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Im 18 and I sell my nudes

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I like to sell my nudes, but is it wrong?

So I’ve been selling my nudes for almost a year now. I just turned 18 and I find it very fun and it turns me on alot. I told my friends about it and they have mixed feelings about it, like the money is nice but it feels kinda wrong. It also feels nice to know Im pretty enough to do this, I never thought I looked that good. I don’t know if I should stop but I need the money so the grind continues. The things people message me after I send them pics turn me on so much, like when they tell me how much they want to fuck me and use my body like a fuck toy. I love the thought of meeting some stranger I met online and him having their way with me. Just imagining them tying me up and forcing their cock down my throat then making me drink all their hot cum. Then they would take my panties off and position their dick in front of my virgin pussy. After a bit of rubbing my slit they would slam their cock all the way in and claim my virginity. I imagine them fucking my tight little cunt all night until they were ready to cum, I would plead that they don’t cum inside but I knew my pussys fate was sealed. He would shove his cock in and press against the entrance to my womb and fill me with every drop of his cum, guaranteeing to knock me up. With that he would pull his cock out of my freshly fertilized cunt and use my mouth to clean off his cum and my pussy juice, forever marking me as his permanent sex toy.

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  • Reply Kush ID:1evah4juguks

    Me and my wife have good sex but I will be bored tomorrow so I will be jacking it I have stories and pics but I wanna chat hmu [email protected]

  • Reply Esther ID:5srcts86ia

    I am actually looking for a gangbang with older men, let them fuck me ,use me,piss over me
    I want it so bad
    But too bad am in Africa

  • Reply PO469 ID:1dk2vq6l4gxl

    Whe didn’t you include one sample?

  • Reply paul ID:2xm1antm9b

    Interested. How can I contact

  • Reply G ID:13srh0fxat5f

    I wouldn’t mind seeing u

  • Reply Richie99/ secret-hentai.co ID:6e4sml2h

    Cartoon sex c after name,

    • That's the best ID:153k1o7wt0c

      You know you’re actually just snitching on a site right. Because the FBI actually watches this site you know that right?

    • That's the best ID:153k1o7wt0c

      Just sayng if you want that site reported real quick might as well post it here

    • That's the best ID:153k1o7wt0c

      Because regular people get on the site by accident and they see your post they’re going to report that site

  • Reply Gonzo ID:fx7itamv0

    Try it, sex like that can be fun with the right person. You sound like a good little cum slut yet need the experience from an older man to set things straight. Don’t just talk about it just do it, turn those fantasies into real life experiences and you will never look back.
    Or you can just be a prick tease ripping men off on line which you will get what you have coming sooner or later. The choice is entirely yours but I myself live in the real world taking real bodies I can touch, feel and fuck.
    Sorry daddy doesn’t get excited all that much from just a pic and a tease. My girls are real and I love it. I can send you a pair of their used wet panties if you would like to see what real sex smell is all about after they sprayed on my throbbing cock!

    • big Bob ID:1ebrgf4mopbi

      Sounds like fun can I join in

  • Reply [email protected] ID:8ojju2hhrc

    Sounds fun… care to chat ?

  • Reply BisexualFucker ID:5az8eo7m2

    Oh god an 18 old enjoying her young gorgeous body and having an older man enjoy it…. sounds…. oh terrible 🙄🥰👍

    • Tj ID:ffh379kqi

      Try letting a male dog fuck you you’d like it and it’s better than humans I’m a male n I’ve been getting my by dogs since I was 8 yrs old it’s the best fuck on the planet try some

    • Chloe ID:2nhvhgfxia

      I’m not 18 I’m 15 I don’t know why they changed my age lol