nibbling his ear and stroking his half hard cock, “I still want to feel that awesome cock of yours in my pussy and mouth and ass again. Spend the night with us and I’ll fuck you as often as you can get hard and Bob will suck you hard again after every time you fill my cunt or ass with your cum. Besides, you haven’t fucked Bob yet and just the thought of seeing that really turns me on.”


Bob awakened in the dark bedroom, the only light coming from a dim nightlight in the en suite bathroom. His eyes blinked open feeling like he was about to cum again.

He was.

He looked down his body to see the distinct white of Alex’s eyes as the eighteen-year-old sucked his engorged cock and gently fingered his asshole. Linda lay sprawled off to the side, her face underneath Alex, sucking the young boy’s dick. Alex managed to keep bobbing up and down on Bob’s dick while vigorously fingering Linda’s welcoming pussy. Bob grabbed the back of the boy’s head and thrust his hips up hard enough Alex’s cock slipped from his wife’s mouth.

“Yeah…that’s the way…fuck his face and throat,” Linda exclaimed, getting on her knees and fingering herself watching her husband’s cock sliding in and out of the boy’s mouth. “After you cum in his mouth, you can lick my leaking pussy again while Alex fucks your tight asshole.”

Alex grunted his agreement just as Bob’s creamy cum erupted in his mouth and gushed down his throat. The teenager swallowed eagerly then turned to share the remainder with Linda in a tongue-lashing kiss after Bob’s cock slipped from his mouth.

Bob didn’t even get to turn over on his hand and knees. The boy spit the rest of the cum and spittle mix on his hand and used it to lube Bob’s ass. Then he pushed Bob’s legs up, slid his cock into the older man’s asshole and pumped him hard and fast. After Linda masturbated to two more orgasms watching them and Bob jerked himself off while being fucked, they all fell back asleep in a tangled heap of arms and legs

When they finally awakened in the late morning, Alex fucked Linda one more time, cumming in her cunt again while she drank down her husband’s sperm. They both kissed the boy passionately at the back door before Alex left to return home next door.

“I wonder what his parents think about him staying out all night,” Linda said to Bob as they sipped coffee in the kitchen, both of them still naked.

“He’s eighteen, so I guess he’s old enough to do so without a problem,” Bob replied, casually flicking some dried cum flakes from his pubic hair.

“Still, he doesn’t even finish high school for two more months,” Linda murmured, “you’d think his parents would say something.”


It turned out Alex’s parents had quite a bit to say. Carl and Lydia were anxiously waiting for Alex when he returned home.

They were not upset he spent the night with the much older couple. Quite the opposite. They were waiting for a detailed report on exactly what he had done with both Bob and Linda and what they had done to him.

Knowing they were waiting for him, Alex rushed to his parents’ bedroom as soon as he came in the door. His mother lay on her back with her legs spread wide fingering her pussy with one hand while holding his father’s throbbing cock to her lips with the other.

“So, how was it?” his mother asked as he stopped at the foot of their bed and stripped of his t-shirt and jeans, all he bothered to put back on before leaving the house next door.

“You were so right, Mom,” he replied, climbing on the bed and kissing his mother passionately after giving the tip of his father’s hard cock a quick lick, “she is definitely the hornier one and very much in charge.”

His mother sat up and had his father lay down, impaling herself on her husband’s dick with her back to him, facing her son. Carl reached around to pull and pinch Lydia’s swollen nipples as she slowly rode his cock and fingering her hairy pussy while she extracted every detail of her son’s night.

By the time Alex related everything he could remember and answered every question his mother and father had, his young cock was again rock hard. With her husband’s dick still in her cunt, his mother leaned backward, giving Alex the space to slip his cock into her pussy along with his father’s. The two of them rubbed their cocks together inside her cunt for a few frantic thrusts until both filled her with their cum.

“I’m pretty sure she wants to do a lot more,” Alex murmured into his mother’s right tit while his father sucked her left, “and he will do whatever she says.”

“Why do you say that baby?” his mother asked, fingering the mixture of both of their cum still seeping out of her pussy.

