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Convicts 4: Back to Basics

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Mark Kessel, Brian Genner and Bernie Scott were three ex-cons currently on the run from the police. As we saw earlier, after being released from prison, they began their return to the criminal life by satisfying their lust for young girls. First 13-year-old Jenny; then 16-year-old Karen and her 11-year-old sister Monica. Next, they travelled to the west coast, where it had been 15-year-old Kirsten and her 11-year-old sister, Terri.

Since then, the three, dressed as bikers with no particular affiliation, had focused more on the money side of things for a while. Doing deals through Mexico, they’d scored a couple of good runs, pulling in nearly $20,000. They figured with a remote farmhouse as their home, it was time for a celebration.
The three scouted the area, using their school records program to track down the addresses of girls they wanted. It was like ordering from a menu. Better schools, looking for girls in 7th through 11th grade. They checked addresses; found only a few that worked for them. That is, they had to back to a large wooded area.

They found one that worked. Money wasn’t the reason they chose better neighborhoods. Poorer homes usually had bigger dogs. Rich homes tended to have little dogs. If you wanted fresh, virgin pussy, rich was definitely the way to go. The Crystal family fit the bill perfectly.

Jim and Margaret Crystal were two parents in their early forties. They had three daughters. Susan was seventeen, tall, thin, with a great body to match. The other two were Barbara and Brigette; twins, both 11 years old. It was Brigette’s records that first drew their attention. On Facebook, the two looked ordinary enough. Developing breasts, butts that looked great in their volleyball uniforms. Cute faces, each was about 5’2” tall, 120 pounds each. The little extra weight they had was in all the right places.
The plan was simple. Go to the home, rape the girls. Then they thought why not blindfold them, bring them back to their place in the desert. Bernie, always the one with the money-making ideas said they should make a rape video for the hood, like last time.

“Man, we made over ten grand on that one, single video. It would be easy to make that money again. Remember, raping white teenagers is a big hit in Oakland. I got this guy; says he can sell it overseas too. After we finish with them, we then go south and sell them in Mexico. Rich white girls, virgins or not, go for good money in Juarez.” So, the plan was set. They headed to the city.

They arrived at the woods behind the local strip mall and parked their bikes. Bernie had ridden double with Mark. He’d drive the family car with the girls in it. The three crept through the woods, just past ten o’clock. At the house, Bernie disabled the alarm. Into the house they crept. All three had come out of prison quite buffed. Lifting weights was about the only thing to do behind the Walls. Since then, between pot and trying to make money, they’d gotten a bit soft. Still, they were each still big.

Margaret Crystal lay on the sofa, half asleep watching another “Touched By An Angel” episode. She thought she heard the kitchen door slide open; figured it was Jim doing something. Suddenly there was a shadow and when she opened her eyes a large man stood there. In the same instant, he punched her hard in her stomach; once, twice, three times. She curled up in pain, unable to breathe or speak, her stomach in terrible pain. She got pushed onto the floor, then some other man began taping her with duct tape. Her arms were pulled behind her; her mouth was taped and her ankles and knees wrapped tightly. She saw there were three large men. They moved off.

Brian went to the basement. Sure enough, the father was down there. As he came down the stairs, the man turned, surprised. He asked nervously, “Who are you?”

Brian just smiled, all friendly like, walked up to the man and then punched him hard in the face. He fell back onto the work bench, down to a knee. Brian punched him several more times; knocking him out eventually. He dragged the man upstairs, dropped him by the woman. As she yelled into her tape, he used the duct tape to secure her husband the same way she was.

Mark went down a hall. He pushed open a door. Two young girls sat on the floor playing. They looked up, froze when they saw Mark. Mark pointed a sawed-off shotgun at them; ordered them to stand up. Not sure what was going on, the two slowly stood. He ordered them to the living room. They got there just as Brian was taping up their father. These were the twins, Barbara and Bridgette. Brian taped their hands together, put tape over their mouths and put a ski mask over their faces. They made them stand there, shaking.

Bernie marched right into the last room on the left. He found Susan sitting at her desk, working on some schoolwork. She looked up, screamed just as Bernie slapped her good. He slapped her again, told her to keep quiet, grabbed her arm and dragged her to the living room with the others. Once Mark and Brian had finished taping the twins, they quickly taped the older girl the same way. Once secured, they dragged the parents to the basement. Down there, they secured them to some water pipes, adding tie-wraps around their limbs and making sure neither could get free for a long time.

