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Helping a friend

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Talking to a friend about her relationship issues and helping her with her more personal issues when she asks

Hey I’m Christian and I’m 20 And I recently got a invitation to my friend Emily’s wedding, also call from her that continued with us catching up on what we’ve been doing along with talking about a certain event that happened between us while we were in high school and when I hung up the phone I remembered that event that got me and her to be really close.

It was our senior year and we only had a week and a half before we graduated and as tradition our school has a barbecue for the seniors as a send off And on that day I sit with Emily and her boyfriend AKA future husband and she asked me if I could come with her to get something from her locker since her boyfriend’s sleeping on the blanket they had. I agree to come along, So we got up and walk inside to go to her locker and I had to admit her boyfriend Matt was a lucky guy Emily was hot she has these amazing thighs, a nice big ass that I really enjoyed looking at while she was in front of me while we went up the stairs, she had these amazing lips that looked so good and I can’t forget the best part about her she had these massive tits that if she didn’t wear a bra you could definitely tell jiggled a lot but what really got me that day was her outfit she was wearing this white strapless shirt that showed off her cleavage and she wasn’t wearing a bra so I could see her nipples a bit through it And she was wearing this skirt that kind of looked like pants which ended above her knees and It fits snug on her and I can tell you from looking at her it was hard not to stare at any part of her. Eventually she’s struck a conversation with me and we talked a bit about what we wanted to do after we graduate and she told me she wanted to be a nurse which was something else I liked about her she was really kind and sweet and often acted like a mother to friends who are younger than her which is why a lot of people liked her, But back on topic eventually our conversation went on to her relationship and it eventually let her telling me that her boyfriend Matt isn’t really interested in sex and he’s more into cuddling and holding hands and going out on dates and stuff. Which she appreciated but she told me she also wanted to have alone time together and when she tried to make a move on him He told her he wasn’t in the mood for and then he left and went home which I was surprised about because looking at her any guy would have been lucky for her to make moves on them and no offense to matt since he is a friend but he’s definitely not the ladies man which was why I was surprised when he told me he’s dating Emily. She told me how was she was in the mood kind of often and she would do it herself when she was in the mood and that’s when I made the joke of if she wants I could help her and we laughed but then she asked me if I was also in the mood and I told her “with you definitely” she asked me if I wanted to touch them she said while taking off the little jacket she had on which caught my eyes Because I almost instantly started touching her tits and oh my god they were the softest tits I had ever touched they we’re soft and squishy and when I pulled down her shirt I put one in my mouth to suck on and she moaned and told me she loved how it feels then she pulled up her shirt, grabbed my hand and took me to the band room where she took me into the back and that’s where she took off her panties and pulled up her skirt and told me “i want you in me” and so agreed, took out my dick again and first I rubbed my tip over her pussy lips to get her used to it then I just aimed it held her hips and went in her and while my dick isn’t massive It’s a good size and she felt it go all the way in her and I went rough with her. I fucked her pretty hard that her tits fell out of her shirt, So with one of my hands I played with it, squeezing it and kind of just groping it but We continue this for the next two hours and a half until I basically had cam on her 5 times and for the sixth she was on her face wanting me to cum on her tits and face and I was gladly going to do it and it was turning me on seeing her in this position since I had known her as a very sweet girl who is kind to a lot of people and seeing her mouth open, tongue out, playing with her tits and asking me to cum on her was hot. It didn’t take too long before I cam on her face and her tits but after I did that see just sucked my dick for a bit because she really wanted every drop.

The next few minutes was basically her sucking my dick until I actually cam again down her throat which she wanted so it worked out. After that she basically let me touch her anywhere on her body and I decided while she was laying down, got on top of her, put my dick between her tits and started fucking her tits and she once again laid there until I came again on her face. After she put on her panties and put a shirt back up she grabbed a wipe and clean her face and tits while we walked back to the barbecue and during our conversation she told me if I would be down to do it again and I said yes which started us basically every other day meeting up after school and fucking for the rest with the school year and We even continue to during the summer and even throughout the next two years she would call me over to her place and I would fuck her brains out and fill her up because she loved getting creampied and she always liked trying new positions or taking it in other places which led to me fucking her ass, tits and throat many times but eventually after those two years we cut it off well not before one final fuck where she took off work and the entire day was basically us fucking over and over again while taking breaks in between to touch each other.

Me and her have been texting and video calling a lot now and she actually sent me a few pictures of her tits and I’ve been sending her pics of my dick in return and she actually asked me if during one of our calls if during her wedding we could fuck one more time for old time shake and I agreed. So during her wedding I’m going to be fucking her and she also asked me to be at her bachelorette party So we might even do it sooner. If this happens I’ll make sure to update to let everyone know what happened.

Short version: horny teen named Emily asks friend for sex because her boyfriend doesn’t fuck her and it starts an affair between us.

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    Sounds hot, I met a girl like that at a party I had who was like that. She was smoking hot but her boyfriend got drunk every night & passed out. It was the first time I’d met her and he BF passed out on the couch and everyone else had left. My wife got the impression that Carmen was hot for me so she said she was going to bed and left Carmen and I alone with her passed out BF. She wasted no time in kissing me as she rubbed my cock then took her dress off very seductively followed by her bra & panties. She pulled my cock out and started sucking me off. Then stood up and leaned over the back of a chair and told me to fuck her. I fucked her from behind as I played with her big tits and emptied my load inside her. She sucked me off again until I shot a load down her throat. All of this was done right in front of her BF who could have woke up at any time. She even took some of my cum and wiped it on his lips. About a half hour later he came to and they left. When I got in bed my wife was awake and turned on as hell. It turned out she’d been hiding at the top of the stairs and had watched everything. She wanted to be with Carmen too. We ended up having several threesomes with her over the next few months and on occasion I’d meet up with her for a quick fuck in the car.

  • Reply Gonzo ID:7ylrjplk0j

    I say she is an idiot for marrying him. Oh sorry good story and if it is true I hope she gets tired of his dead fuck ass and goes back to you. Or you could walk up as they get ready to kiss and wipe her lips with a fresh coat of cum then just walk away lol!
    Good luck!.