“She said something about me coming over more often,” Alex responded softly, “and asked if I knew any others who might want to join in.”

“What did you say?”

“I told her I did have a buddy who might be interested…and an older involved couple. I think she thought I was seeing another older couple before them. Then she asked me to check to see if and when those others might be available.”


At the same time that Alex was reporting to his parents about his night with Bob and Linda, the two of them were discussing the details as well.

“God that went better than I ever dreamed,” Linda told her husband after the teenager left, “Alex never seemed to soften at all and shot his cum more times than I could count.”

“I told you guys his age were essentially indefatigable and insatiable, as was I at his age if you remember,” Bob grinned at her, looking up from where he was licking the last remnants of the teen’s cum from his wife’s puffy pussy. “Now imagine if he gets a few of his friends to come over and join us.”

Linda shuddered at the thought, her pussy throbbing in anticipation. She clamped her thighs around her husband’s head and practically drowned him in pussy juices as her orgasm exploded.

“Do whatever it takes, but set it up with him,” she instructed Bob when the last aftershocks of climaxes finally ebbed away. “He also said something about a couple and I would love finding a girl who I can lick and finger while being fucked.”

Bob grinned without saying a word. Linda becoming the insatiable slut she was when they first met was, by far, his dearest dream and most arousing fantasy.


Over the course of the next month or so, Alex made frequent visits next door to play with Bob and Linda. He happily fulfilled every wish she made, be it what he did with her or Bob. He enjoyed the feel of Bob’s cock in his ass and mouth as much as he did his own father’s. It was an added bonus that Linda was as equally wanton and adventurous as his own mother.

During each visit, Alex made a point of alluding to talking to some friends about joining in their fun. Bob encouraged Alex to tell Linda what a group would do to her. For her part, Linda found herself experiencing yet stronger orgasms pleading for ever more explicit details as the boy fucked her.

With Linda becoming more insistent about bring others into their play, Alex told them he would arrange for the couple and another guy to meet them the following weekend. Unbeknownst to Bob and Linda, he meant his own parents and his twenty-year-old brother who was due home from college a few days before. He knew he didn’t even have to check with his brother Jeff in advance.


“So how exactly are we going to get this started?” Lydia asked Alex when he told his parents Linda and Bob expected him, another guy and a couple to join them that Saturday. “I mean, she does know us well, so just walking in might be a total non-starter.”

“Yeah, I figured the same thing, since I’m sure she doesn’t think you and Dad are the couple I had in mind,” he responded, “and I’m fresh out of any ideas.”

“You did say she’s the more adventurous one,” his older brother chimed in, looking up from where he was sucking his father’s cock, “so maybe suggest to him that, as a surprise, he blindfold her until everything gets going.”

“That might work, but then he would know who I was bringing along and might object himself before we even got near her,” Alex pointed out as he laid back to enjoy the way his mother was licking his cock and balls with a finger rubbing his asshole.

“I suppose the only way to find out is to ask him,” Lydia finally said as she stood between Alex’s legs, facing away from him and lowered herself down on to the rock-hard cock he guided into his mother’s pussy.


A few days later, Lydia happened to be returning from the grocery store as Bob walked out to check his mail. He called out to her and she took advantage of his offer to help her with the bags. When everything was inside, she sat with him at her kitchen table to talk over a cup of coffee.

“There is something I wanted to talk to you about,” she finally said after some inconsequential chitchat, looking at him seriously. “We know what you two have been doing with Alex.”

Bob froze with his coffee cup halfway to his lips. He started to stammer but Lydia stopped him with a wave of her hand.

“Don’t get me wrong,” she assured him, reaching over to pat the hand he still had on the table, “knowing doesn’t mean we object. In fact, just the opposite. We want to be included…me and Carl and even Jeff when he’s home.”

Bob simply stared at her with his mouth partially open, not believing what he was hearing or having any idea of what to say. Lydia gave him a moment to consider her comments then got up, stepped behind him and wrapped her arms around his neck to dangle over his chest.