Upstairs, Mark watched the three girls. He slowly walked around them. He lifted Susan’s shirt some, exposing some skin. She tried to pull away, but he held her there. Next, he went to the twins. He reached over, put his hands on one girl’s chest, then the other. They both cried into their tapes; tried to back away but couldn’t with the couch behind them. The two others came back upstairs.

“Ok, they’re secure. Let’s go,” Brian said. Bernie went into the kitchen, searched around some; found the keys to the family’s GMC Yukon. The three men marched the three girls to the garage, forced them into the back of the car and onto the floor. Bernie started the car, turned to the girls.

“You all keep down on the floor and keep quiet, or else I’m gonna shoot this little girl up here.”

The three lay on the carpet, the twins behind the front seats, while Susan lay behind the second row. All were scared to death. Nobody dared move.

About two hours later, the Yukon, following the two motorcycles, turned off the highway onto a dirt road. They drove for three miles to another dirt road, then a half mile to their old farmhouse. They pulled up, turned off the lights and dragged the three girls from the car, into the house. Inside, they turned on some lights. Mark pulled Susan to the middle of the room, While Bernie and Brian made the twins do the same.

Mark walked around the girls, holding a large knife. They stood together, shaking, scared to death. With their masks pulled off, they could see they were in a very old, run-down house. Outside, it was pitch black. At one end of the room was a big old couch. Two old lounge chairs were there, also. Brian started some rap music. Bernie set up the stolen camera, then lit up a joint. He passed around some Viagra and a bottle of scotch to wash it down with. Mark stopped next to Susan. He pulled the tape off of her mouth.

“How old are you?” he asked, taking a swig from the bottle. He already knew, but he wanted to hear her say it.

“Sev, seventeen, sir. Please, can we go now? We need to go….”

Mark punched her hard in her side. She doubled over, went down to her knees in pain. The other two screamed into their taped mouths. Mark yelled at her to stand up. Slowly, painfully she did. Susan had on a pullover shirt, a bra underneath, shorts and underwear. Mark stopped behind her; gripped the bottom of her shirt and proceeded to cut it with his knife. All the up the back, until it was cut completely open. He shoved it up under sleeves; roughly cut through them, too. He grabbed the material and pulled it away from her body easily. Susan covered herself, only her bra on now. He walked around them. He stopped in front of Susan again. He put the end of the knife up her shorts, then savagely cut them too. He yanked them away, tossed them aside, just torn fabric now. He walked around the again. Susan stood there, shaking, crying, afraid to speak or move, lest he hit her again.
Next, Mark put the knife to her bra. He cut the straps, then the middle of the front. Slowly, she let the bra fall down from her. She knew he was stripping her; she knew she was probably going to get raped. These three men were big, ugly biker types. She couldn’t do anything to stop them. Still, she quietly pleaded with them to let them go, to not hurt her little sisters.

“I swear, I’ll do what you want, I swear it, just leave my sisters alone. They’re only eleven… please, just leave them alone, I’ll do what you want….”

Mark ignored her. He stuck the knife under her panties and cut them off of her. She now stood there, completely nude, covering herself as best she could. She was a sight alright. Nice little bush of hair, brown like her hair. Nice tits; good size but not just sticking out like young girls’ do. Her breasts hung farther down; big brown nipples on some super-fine tits. Not too skinny, not fat either. Just a honey of a babe, fresh white meat for the cameras.

Mark pushed her back to the couch, told her to turn and bend over.

“Bend over, girl! Spread those legs wide! Go on, do it!” He slapped her ass as hard as he could. She jumped, let out a scream, then slowly started to bend over, her feet on the floor and her hands on the couch cushions. She spread her legs slightly. Susan was crying big tears; her vision was all blurry and her ribs hurt something fierce. It felt like he’d broken a rib maybe.

