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Caught Parked & Naked, By The Cops Then, Raped By The Cops

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Back when I was a teenager, we used to go out on dates and we’d try to find somewhere to park so we could make out in the car. It’s hard to find a place if you live in the city.
When I lived in the country, we’d just go up in somebody’s corn field and no one saw you. But, the city’s different.
My boyfriend, Hunter and I were looking for a place and finally went to this park. Way back in the corner of the park seemed like a safe place. So, we were there making out and Hunter was taking off my clothes. He had my blouse and bra off. He was sucking on my titties, squeezing them and pulling my skirt and panties off while he told me he loved me.

I was 15, blonde hair, 5’2″, 105 lbs, curvy with a C cup. Hunter was 19, blonde hair, 6′, good looking guy who I was nuts over.

He was unzipping his pants when I reached over to touch his dick. I loved his dick. It was nice and big, about 8″ and pretty thick. It sure satisfied me and my pussy. He had been fucking me for about a year.
We always had to go park somewhere to fuck because, he still lived with his parents too.
But, when he slid down his pants, I couldn’t wait so, I climbed on top of him and sat down on his dick, sliding it in my pussy.

He sighed as I slid down on it and said how good my pussy felt wrapped around his dick. I agreed.
He started fucking me, sucking on my titties and telling me what all he was gonna do to me tonight.
Hunter always told me how he was gonna fuck me, easy, hard, fast and where he was gonna fuck me,
my pussy, ass, or my mouth. That always made me and him horny, when he would talk dirty to me.

He knew I would let him do whatever he wanted to do to me. He said that’s why he loved me so much because, I never told him no and he could do anything he wanted to me.
I just wanted to make him happy.

He was just about ready to cum when he said, “I’m pretty sure I’m gonna fuck you in your ass tonight.”
“Do you have a problem with that?” I said, “You know it’s not my favorite but, I’ll never tell you no, Hunter.”
He said, “Good girl, you made my dick just cum.” With that he grunted and shot his cum in my pussy.

He was kissing me and feeling my body all over when all of a sudden, there was a flashlight shinning on us. It scared me to death. Hunter said, “Who are you?” All we could see were two flashlights shinning on our naked bodies.
The voice said, “We’re the cops, what are you doing parked out here?” The other cop said, “Well, Ed, that’s pretty apparent ain’t it?” He’s getting pussy off this little girl.” “Let me see some I.D. from both if you.” I grabbed my purse and got my I.D. out and gave it to him. Then, I started to put on my blouse. The other cop said, “Don’t move, put that down and stay as you are.” Hunter reached down in his pants which were just at his knees and got his drivers license out for him.

The cop looked at them and said, “She’s barely 15 and he’s almost 20.” The other cop told Hunter to get out of the car and he took him to the police car which was parked way over there. I could barely see it. He handcuffed Hunter.

The other cop told me to get out after they left and he handcuffed me with my hands behind my back. I was standing there and he was looking at my body. He said, “So, you’re out here fucking this older guys dick, do your parents know your fucking him?” I said, “No.”
He reaches over and with both hands he cups my breast and said, “Well, I can see why he’s fucking a sweet little girl like you, look at these tits, these are grown women’s tits.” He starts sucking on them.
He reaches down and sticks two fingers in my pussy, then said, “Ohoo, he’s already fucked that pussy ain’t he baby?”

He unzipped his pants and pulled out his dick. He was tall and he told me to, “Suck my dick baby girl, then, I’m gonna climb in that pussy of yours.” I started sucking him and he got hard as a rock. He said, “I always wanted to fuck little girls like you.” He pushed my head down so his dick went deeper in my mouth. Then, he pulled out and said, “I’ve gotta fuck your little pussy.” So, he sat me on the car and it was about the perfect level for his dick to go in my pussy. He rammed it in me and I winced. He said, “Do you like it rough, cause I like to give it rough to little sluts like you.” He ask me, ” How old were you when you fucked the first time.” I told him I was 13. That made his dick harder. He said, “Was it this guy?” I said, “No.”