“And Carl and I are the older couple Alex told you about …Jeff is the buddy,” she continued, nuzzling against his neck and stabbing her tongue into his ear. “We, both Carl and me, have been fucking our sons since they could first get hard and cum…and sucking and being sucked by them far earlier.”

“What?…What are you…?” Bob stammered, turning to face Lydia and getting her tongue rammed in his mouth for the effort.

She glanced down to see the bulge growing in his pants as she crushed her tits against his back. After a moment, Bob surrendered, turning enough to slide a hand over her right tit. Lydia stepped between his legs and started unzipping his pants as she dropped to her knees. A few seconds later, she rolled her eyes to look up at him as she swallowed the entirety of his cock in a single motion.

Bob bent forward, roughly fondling her tits until his back arched. He let out a mournful groan and filled Lydia’s mouth and throat with his sticky sperm. She swallowed every drop before taking his cock out of her mouth and smacking her lips together.

“Yummy, yummy…I’ve wanted to taste your cum for a very long time,” she murmured, peeling off her shirt and bra as she stood up then taking his hand, “now how about you get a good taste of my sweet pussy.”

Bob stripped quickly at Lydia’s bedside as she continued kissing and licking his ear and fondling his cock. When he was naked, she pulled him down on top of her, pushing his head down after he sucked her nipples for a few minutes.

As she dragged his tongue through her dripping pussy slit, the pungent taste and musky aroma of her highly aroused cunt practically overwhelmed him. He could feel his cock hardening especially quickly as he hungrily licked her cunt entry and asshole before wrapping his lips around her clit.

Lydia shrieked, wildly flailing her hips against his face until her orgasm erupted and she sprayed her pussy juice over his face and into his mouth. Bob pushed her legs up over his head from behind her knees and ferociously rammed his rigid dick into her warm wet and most welcoming pussy, quickly adding his sticky sperm to the juices oozing out of her.

They lay breathing heavily until their hearts stopped racing. Bob turned to face Lydia, idly swirling her left nipple in two fingers while she tenderly squeezed his balls.

“I’m not complaining, mind you, but what brought that on? I never had any idea you had such…um…desires.”

“I’ve wanted to fuck you for as long as I can remember,” Lydia explained with a devilish smile, “but never had an inkling of your willingness to play until you talked to Alex and had him over.”

“He told you about that?” Bob asked with a look of concern on his face.

“Of course, when we pressed him a little,” Lydia responded, leaning over to give him a peck on his cheek, “and when Alex said you both wanted another couple and an extra guy, Carl and I knew we had to take advantage of the opportunity. Jeff happily agreed when we told him what was possible after he got home.”

“I…I had no idea…you…and Carl…felt that…way,” Bob stammered, “or even were…interested in such activities.”

“Well, now you know,” Lydia grinned, sitting up so her tits with stiff nipples swayed just inches from his face, “so now the question is how do you get her to accept we are the right ones…the ones Alex meant all along.”

They were still sitting on the bed naked when Carl walked into the bedroom unannounced. He stopped in his tracks seeing Bob and Lydia.

“Um…I know you said you would talk to him,” Carl chuckled after a moment as he rushed to take off his clothes, “but I didn’t think it would go quite this way.”

Lydia just laughed and pulled Carl’s face down for a tongue-lashing kiss, while keeping her fingers wrapped around Bob’s reanimated dick. It only took a few seconds for the three of them to be rolling around on the bed, kissing and groping and giggling like teenagers.

At some point, Lydia straddled Bob’s hips, lowering herself down over his stiff dick while she sucked Carl. While he pushed his cock as deep as he could into her warm cunt, Bob reached up and fondled Carl’s balls. Carl tensed and Lydia smiled without taking his cock out of her mouth. A moment later, both of their dicks erupted, filling her cunt and mouth and throat with still more warm, sticky sperm.


“Are you sure I have to do this?” Linda asked Bob as she stretched out on their bed.

“Oh yeah…it will add to the excitement and anticipation,” he assured her as he attached a soft rope to each wrist and tied them to the headboard. “Just think how hot you will get not knowing who is touching you where…whose cock is in your mouth or filling your pussy…or whose tongue is probing your asshole and cunt.”

