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my 10 year old daughter saw me and her mom having sex. She ask me what we were doing I told that we where making love. She then ask why was mom crying, I said she was not crying but moaning like what I was doing to her then she said why she moaning. Then my daughter said no she was crying cause when our friend puts his thing in me it hurts a lot. You were doing the same thing to mom. I go honey your mom was enjoying her self. Cause she likes my thing in her and by the way my thing is called penis or dick.. I asked her how many times did our put his dick in her, she said just the once. I ask her do you plan on letting him do it again? She said no, but then said she wants to let her daddy to put his thing in her. It scared the hell out of me and made me mad as hell. Cause my friend took my daughter’s cherry and I also thought she was way to Young. Her mom said that if she wants me to give a dick then I should. Then my wife told me her dad took her cherry at 10 years old and kept fucking her til the night before our wedding . So that night I made my wife sleep in the guess room so I could get our daughter in our bed so I made love with our daughter. As soon as we where finished she went to her mother. And to thank her for sharing her dad.. Then ask her mom if i would get her pregnant when she is a little old . My wife was so happy about that that she has our daughter sleeping with now all the time. She loves to watch me make live with our daughter.

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  • Reply Justin [email protected] ID:7yliv6toik

    Hey loved the story lots in common reach out to me please

  • Reply garyleeaw ID:1etd1ipps32l

    Frist I am not an English major and second I did not force my daughter to do anything and we did file charges against him. He thought that I let him sex with my wife that could use my daughter too ..i will say this I do like eating other men’s cum from her pussy. She tells me how they fuck her when I am eating her out.my four children are not mine. My 10 year old daughter is my oldest child and I was really mad what my did so my wife sald to call on him and we did.

  • Reply Avenger ID:g0zwlg8rc

    Horrible story.

    • garyleeaw ID:1etd1ipps32l

      Yes l know that but its the truth

  • Reply A. ID:5lt6jbl3vem

    Story was anything but great. It too short, lacking details, there grammar errors

  • Reply Pervy pete ID:1ds84aqs27n4

    Short but horny

  • Reply [email protected] ID:1coe3h3l7u05

    WOW I would so enjoy to fuck a 10yo girl. do dreams cum true?

    • [email protected] ID:1ej5mgcy12o7

      Hippie do you have any socials? 😋 I’m 15 male btw

    • Avenger ID:g0zwlg8rc

      It would be a nightmare for you cause your life will be finished and you will be in jail getting fucked until you bleed every day

  • Reply Dog ID:1es831t3144y

    Great story keep it up 🙂