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48 States and still running

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We all got up about noonish we are all hungry, Lily looks at the time and goes I have to go, I was expected home hours ago, I tell her just tell the Parents you lost track of time as we all sat around and talked, she said she would do just that and left for home, me and the girls had lunch and decided we would go get the trailer and are next load of freight.

We drove to the farm house of Lilys parents first as we wanted to say thank you and by for know, Lilys father came out a small little man, we said are thank yous and asked if Lily was around, he said her mother has her in the barn and is talking to her, we asked if we could go to the barn and the father said O no dont go in there, mother will beat her more, I walked behind the house and marched over to the barn, opened the barn door wide and walked in, I stopped as I heard Lily cry out Im sorry moma, I lost track of time, her mother said lies its all lies and then there was a smack, and Lily cried out in pain, her mother said, you pissed yourself your dirty and another smack and another cry out in pain, Lily said im sorry moma for being dirty, once my eyes got adjusted to the light in the barn I walked over to a very fat piggy of a woman, looked like a shower has never been seen by this loud thing that was a human, she was about to stick Lily again but I grabbed her fat squishy sweaty arm, she turned on the spot, looked at me with her piggy eyes and her pushed up nose, it spoke, who do you think you are coming into my barn and stopping me from giving this dirty girl what she need, I looked at this mound of unwashed geaw and said im the person that is going to take you to the watering trough and make you wash yourself for the first time ever im guessing you fat fucking pig, its eyes went wide with rage, how dare you talk to me like that, I will have you throw off this property by my husband, it screamed HHHHHHHHHHHHHHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEENNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY, the small man show up at the door, he had a shot gun with him this time, I turned to him and said this pig of yours need a bath and a lesson and im here to give it, Henry smiled and opened the shot gun and showed there was no shell in it.

I took the pig to the water trough, asked lily to get a horse brush a course one, Lily smiled and went to the barn, I ask Henry if he had so lye soap, he went to the house to get the washboard soap, I told the pig to get into the trough, pig said no, and you cant make me, no sooner had pg said that then pig found out that i dont play with pigs, I grabbed pigs hair and pushed pig into the trough, I told pig get yourself wet and wash, Lily gave pig the brush, Henry gave pig the soap, and we all watched was pig washed its self for the first time in years, I asked henry if he had a video recorder, his eye lite up and off to the house he want, minutes later he was back, biggest grin on his face, he recorded every thing pig was doing along with audio of me calling pig and making pig wash its cunt and asshole, making pig scrub her body till if pink, Henry was in heaven recorded, he liked to see pig being made to do as it told, I told pig to stand up out of the water, told it to bent over at the hips and hang onto the rim of the trough, it did, Henry tokk close up video of its clean and pink asshole and cunt, I asked lily to get the weapon, pig used on her, Lily ran to the barn and came back with a paddle made of oak, one inch thick four inch wide and two feet long, I took it from Lily and walked around to the front of pig, I grabbed pigs hair and yanked its head back, looked her in the eyes, and told it, you are about to feel pain like no other, giving birth will have been a cake walk, piggys eye looked worried,

I asked lily if she wanted to say or go, Lily looked me dead in the eyes and said I want to help as she got a grin on her face, I ask Nicky and Alish the same question and both said they want to help as well, I said very good, Henry are you all good, He smiled and said he needed more film and would be right back and please dont start with out me, I told him he will be the star of the show, he laughed and took off to the house

With henry loaded with film and everyone ready I began, started small, A lite smack on pigs ass with the paddle, piggy jumped and yipped, so with that i hit piggy’s ass twice as hard, pig gasped and move forward to get out of the trough, I grabbed its hair and pulled it back into place, I growled at pig and told it better stay in that place or I would drag it though the black berry bushed behind the farm tractor pig stopped trying to get away, smack on it ass, pig cried out, smack and smack smack each time harder than the last time, pig was crying asking me to please stop, smack and smack and smack, harder and harder, pig was screaming out please stop, im sorry, please stop, smack smack smack smack, pigs ass is deep red and turning purple, smack smack smack, pigs begging stop, smack smack smack, pig is shacking the pain is intense, smack smack smack, pig is grunting now with each smack of the paddle, smack smack smack, pigs ass is bruised, smack smack smack, pig is moaning and grunting with each smack on its ass, I look at Lily and ask her to beat pigs ass, Lily takes the paddle and with both hand on the paddle crashes down on pigs ass that pig pisses its self, pig is on another planet, pig is having an out of body experience, Lily windes up and smack on pigs ass again, pigs screams and shakes, pig screams more, pig cant help it, pig is close to cumming, pig feels it in her cunt, smack smack smack, Lily is liking this a lot, Nicky and Alish each grab pigs nipples with a pair of fencing pliers, pig screams and its nipples and being crushed, smack smack smack, pig is almost to the point of no return, pig is right on the edge, i grab it hair and pull its head back, pig grunts at me, I slap its fat face hard, pig screams just ask smack smack smack on it ass and its nipples and pulled and twisted, I go pig, you are to take a beating from Lily any time she likes,you will service her as well, you are to be clean inside and out, you are to service Henry hand and foot, you will call him master and Lily Mistress if you dont you will never get to cum again, GOT ME I growled, pig said yes,
I walked to her ass and with out any warning I shoved my hand in her cunt and fisted her hard and fast pig screamed, smack smack smack, pig screamed I am cumming as i kept fisting pig hard and fast, Nicky and Alish yanked the fencing pliers off pigs nipples and Lily shoved the paddle handle in pigs ass, pig was dont pig collapsed in the trough, I turned to Henry and asked how he was, he stood with a mile wide grin and a large bulge in his pants, he said I got it all on film was all he said

I told pig to get up and get food ready for Henry and Lily, I asked Liy if she would mind if the girl took care of her fathers cock, Lily smiled and said only if you fuck my dripping wet pussy, I took Lily to the barn and the Girls to Henry to the house, Heny fuck both of the girl in the kitchen as pig made dinner, Henry filled both girl with his seed and made pig suck him clean and eat each load of cum out of the girls asses, he fucked the girl a number of times and pig did as it was told and cleaned them all with its tongue.

I fucked Lily in her pussy as much as I could, she loved the feeling of cum deep inside her, she begged for all i had, she needed it, the cross pig had tied her to I used it as well but I fucked her from behind and she was tied to it, she loved the feeling of my cock touching her g spot, rubbing it, pushing on it, making her push back on my cock as well, she had many orgasims, she told me she lost count of how many time she came, we kissed a lovers kiss, I held her, she asked if we could stay for awhile, I told her I would be back but we had to go, I told her I dont make money sitting, she understood, and kissed me again, I told Lily if she need to get ahold of me get her father to call and ask for me about a load,.

We left the farm and headed for Littlerock AR, picked up a load of pipe and headed for Cowtown,

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