Brian got on the couch, moved in front of her. She saw he was naked now. He held up his fat, pink penis with his hand; told her to get down and start to lick it. He punched her once in the side of her head. She staggered, saw stars. Suddenly her head was forced downward; she felt his cock touching her lips. She wasn’t totally inexperienced in this. Susan hadn’t had sex yet, but she had been forced to give her pastor at church a blowjob once. This time, she was hurting everywhere; she somehow opened her mouth and felt him push into her mouth. She could barely open wide enough for him. The man who had stripped her watched. The pastor hadn’t been nearly this big. The black man, was suddenly behind her. He put his own cock to her vagina. Her vagina was small; a virgin opening that hadn’t seen anything bigger than a tampon until now. She’d heard in school from other girls that black men were bigger, had these giant penises. She tried to keep him out, but it was hard to concentrate, with a big dick in her mouth and her body hurting all over. Then, she felt him find that spot; he slowly pressed himself into her. Despite squeezing hard, her pussy lips were slowly forced apart. He began to enter her. Oh my God! It was huge! It was way, way too big! She screamed “No!” around the dick in her mouth. She struggled, but the man on the couch held her head firmly; the black man behind her grabbed her hips, his legs keeping hers wide apart. He kept pushing into her. It hurt so much! The punches had been almost as painful. Deeper into her he went, his enormous black cock sliding into her way-too-small vagina; forcing it to open like it never had before. She couldn’t even think clearly with one man in her mouth and one pushing into her from behind.

Mark picked up the camera, moved it close to Susan. The viewers got a close-up of her mouth, Brian’s dick pressing between those young lips; sometimes pressing himself in very far. He did a close-up on the black cock moving quickly in and out of that virgin young pussy. He zoomed back, showing her body getting slammed back and forth, those nice tits hanging down, moving back and forth even more as she was fucked hard. Bernie reached down now and then; rubbed her tits.

Mark recorded Bernie raping the young girl for a good ten minutes before Bernie blew a big load onto her bare back, letting it run down her crack to her butthole. Brian meanwhile had shot his load into her mouth earlier, but kept her sucking on it as Bernie finished.

When Bernie did, Mark handed him the camera and immediately moved in on the girl himself. First, he grabbed her face, pulling her around on the edge of the couch, forced her trembling mouth onto his cock as he stood in front of her. He was very brutal as he did; cursing at her, holding her head very tightly. He rammed himself in and out of her mouth for about a minute or so, then he yanked her away from the couch and savagely threw her down on the floor.

Susan went down on her back, as the man who had just been choking her to death with his penis now got on top of her. She tried to block him; her arms fighting, her legs kicking. No, not again! Not again! He punched her in her stomach twice; big, hard punches that left her unable to even take a breath. But he didn’t stop for a moment. He grabbed his cock and put it right to her vagina. She couldn’t stop him; she was just trying to breathe again. Suddenly her legs were apart, then lifted up by his big, muscled arms around her thighs. His cock pressed into her, hurting as much this time as the last. Her saliva on his cock eased the pain some as he pressed into her. He didn’t go slow, either. Wham! UHH! UHH! UHH! His huge penis slammed in almost all the way; then quickly back and he rammed into her brutally again. And again, and again. She lay there, her body getting slammed about as he brutally fucked her tender young pussy again and again. Then he started going really fast; the pain was constant; her crotch getting slammed, bruised over and over. Then finally, he too came in her. She felt his cum filling her up inside; she just knew she’d get pregnant.

The first man, the one who had raped her mouth and shot his load down her throat, came back. He lifted her up, tied her hands together with some rope. He threw the line over a frame overhead, then lifted her until her arms with over her head, she could barely stand on the floor. Naked, raped, she sobbed, begging them to stop.

The three lit another joint, drank more scotch. They turned to the twins. Brian cut them both loose as the men stood around them. They were sobbing, crying, cringing away from what they feared was about to happen. Brian said to the one girl, Bridgette.

“You. You got one minute to strip your sister, or I start whipping your older sister with this coat hanger.”
He snapped the open hanger for effect. Bridgette stood there, clutching Barbara, not knowing what to do next. “Strip her!” the man yelled. He then turned and whipped Susan with the wire. Susan screamed.

“Strip her!” he yelled again. He whipped Susan one more time. Bridgette turned, started to take hold of Barbara’s pajama top. Barbara resisted some, but then froze, not wanting to see Susan hit again. The men yelled at them.