He’s pounding my pussy hard and then he cums in me. He was hitting my clit when he pounded me like that making me wanting to cum. He squeezes my titties hard and kisses them.
He said, “You have a tight little pussy, I may have to fuck you again. Just then the other cop walks back, they talk and the other cop come up to me and said, “My turn at that pussy.” I finally said something. I said, “Where’s Hunter?” He said, “He’s in the squad car, handcuffed.” I said, “Why are you guys fucking me?” He said, “Because we can little girl.” He unzips his pants and pulls out a much bigger dick than the other cop or Hunter. He slid it in my pussy and it filled and stretched my pussy tight. I almost cum when he entered me. He said, “Oh yeah, A tight little girls pussy feels so good on my dick.” He’s fucking me and I couldn’t help it, I started cumming on his dick. He said, “Oh, I’m glad you like this, too.” He rubbed my clit with his thumb and I cum some more.

While he’s fucking me the other cop comes up and said, “Let me in that back door, Joe.” So, Joe pulls me up and leans back, his dick in still in me and I’m leaning forward on his chest when the other cop sticks his dick in my ass. Cum had leaked out of me, making it easier for him to shove it in. That’s what he did too, shoved it in, all at once. I gasped when he did.

They’re both fucking the hell out of my pussy and ass. I’m scared what they might do to me. They said, “We’re sure glad we come upon you and your boyfriend tonight, it’s been quite a satisfying night.”
“So, now what are you gonna tell your boyfriend we did, while we were back here?” I said, “What should I tell him?” They said, “We think it would be a good idea if you didn’t tell him we fucked you.” “He might get mad and think about reporting us, and that would be a bad thing.” We can find him anywhere and we don’t wanna have to do that.” “Do you understand?”

I said, “Yes, I won’t say a word.” They’re still pumping me and when I agreed, they cum in me. Joe said, “With all this cum in here I don’t think you should let him fuck you anymore tonight.” I said, “I won’t.” They pulled out of me and told me to, “Put your clothes on and act like had you put them on, right after they took Hunter to the car.” I said, “Of course.” Joe took the cuffs off of me.

So, the one cop went and got Hunter and brought him back, took off the handcuffs and told us we needed to leave this area.
After they walked away we got in the car and drove off. Hunter ask me what happened when he left.
I wanted to cry and tell him but, I was terrified he would do just what the cop said so, I said, “He told me to get dressed and handcuffed me while they looked everything up on the computer.” He said, “Is that all?”
I said, “Yeah, why?” He said, “I was afraid he was gonna rape you or at least molest you.” I said, “No, he just told me I shouldn’t be out here having sex at my age.” He apologized to me for this embarrassing situation. I told him it wasn’t his fault. He said, “I just need to get my own place.” I said, “That would be nice.” He said, “I really want to fuck you where can we go?” I said, “Hunter, I’m not feeling fucking after what happened.” He said, “You’re right, I’ll take you home.”

So, he did. I never told him about the cops until a couple years later. Hunter couldn’t believe I didn’t tell him. I told him why I didn’t and he said he definitely would have filed a report against them. So, I feel like I did the right thing. I told him what they said they might have to do, if you did.
So, he said maybe it was the right thing but he got angry they fucked me.

Hunter rented an apartment shortly after the cops caught us so, now we had a place to fuck and it was wonderful.
Hunter held me after I told him and then we started making out. He took all my clothes off and as usual he put his dick in my mouth and started fucking it. He held my head moving his dick in and out. Then, Hunter ask me what that cop did to me first.

I told him, I was naked and handcuffed and he felt my titties, sucking on them then, fingering me. Then, he fucked me hard. He got so hard and excited he cum immediately in my mouth.
I was surprised he got turned on by hearing what that cop did to me. But, it turned me on the way his dick got so hard when I told him what I did. So, I decided I was gonna be a little more descriptive about the rest of the story.

He said, “Wow, I can’t believe that made me hard, what he did to you, I’m sorry.” I said, “There’s no reason to be sorry, I enjoyed your response, it made me horny.” “Really?” he said. I nodded yes.

