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Best Ever

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Claudia lay on her bed naked, with the sheet pushed off to one side, lazily fingering the remnants of sticky sperm seeping from her bruised pussy. It hurt but it was a good hurt, one that she knew would make her next orgasm so much better.

Her thoughts drifted back to earlier in the evening….

….She really didn’t want to but Mark was insistent, standing behind her, his tongue darting into her ear the way that drove her totally crazy, his hands cupping and kneading both of her tits through her bra and shirt.

She could feel the growing bulge in his jeans pressing against her ass, her wetness seeping through her panties and down the inside of her thighs. She could also see the hard-ons growing in the crotches of the other two guys standing in front of her.

Jeff and Tony were Mark’s best friends. He had been hinting to her about doing all three of them at the same time for a while, almost from the first time he fucked her about six months before.

Now he was more than hinting, getting her very turned on and practically begging him to fuck her just before the other two arrived. As soon as he let them in, he went back to kissing her neck and ear, fumbling with her tits and grinding his dick against her ass.

“I…I just…don’t…I’m not…sure,” she stammered as Mark slipped a hand under her shirt and bra to grasp her erect left nipple.

“C’mon, it’ll be fun. You know how much you like my cock cumming inside you,” Mark murmured into her ear, pushing her bra all the way up and squeezing both tits in his hands under her shirt.

There was no doubt about liking his cock. She craved it ever since he first fucked her. Three at the same time, however, was entirely another matter. She wasn’t at all sure that was a good idea. On the other hand, she was really, really aroused and getting more so by the second.

Jeff and Tony stepped even closer, making no effort to hide the swelling bulges in their jeans nor the lecherous looks in their eyes. Mark jammed his tongue into her ear again and pulled her shirt and bra over her head. Her tits, and their very stiff dark brown nipples, flopped up and down on her torso right in front of the other two. Before she could even try to cover herself with her hands, Mark wrapped his arms around her, pinning her arms to her side.

“No,” she pleaded, “no, Mark, please…I don’t…I’m not…sure…please, please.”

“Hush, this will be fun,” Mark growled into her ear and turned to his buddies. “I told you she had great tits, didn’t I?”

“Yeah, you weren’t kidding,” Jeff grinned, running his hand over his stiffening dick through the fabric of his jeans.

Tony reached over and cupped her left breast in his hand without asking, thumbing the erect nipple softly. Claudia tried pulling back but Mark held her too tightly to do more than squirm.

Besides, that touch by a guy she barely knew felt so fucking good. When she moaned lowly, Jeff took her other tit in his hand, squeezing and pulling on it a lot more roughly. She groaned again, much louder

“Mmm, you like that, don’t you,” Mark muttered in her ear, his right hand sliding down her now bare belly to press his fingers between her legs.

There was no doubt he could feel her wetness seeping through her shorts and panties since she immediately pushed her pussy out to meet his hand. Jeff grinned wickedly and unzipped his jeans, letting them and his boxers fall to the floor around his ankles. Claudia gasped seeing his rigid dick just before he ripped her shorts and panties down over her knees.

Claudia’s now naked pussy clenched and she felt even more drops of her juices trickling down the inside of her thighs. The two guys stepped closer, each pawing her bare tits while Mark slipped a finger between the puffy lips of her cunt.

She groaned and pushed back even harder against his hand. Mark bit her earlobe, sending yet another twinge like electricity directly to her cunt. He parted her pussy lips with a second finger and her knees began to buckle, right on the threshold of her first orgasm of the evening.

“Oh yeah…yeah, that’s it…you’re so close…so close to cumming…so hot…so wet,” Mark cooed into her ear while sliding two fingers into her dripping entry.

Claudia just moaned and craned her head backward to ram her tongue into his mouth. The pinches and bites on her tits and nipples just intensified her arousal.

Then she climaxed on his hand, spraying her pussy juices down all of their legs.

“Oh yeah…now you’re ready…ready for some cock,” Mark growled into her mouth, took two steps backward and roughly lowered her to the floor.

Tony and Jeff stepped next to Mark to stand over her. All three of their dicks were rock hard and she could see a few droplets of precum dripping toward her face and tits.

Slowly a smile spread across her face as she reached up with both hands and spread her legs wide. All her earlier hesitancy was forgotten, overwhelmed by the need to feel all three of those throbbing dicks…in her hands…and her mouth…and mostly…buried deep inside her throbbing cunt.

The dripping pink gash on the inside of her fleshy pussy lips gleamed like a welcoming beacon peeking out from her black pussy hair. Mark pushed her legs back over her head and jammed his pulsing dick into her. She was so wet there was no resistance until the head of his cock rammed against the deepest recesses of her cunt.

The other two guys stepped forward and knelt until her fingers wrapped around their dicks. Mark pounded her harder as he watched her take one, then the other of his friends’ cocks into her mouth. Tony was already drizzling cum when the tip of his dick slipped over her lips. Several strings of his sticky jism dripped over her cheek and down her chin.

As soon as he finished grunting the rest of his cum into her mouth, Tony stepped back and Jeff slapped the knob of his dick against her lips. She eagerly sucked him in, extending her neck so the tip slid all the way down against the side of her throat.

She started cumming again on Mark’s dick as Jeff’s cock restricted her breathing. She squirmed and gagged, driving Mark even harder inside her pussy. Her spasm caused Mark to loose a torrent of creamy cum into her. He pounded her furiously until his cock deflated and he slid out of her on a river of his sperm and her juices.

