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Forbidden at a G-Rated Movie Theater

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I let this old man play kiss suck me and I sucked my first cock back row at a Disney movie…

I’m in shock confused nervous scared..Excited. Holiday weekend relatives over with their kids.. 4 of them. My mom got the wonderful idea that I should them to the movies to let the grownups relax and that it’ll be fun for me. After all I was the favorite uncle. Kids were 5-8 years old so we went and the line was like really long we lucked out got the last row 4 seats only but just a few steps up there are 2 more seats against the wall.
“ Great we will take them” I was just happy we got in. The place was packed I could see our seats way up there.
The kids ran up taking their seats laughing having a good time. I looked up saw the other two seats kinda awkward I thought but it had like an aisle between were the kids were sitting.

The movie was starting I noticed this older heavy set guy coming up the stairs I was hoping not up here but..
Damn I said to myself as I was hoping I had this by myself.
“ Sorry son my grandchildren are down there I guess this is the last seat left hope it’s ok”. I looked at smiled told him it’s ok I pointed to my nephews telling him I’m with them kinda babysitting.
Wasn’t sure I heard him right but something like how young I looked pretty and I could use a babysitter or something..I just smiled nodded at him looking to make sure the kids were ok. That was strange I thought I’m sure I dint hear him right but for some reason I told him I was 15

Short time later the old man started to stretch his legs touching mine kinda like rubbing.
“ Sorry son got a cramp” then all of a sudden his hand was on my leg just touching it.. “ Give me a second I’m sorry kid he whispered.
I just sat there not moving looking at the screen feeling kinda creepy. He moved his legs around mine his hand started rub my leg.
WTF I thought what.. I should’ve said something but did not want to cause a scene and it was like I was frozen couldn’t move confusion hypnotized like. I just sat there letting him rub his hand up n down my leg. This was so strange I couldn’t understand why I didn’t say something or move.

His hand was now rubbing on my shorts trying to pull them down. WTF I looked over at him to say something when he kissed me I gasped and his tongue slid inside my mouth.
What’s happening I kept thinking I’m in a movie theater this old guy is kissing me his tongue in my mouth my shorts are being pulled down and I’m letting him.

I never made out with a girl before and now this stranger is kissing me swirling his tongue.. I heard myself moan and I started to kiss him back swapping tongues it felt so hot so good. His other hand was under my shirt playing with my nipples while my shorts were down he grabbed my penis.

“ Oooh god Ooh fuck oooh yes “ I whispered to him not believing how good this felt he was jacking me off pulling my shirt off and started to kiss lick suck on my nipples jacking me off. I was losing it never been so horny so turned on I wanted to scream in pleasure.

I pushed away from him panting like a dog in heat and seen his pants were down and I saw his and it was way bigger than my 5”
I looked at him looked down again and without thinking I bent over kissing licking my fist cock.. fuck with a old creepy fat guy I’m naked in public the kids could’ve turned around and see this. What am I doing… I’m licking it like a popsicle

“ Ooh yes my good little boy lick your daddy’s cock your so pretty young sexy hot just like a good Faggotboi should be now suck it my little queer boy suck daddy’s cock your lips will be like a girls pussy for me my very own cunt “

Him calling me names turned me on and like a demon possessed i opened my mouth bobbing my head up n down sucking his cock felt so good I tried to get all of him in my mouth but he was so big couldn’t even get like half.

I kept sucking licking moaning I couldn’t get enough it’s like I was falling in love with his cock I needed it wanting to never stop I could do this forever it felt so good in my mouth it made me feel cheap whorish like sexy exciting knowing I’m moaning sucking his beautiful cock not caring if anybody sees all I wanted to do was keep bobbing my head up n down.

He grabbed my head grunting pushing his cock deeper than I thought possible I reached under the seat grabbing his ass.
It tasted sweet warm hot..he was cummming in my mouth I pulled away his cum was splashing on my face I quickly went down on him swallowing his hot cum filling my belly.

I sat up looking around making sure the kids or anyone saw this.
I felt embarrassed cum was dripping off my face my lips I completely naked my cock is so hard I’m shaking I start to cum all over my belly I’m cummming so hard it’s splashing on my chest my face. I’m moaning panting wiping my cum off me then sucking my own cum savoring the taste of my cum and his cum.

“ Damn boy I never seen anyone like you so fucking horny so cheap so sexy pretty like a girl sucking my cock like this in public moaning loudly like you wanted people to hear how over n over you kept saying how much you loved my cock and want it always “

The movie was ending I wiped cum off my face got dressed grabbed the kids .. Who would of thought…

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  • Reply Bill ID:1ef4x6cot7qf

    That was a true story.. I know cuz it was me

  • Reply Bill ID:1ef4x6cot7qf

    I let a old guy play with me once at the movies..I was only 14 back row he sucked me and I did him.. now I meet him every month back row.. got caught by the usher and he promised not to tell if I sucked him off.. I did

  • Reply Beachboy ID:1eiw3i74qy76

    Yeah wow that was so awesome that it made me so horny for a movie and a big cock to suck and I’ve never sucked cock yet but I really love the idea of how to make it happen

    • Stan ID:7pqjmgwpm0

      Me too

  • Reply David ID:1ekc22ofcbff


  • Reply Danny ID:1d2dmzxek72s

    Wow. I hope this was real

    • [email protected] ID:2wcj27x7zi

      Love to go to the movies and get my cock out on the back row. Had many curious boys and girls suck me dry.