His dick was still pretty hard. He laid me down in the bed and slid that dick in my pussy. Ohoo, it felt so good. He said, “So what happened when the other cop came back?” I said, “He looked at me and said, it was his turn to fuck my pussy.” I said, “He had a big dick and he started fucking me.” “He filled my pussy and made me cum on his dick.” Hunter said, “You cum while you were handcuffed and being raped?” I said, “Yes, I did, Hunter.” I said, The other cop came back and said “Let me in that back door, Joe.” and he stuck his dick in my ass. Hunter’s Rick was rock hard. I said, “They both were fucking me fast and hard.”

Hunter was breathing fast and fucking me faster. He said, “How did that feel with 2 dicks in you at the same time.” I said, “Actually, I liked it.” “I just hated to admit it.” I told him that when they told me I shouldn’t tell you and when I agreed they rammed their dicks in me and cum at the same time.
Hunter fucked me and with his hard dick he squirted a load of cum in my pussy. He said, “I’ll fuck your ass later.”

We had a great time remembering about that night and fucking.

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    We were at a house party and there was a group of 15 of us guys who all new eachother and we were drinking loads and also nonstop sniffing coke and were all outrageously horny and then this woman walked past us looking sexy and slutty and so various comments were made and her and husband just walked past us and went into conservatory and so guys all decided to follow them and we walked in conservatory and she light cigarette up and took drag , and couple of the guys said come here and husband shouted at us so few them locked door and then tied him to chair and all laughing saying we’re going to make you watch and then all us stripped our bottoms off and then grabbed his wife and pulled her clothes off and then 1 after the other forcing her to deepthoat us and then put her doggy style and as she gagging on guys cock another rammed his cock in pussy and started spitroast her Brutally rough and then all got extra wild and put her on her back and legs spread held back and then furiously and fast n hard fucking her and rest them all groping her and suddenly she started to moan and groan and guys said to husband she’s loving it and he watched as she got into it and then as legs lifted and another guy rammed cock up her ass and they both savagely fucking her and saying you dirty whore , your gagging for it ain’t you !!! And husband looked at her and she starring back at him and she moaned out really loud and then she shouted out arrrggghhh yh fuck me harder mmm yes and then grabbed a cock and shoved in her mouth and as they degraded her and got rougher ,,, she started to orgasm and then 3 of them all cumming and she begged for it in mouth and as they did 2 others savagely finger blasting her till she screaming out and then blurted out ,,, fuck yes you bastards gangrape me , and didn’t care about her husband

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    Such a hot story. I’d love to hear more.

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  • Reply [email protected] ID:1dazm1lc8y7x

    If he’d reported them he’d have been arrested as well since he’d be admitting to statutory rape. But I can relate to the situation. When I was 16 I was fucking my 15 yo girlfriend at a drive in and a plain clothed detective caught us. He got in the car with us and wouldn’t let us put our clothes back on. He kept moving his flashlight over my GF’s body commenting on her big tits and having her spread he pussy open saying it was to see if I’d shot off inside her. He asked if she’d sucked my cock and she said she had, he wanted to know how much of it she could take because I had a big cock. And he wanted to know if she swallowed my cum. Then he was asking how many guys she’d fucked or sucked off and when she’d started. He also kept shining his light on my cock and saying how big it was and commented on how his wife would like that saying she liked fucking young guys with big dicks while he watched. Then asked if I’d ever had a guy suck my cock? I lied and said no and he said I might like it. You couldn’t help but notice he had a hard on because he kept rubbing it and adjusting it. This went on for about 15 min and then he surprised us by telling us good places to go to fuck where cops never went to. After he got back in his unmarked car he sat there for a good while and the windows got fogged up. I have no doubt he was jerking off. Then he left waving to us as he drove off.

    • Kimfslut ID:7zv37w3xi9

      You want info on pervert ask a cop

  • Reply Jay ID:bjotki4v9b

    Raped or”at least molested” cmon…

  • Reply Cracksniffer ID:2e0667yzrd

    The cops should have raped you in front of Hunter. He would have just masturbated at the sight. He would never have reported them and you clearly loved it, you slut!!

  • Reply Reggie Wheatley ID:2atyd6xzr9

    I like this alot if you got snap Lilreg80