Linda let out a low moan and squirmed slightly, the edges of her pussy lips already glistening with her juices, her nipples rock hard. She didn’t have to say a word. She knew Bob knew she was getting more and more turned on by his words as much as his actions.

The doorbell chimed. Linda jumped and tensed before Bob leaned over and kissed her tenderly on the lips. She strained to maintain the kiss as he slowly pulled away.

“I’ll be right back,” he whispered, “and this is going to so much fun.”

As soon as he opened the door, Lydia and Carl, followed by their two grown sons, rushed into the house as quickly and quietly as they could manage. Lydia gave him a tongue-lashing kiss, before she and the others stripped off their clothes. Bob was already naked and his cock half hard. He smiled brightly at them as everyone took a deep breath before going to the bedroom where Linda waited.

“How did it go?” Lydia asked him while she casually fondled his dick, wiping a droplet of precum from the tip. “Did she agree to everything?”

“Better than we could have hoped,” Bob beamed, sliding his hand over the three hard cocks next to him, “She’s so excited I was afraid she might spontaneously cum while I blindfolded her.”

“Then let’s not keep the lady waiting,” Carl exclaimed, stepping aside to let Bob lead Lydia and the boys up the stairs ahead of him.

“Remember, no talking until she can’t cum anymore,” Bob whispered to them before opening the bedroom door, “we don’t want her to have even a hint of who is sucking and fucking her.”

Lydia led the way, quietly walking to one side of the bed with Carl and pointed for Alex and Jeff to stand on the other side. With a nod of her head, Lydia and her sons and husband began brushing their fingertips all over Linda’s trembling body. They took their time, keeping their hands off Linda’s tits and pussy at first. Instead, they dragged their fingers up and down her arms and legs, across her face and belly and sides.

By the time she felt the first touch on her right tit, Linda was practically begging for them to do more. Lydia sucked in Linda’s left nipple while her older son did the right. Alex and his father fingered Linda’s dripping cunt together, circling her sensitive clit and probing the soaked entry to her cunt.

All the while, Bob sat with Linda’s head between his thighs, stroking her hair and muttering to her with his stiff cock resting against her right ear. He would point when he wanted someone to touch Linda in a particular place as she groaned and flailed. Every once in a while, Lydia or Carl or one of the boys would turn to him and ram their tongue into his mouth.

Linda had two quick orgasms before the first cock plunged into her.

Jeff slapped her lips with his cock head and she eagerly sucked him into her mouth.

Alex climbed up between her thighs and rubbed is cock up and down in her pussy slit a few times before slowly pushing into her.

Carl joined Lydia sucking Linda’s tits and fingering her clit.

When Jeff shot his cum in Linda’s mouth, Carl moved over and took his place.

Lydia went about sucking her older son hard again.

Alex followed a few moments later, shooting his sperm into Linda’s gaping cunt.

Lydia dove down between Linda’s quivering thighs to lick her son’s cum from her cunt and suck her clit through two more climaxes.

Bob moved behind Lydia, sliding his hard cock into her cunt while sucking Alex hard again.

So it went for the next hour or two, with no one keeping count of the orgasms or track of the time. Finally, Linda shrieked one last time and slumped back, completely spent.

“No more…no more,” she muttered so lowly Bob had to lean close to her mouth to hear her. “I’m…I’m done.”

All of them were pretty much exhausted as well. Bob went and got them some cold beers and when he returned, Linda was asking to be unbound and for the blindfold to be removed. Lydia grinned at him, gesturing for him to wait a moment while she and Carl positioned themselves on one side of the bed and her two sons on the other.

When Lydia nodded to Bob, he removed the blindfold and untied the restraints on her wrists while Linda blinked rapidly in the subdue lighting of the bedroom until her eyes focused. Then Linda propped herself up on both elbows and looked at them gathered around her.

“What?…How?…you…how…?” she murmured, a look of total surprise, if not shock, on her face.

Right on cue, Alex and Jeff looked at each other then turned to address Linda in unison.


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