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48 States and running on empty

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Running on empty, my balls that is, the girls each took turns sucking me dry, it got to the point my balls are sore from shooting blanks, but the girls kept sucking me off, love these little sluts, I made two phone calls one was to a buddy of mine, I asked if the girls could stay at his house as I had a delivery nearby and I didnt want them to get involved when things go south, He said sure, the second call was home as it was sunday, we chatted like normal and then she told me a man named Henry called, he said something about he has a load and his pig is making trouble, she asked what all that meant I told her he is a broker and that he has a load of farm fencing he needs picking up as his pig is getting out all the time, she said ok, we ended are talk just after that, we bobtailed over to his place as it a residential area and the neighbors would shit a brick if I took up half the block with a truck and trailer, we all got out and went into his house, his girlfriend and her kids there, we all exchanged hellos and I said I will be back later, my buddy asks if he can come along, I said sure

We go to the yard and drove through the gate, the office door on the building flew open and this cunt was marching towards me and my truck, she is screaming something i cant hear, she has on a trench coat that is open, black leather skirt and white blouse, and lets not forget the fuck me boots, my buddy gets out of the truck, as he is doing this he tells me stay here, they walk back into the office, a few minutes later he walks out and says to me pull up over there by the racking and they will unload you, I looked at him and asked what did you say, he said, nothing, I pull up and they unload me, My buddy goes she is offering food and drink if you like, I said no thank you, once they finished we went into the office and she was dripping with honey in her words and actions, she signed off on my papers, she asked if there was anything she could do, I said yes you can apologize for treating me like shit over the phone when I called from Denver, she looked me in the eyes and said im sorry for flying off on you, I smiled and told her I dont think you under stand, she looked at me with a puzzled look and said i am really sorry, I told her strip, her eyes widened, WHAT, I said strip, she looked at me and then my buddy who said to her, you asked if there was anything you could do and thats a start, she looked at me again and with a bitch tone said go fuck yourself, I was on her in the blink of an eye, slammed her head into the wall hard enough to break the drywall, she dropped like a bag of wet cement, I tell my buddy grab a leg and we dragged her into her inner office, shoved all the crap off the desk, picked this cunt up and dumped her on the desk face down, I asked my buddy to go to the truck and get a thing of 3/8 hemp rope, he went and was back in a flash, I asked anyone see you, nope he said the crew are washing the pipe, good we have plenty of time, we ties the cunt to her desk, legs tied wide as we could pull them, a little rope burn never hurt anyone I told my buddy, he laughed and said yes as long as you are giving, I laughed at that, we tied her hands over the other side of the desk to each leg of the desk, we looked around and found some packing tape, I went behind her and cut her skirt off her ass, she had a black t back undies, i cut it off her and pulled out from under her, pushed it into her mouth and taped it shut, my buddy goes and looks at are prize, he goes I bet she is a real slut behind closed doors, I said time we are done she will be a slut all the time,

She wakes up, she tries to pull her hand over to her acing head, she realizes she cant move try as she mite, she tries screaming but only comes out as a muffled noise, I grab her hair pull her head back and look her in the eyes as I tell her we are going to fuck you in your cunt and dump loads of cum in you and we are also going to fuck your ass and cum deep in you, dont worry we will beat you every time we feel you need it, just as I tell her that buddy rams his cock into her ass, she screams into the gage and tear out her eyes flow, buddy rams into her non stop, she is one continuance scream, buddy tells me she no virgin but still tight or at least she was till I put all 10 inches into her bowels, he hammered her ass as hard as he could, he was panting as he thrust into her deep four time and then held deep into her, through all her tears and screams she moaned as she felt buddy full her ass with his cum, as he was filling her ass I whipped her ass with my belt, she was milking buddys cock with each sting of the belt, buddy pulled out and said NEXT, I was going to but I want my little Danny to have my loads, I told my buddy, fuck her cunt I will be back, and he did just that, he pounded that cunt for all she was worth,

I went to the crew washing the pipe and ask if they are treated far and with respect, they look at each other but didnt say a word, I said its ok im try to make it better for you all, finaly one of the crew said no she treats us like dirt, tells us she can replace all of us with monkeys from the zoo, she tells us we are fired on fridays and to pick up are final pay monday if we dont like it, I tell them you all want to fuck that cunt of hers, all but one said yes, I asked why not you, this person stood up and said im her daughter, every one looked at her in surprize, she said her step mom put her out her when she was 10 and has had to work everyday after school and all summers, no breaks, if im sick she still makes me work, I tell her she should be the first in line to punish that cunt, she agreed with everyone and off they went to the office, My buddy just finished dumping his third load into her, he put is cock back in his pants and we watched as all 20 members of the crew fucked her cunt and then her ass, she was moaning and groaning, she got to the point we took the gage out and she begged to be fucked more, her step daughter took a hold of her hair and yanked her head back, she looked her in the eyes and spit in her face, she said you fucking dumb slut, and spit in her face, she slapped her hard in the face as well, she said thats for making me work all those years for you for free, well slut no more, you will pay and pay dearly, every night and every day, she asked the crew if everyone had their fill, or emptied their balls into this slut, yes they all said, she said she will be here every work day yo service any cock that wants it, the crew thank the step daughter and went back to work, she looked at me and said thank you, buddy and me left, the step daughter told step mom, you will be stepping down, i am taking over daddys company and you slut will be on the wash rack with nothing on but rubber boots

I asked my buddy on the way back to his place what did you tell her when we firstly got there, O he said, I introduced myself and the company I work for as a contract administrator, and that we buy 80% of her pipe, I laughed, we got to his place and the house was way to quiet, then we found out why, it seems Nicky and Alish got into a play fight with some of the other girls and before you know it Nicky is eating pussy like its an all you can eat buffet and pussy was the only thing on the menu, all of them where found in the rec room in the basement all naked and all with wet pussies that had been liked clean of pussy juice, my buddy was a little upset, I told him not to worry non of them will get pregnant, he laughed, he wake his girl friend and they went to the bed room, from the sound of it he fucked her silly, I woke up my girls and we all left as we had miles to cover, are last load was home, I dropped the girls off, Danny came with me to pick up my wide load heading south again back to AR,

I made a couple of phone calls and zip and zap, badabing badaboom, presto we have a birth certificate for one Danny Smith, born 1980, Village of Hill Turff AB, and we are off to the races, as it is the same last name we can pretend father and daughter, witched worked great as she liked calling me daddy,

I made a call down south once in Blaine WA, I talked to Henry, I asked how it was going, he said its bad, Lily has been beaten by Emma, I told Henry she is to be called pig and only pig, Henry said yes sorry, I said no worries, we will be there in about four days and hung up,

I made another call, hey Mac how are you, are you busy, he said im good and yes very busy, but for you i make time, what can I do for you I told him what I planned to do and what I needed, he said no problem, when and where, I told him four day we should be there so you in five and then gave him the address, see you then,

Danny only heard my side of what was going on, I said we will talk in the truck as this place has to many eyes listening, so we got some food and drinks and down the road we went, I told her the hole story, she was asking a lot of questions and I told her I would show her once we got to the farm, she was good with that I told her this could be every dangerous and scary, she said bring it on and climbed into my lap and hugged me as I laughed at her, she smiled and said I love you daddy, I love you too kitten,

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