Even as Mark pulled out of her pussy, Tony exploded in her throat, choking her again, but she kept his dick in her mouth until he went completely limp. With that, they all lay panting for a few moments.

But now Claudia was the one who was far from done and had barely come down from her latest orgasm. Her pussy itched and throbbed. As the guys looked on, she began uninhibitedly playing with herself, taking turns plunging the fingers of each hand into her dripping cunt then pulling them out to lick clean with the tip of her tongue.

Mark grinned as he watched her, his cock hardening again before he pushed her thighs open wide and buried his face in her dripping, hairy crotch. Claudia gasped as she felt his tongue scoop some of his own cum out of her glistening slit. Her entire body tensed when he sucked her clit into his mouth and gently clamped his teeth tightly around the sensitive nub.

She screamed yet another orgasm, flooding his face with even more pussy juices. Mark rolled over and pulled her on top of him. He pulled her down by her nipples until she lowered her head and her tongue met his in her mouth.

Thrashing wildly, she kept cumming in wave after growing wave. A sharp slap on her ass stopped her from flailing for just a second, time enough for Tony to ram his hard again dick into her ass.

Her back arched and her head flew back, far enough for Jeff to slap his dick across her cheeks. She looked up and grinned evilly, letting the next orgasm engulf her body as she took his cock into her mouth.

They fell into a steady rhythm. Claudia just loved the feeling of the two cocks rubbing together inside her pussy and ass. Apparently both Mark and Tony did as well. Their thrusts became more urgent and then, with loud grunts and groans, both of them shot their second load of cum deep in her pussy and bowels.

Claudia kept humping and pumping them both until they slid out of her. Still straddling Mark’s hips, she sucked Jeff off until she felt the first spurt of his cum filling her mouth. With that taste, she pulled his cock out and finished him with her hand, his spunk spraying all over her face and tits.

She lay on the floor panting raggedly, the guys’ cum dripping from her pussy and ass and mouth, while other sticky remnants crusted on both her tits. Mark got up, brought back a cold beer for each of them and they drank in silence for a few moments.

Now that they started, Claudia was hardly done and she figured they were all young enough they could manage at least one more round. She downed her beer quickly and then stood, wobbling a little at first before walking over to Jeff.

“You haven’t fucked my pussy or ass yet,” she cooed, leaning forward to brush her erect nipples over his face. “Where do you want to cum inside me next?”

“Pussy…your pussy,” he stammered looking up at her with yet another droplet of precum seeping from his now stiffening again cock.

She reached down and encased his dick in the fingers of one hand and squeezed his dangling balls with the other. She could feel his shaft grow and harden in her hand as he sucked and bit her already bruised tits. She pushed him back and straddled his hips, directing his hardening dick into her already stretched and sticky cunt.

The other boys looked on, a beer in one hand and their stiffening cocks in the other.

Claudia moaned lowly, grinding her cunt against Jeff’s shaft and watching the others. She always got turned on watching Matt jerk off. This was even better, two guys stroking themselves for her viewing pleasure while a third pounded his dick deep into her cunt.

It took a little while, but Jeff finally tensed and shot his cum into her. She stood and spread her legs over him, letting some of his creamy jism splash on his chest before turning to the other two.

“Tony, you get my pussy this time and you get my ass,” she murmured to Mark before climbing on top of Tony and lowering herself over his stiff cock.

Mark slipped into her stretched ass easily, reaching around to pinch and pull her nipples the way he knew aroused her even more. His pleasure intensified feeling his friend’s hard cock rubbing against his own inside her.

Another stream of orgasms surged through Claudia’s body, only receding after both boys spurted their cum into her again. She lay panting and quivering on the sofa when they were done and hardly noticed when the other two boys left….

….She heard the toilet flush and looked up to see a grinning Mark watching her from the doorway, his now limp dick dangling loosely from the thick thatch of black pubic hair between his legs. Claudia felt the sore hard nub of her clit twitch as she smiled back at him. Without a thought, she reached down and spread her puffy pussy lips with two fingers so her moist pink clit popped out from under its fleshy hood. Mark’s smile brightened and he slowly walked over to the bed, bent forward and kissed her tenderly on the lips while putting his hand on top of hers as she gently encircled her throbbing clit.

“You know that drives me crazy…watching you touch yourself that way,” he murmured before flicking his tongue into her ear.

“Why do you think I do it?” Claudia responded with a low moan and wrapped her fingers around his still flaccid dick. “And what are you going to do about it?”

Mark climbed into the bed, wrapped his arms around her from behind and pulled her to him. Claudia wiggled a little until she could feel his dick nestle between her ass cheeks.

“I want to thank you,” he whispered in her ear while slowly twirling one of her nipples in his fingers, “that was just spectacular tonight.”

“It was fun, a lot more than I expected when you first brought up the possibility,” she cooed, feeling the warmth grow between her legs again with his touch. “If you keep that up, you’re going to have to fuck me yet again before we sleep.”

“Oh I suspect I can manage to…uh…force myself…if you insist,” he chuckled and bit her earlobe before rolling her on her back and slowly sliding his rigid dick into her sore but warm, wet, welcoming cunt.

Mark pushed himself up on his arms as he plunged in and out of her as deep as he could and Claudia happily locked her ankles around his waist to hold him there. He pumped her slowly, letting both of their orgasms build to a mind-numbing climax.

Claudia shrieked when she again began cumming as he grunted yet another load of his sperm deep into her pussy. After both were finished, they lay entwined in each other’s arms, slowly drifting off to sleep as Mark murmured in her ear.

“This was the best ever high school graduation present…Mom.”

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