Life’s unexpected darkness…

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Maddie’s life becomes dark. He has fallen into a trap from the boy she hates.

*Sequel to life’s unexpected pleasures*

From that day onwards life did take a turn for the worst. Things between me and Josh got a bit weird. We ended up breaking up, he cheated on me with another girl at a party. I hated him for it, firstly he made me fuck his friend who I despised in some twisted three way and then cheats on me. Josh was 4 years older than me so it felt inevitable but it doesn’t mean it didn’t hurt.

It was difficult to move on. I saw him around but didn’t acknowledge him in the slightest. From being the happiest I’ve ever been with a boy to having no boyfriend, friends or anything worthy of being happy for in the space of a couple weeks was heartbreaking.

How I found out about him cheating you may wonder? I received an anonymous email with a video attached of him getting it on with another girl. She was some fat whore.

I’m trying to move past it now. I promise.

I don’t do much anymore in regards to socialising. I just study and go to the gym. Nothing has changed in the aspect of Josh’s friend Brian somehow always being at the gymnast the same time as me. The guy was perving on me like usual. There’s been a few times since the break up where he has asked me out on a date. I can’t stand the sight of him, I just plainly refuse. I could see this wound him up to the max the more I rejected him.

Spring had come around fast. Everyone was going home for spring break in my dorm. I just stayed here because my parents were away anyway and I had upcoming assignments due. It was going to feel lonely but I just got on with it.

The first night I decided to treat myself. I wanted to go out for a meal by myself something I was always nervous about but I did it. I went to a local Thai restaurant. I had a lovely time, I was all dressed up. I had to think of one way to start to feel better so it was trying new experiences.

After the meal I made my way back to my room. I couldn’t be bothered to undress so I just stuck something on my tv and did some studying. Shortly after, I jumped. I heard a loud bang at my door. I was nervous to open it, it took me a short while to gain the courage to do so.

I opened it to my worst nightmare.

“Brian, what the fuck are you doing here?”

Brian without saying anything other than a creepy smile on his face had his laptop open, clicked play.

It was there I watched myself being fucked by the two of them a couple of weeks ago. He had recorded the whole thing. My jaw visibly dropped.

“If you don’t do as I ask this will be sent to your dad, I found his contact details” Brian blackmailed me.

“You’re joking right? There’s no way you would do that” I pleaded. That sick bastard recorded all of it.

“Do I look like I’m fucking joking?” He became angry.

He then barged into my room and sat down on my bed. I didn’t know what to do with myself. There was no one around to help me. Yet again he was ready to send that to my dad. My dad would kill me, he wouldn’t be able to look at me the same again. I can’t have this destroy my relationship with my parents.

I shut the door slowly. Trying to avoid eye contact.

“What do you want? Money?” I tried to offer anything other than what I knew he wanted.

He laughed “You know exactly what I want”.

My head went down, my heart was racing. Fear had struck me. As well as disgust. He was super ugly and he stunk of b/o.

“Strip out of that pretty dress for me” he ordered.

“No please” I begged.

He stood up and put his right around my neck.

“Don’t fuck about” he said.

I was scared. I did as he wished. I removed my dress.

He pushed me on to the bed and lifted my legs up into doggy. He buried his face into my ass. He pushed aside my thong and started to tongue my asshole. I screamed. I could physically feel his tongue moving around.

He started to push his thumb into my pussy as he was tonguing my ass.

He then got up and It sounded like he was doing something but I was unsure. It went silent for a moment.


He struck my ass with his belt. It was so painful.

“You’ve been a bad slut” he said.

He stuck again. And again. And again.

It stung like a bitch. I didn’t want to move after. I felt in pain. A tear had rolled down my face.

He ordered me to get back up. I was on my knees.

“Pull them down” Brian made me pull his trousers down.

I did so. Popped out his huge cock. I just looked at him, visibly upset.

“Sniff it then do your magic” he demanded.

I ended up with his smelly unwashed cock in my mouth. I was gagging, he started to throat fuck me. He pulled down my bra straps, and pushed it down to show my boobs.

He spat on my face. I felt so degraded.

“Look at me while sucking”

I could barely fit it in my mouth. At least it’s only one cock now I suppose. It’s so big.

He stood me up, he got on his knees. He pulled my panties down and spread my cheeks open. At first I heard him sniff.

“Smells like heaven, you little slut”

He began to use his tongue again. I was unimaginably wet. My hairless pussy was soaking.

Within a matter of sec I heard him grunt, he forced his cock into my pussy. I screamed. It was painful. I had taken it before but it felt different this time. I was being used, forced. I could feel my tits bouncing up and down as he fucked me at a ridiculously fast pace.

He grabbed me and picked me up while continuing to fuck me.

*clap clap clap clap*

The sound of him fucking me so hard. I struggled to take it.

“I’m going to cum, fuck” I said.

“Cum for me baby” he said. It was arousing as much as I hate him.

I had cum all over his cock. It was the most incredible orgasm ever, I was shaking. He still continued to fuck me.

He chucked me onto the bed. He got me back into doggy. He came in from behind me and now forced his cocky into my asshole.

I’m not sure how much more I can take. Luckily it didn’t last long, he fucked my tushy. He pulled out and came all over my ass. It lasted for ages my whole back and ass was drenched in cum. He wiped it off and forced his hand into my mouth. So I could clean it up.

I laid there. I couldn’t move.

“You are my slut now, this deal isn’t over. It’s just the beginning” he got up and slapped my ass. I watched him leave, he picked up my panties and left with them.

I didn’t want to move, I couldn’t move. I had fallen into a trap.

Next part out soon…

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