“You got one minute! Go!”
“Fifty seconds!”
“Forty seconds! Strip her, or I’ll whip both of you! Strip her!”

Bridgette pulled Barbara’s top off, then quickly moved to her pants. Barbara finished taking the top off; she had nothing on underneath. As Bridgette began to pull her pants down, Barbara crossed her arms over her chest. “Twenty seconds!” they yelled.

Next, Barbara felt Bridgette’s trembling hands pulling her underwear down. She moved one hand down; she was completely naked now, in front of these bad men. When she got them down to her feet, Bridgette stood up. Barbara slowly eased her feet out of her pajamas and undies. She was dying of embarrassment. Everybody could see everything, and they’d already raped Susan. She stood there; shaking, eyes wide open, unable to hardly comprehend what was happening.

Suddenly one man, the black man, grabbed Barbara and pulled her over to a recliner. He turned her around, pushed her backward over the arm of the chair. Just like that, he was standing between her legs. She tried to close them but couldn’t. He held his thing in his hand; began to press it against her vagina, “down there”. Her head shook with no, but she was in too much shock to do anything except become very tense, shaking like mad. He pushed her back, spit on her crotch some, then began to push himself around down there, pressing against her, looking for her hole. Nothing had ever yet been up there. She saw the man holding the camera recording it. Suddenly, she felt the head of his thing push between her young pussy lips. Suddenly he was actually pressing into her vagina; it was too big! Much too big! Oh God! She screamed, screamed loudly, but he kept pressing in farther. She stopped screaming, hands on his chest, saying over and over, “no, no, don’t, no, no…..”

Bernie pushed into the pre-teen girl. Man, eleven years old! Her pussy was so tight, he could only just get about halfway into her so far, so he just started fucking her like that. He worked her for a long time, always pressing in a little more, then more still. She was really hurting; she kept thrashing about, but he had her good over the arm of the chair. He grabbed her ass cheeks and started to really ram into her. Again and again, he buried his cock deep into that little hole of hers. Every time he did, she squirmed hard with extreme pain, making very high-pitched grunting sounds every time. Such a little girl. So fucking young. So fucking hot. He worked her good, even rubbed her chest some. She didn’t have much, but she had something, and that was just what young girls were all about. He held off as long as he could, enjoying every second of fucking this little white girl for the video. He shot his load deep into her. It squirted out around his dick as he held himself in deep.

As Barbara was getting slammed by Bernie, Mark and Brian fiercely attacked her sister Bridgette. In seconds they had her clothing torn off, had her lying face down on the wood floor. Mark went first, cramming his cock deep up her tight, eleven-year-old ass. She screamed as much as her sister did; she really struggled but they held her tight. Soon, Mark was ramming himself balls-deep into that little girl’s rectum. She cried, screamed as he rammed into her again and again. She was so tight; he came fairly soon. No problem; Brian took over. With the cum in her now, Brian ripped into that tight little ass with long, hard thrusts, watching her butt cheeks getting slapped. Soon though, he stopped, pulled her up to her knees. While Mark pressed her face down to the floor, Brian held her arms behind her and started to fuck her ass again, now raised high in the air. Then, he quickly switched to her virgin pussy. Again, she struggled; again, she screamed like crazy. Still, he rammed himself into her, tearing through that hymen in one quick thrust, then pounding her little cunt with some furious, fast fucking. Brian pounded little Bridgette right in front of Susan, raping her sister as Bernie raped her twin. When the three had finished, the two girls lay on the floor, clutching their privates, until they were tied up with their hands over their heads like their older sister was. They paused the tape, got some rest, went back at them again before sunup. Around breakfast, two Mexicans drove up to discuss the coke business. The boys thought this was a golden opportunity. They let the two Mexicans go at the three girls. The two took turns doing each of them, sharing tequila. Bridgette became the ball sack licker. Barbara took it in the ass twice more. Susan got fucked in her cunt twice. All five joined in, and before they were done, each girl had the experience of being gang-raped by three men at the same time. First Brigette took a cock in each hole; then Susan. Finally young Barbara after having to watch the other two.
Later, deals were made, people contacted, and the next day the girls were in a van headed south to their new lives at the Mexican labor camps. It would be ten years before any of them managed to escape back to the US.

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