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When Polaroid cameras got women’s clothes off…

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Back in the 70’s when Polaroid Instamatic cameras came out I can safely say the majority of pictures being taken with them were of wive’s & girlfriend’s who had been reluctant to take off their clothes in front of cameras that they knew the film had to be developed by someone. With these cameras they could take their naughty pictures and hide them in their sock drawer beside their favorite Playboy or naked lady playing cards. I had one that I’d won but chose not to use because the quality wasn’t near as good as those taken with my 35-MM. Plus the fact my wife Lynn and I got off on the idea that when we sent our film off to be developed someone would be seeing my sexy wife naked or in revealing lingerie.

But I can’t remember the number of times friends borrowed the Polaroid camera, usually giving some of the craziest reasons you’ve ever heard. I liked to as I handed them the camera say be sure and bring the pictures so I can see how they turned out when you return the camera and watch them try and figure out a reason as to why they couldn’t show me the pictures. I got mixed reactions, as some tried to find a way to explain why they couldn’t, others would say OK but then when they returned the camera say they had forgotten to bring the pictures. But there were a couple who actually brought the nude pictures they had taken of their wife or girlfriend or in one case his hot secretary. But those who didn’t bring the pictures I’d usually say something like, was this the first time you took nude pictures of your wife? And most of the time they’d come clean after that.

We owned a few convenience stores and I soon learned to stock up on film for these cameras near some holidays, but especially near Valentine’s Day. I guess after being romanced girls were more open to posing nude for their man. One night I was working in one of the stores because someone had called in sick and a guy came in wanting to but some of the film. It being expensive caused it to be a favorite of shoplifters I’d only put one pack out on the shelf but had several more under the counter. A guy came in that night and got the one pack and was really flustered when he came to the counter. He said he’d wanted to buy at least 3 packs of film or more. I could see a blonde headed girl in his car and all I could really see was her hair but by the style it looked like she’d be young, maybe in her 20’s. I loved screwing with people and I told him I had 3 more packs that I’d set aside for myself to take some pictures of my wife. At that he got a little grin thinking we were doing the same thing. Which really the film wasn’t for me. But I said I’ll tell you what I’ll let you buy them but you have to let me see how the pictures turn out.

I was just messing with him expecting a confused look from him, but instead he didn’t give it a second thought and said OK. I figured I’d never see him again. But the next night I happened to be at the store again doing paperwork when this guy showed up. The cashier brought him to my office and I must say I was surprised to see him. Once we were alone he handed me a big envelope and inside there were about 40 pictures of a sexy blonde. At first she was taking off her clothes but in all the rest she was as naked as the day she was born. I said wow as I looked through them and said his wife was a beautiful woman. He said thanks but it wasn’t his wife then told me it was a girl he worked with. This was wild since he was wearing a wedding ring. As I got to the last 8 or 10 pictures they were pretty blurry. I ask what happened and he didn’t hesitate to say he’d tried to take some pictures of her sucking him off & of him fucking her but it hadn’t worked out well.

Jokingly I said well next time let me know I’d be glad to come over and take the pictures for you. We both laughed and then he asked if we’d by chance gotten some more film in. Which it just so happened we had. He bought 4 more packs and left. About 45 minutes later I saw him come back in on the security camera and he came straight to my office. I couldn’t believe it when he said he’d told the girl what I’d said thinking she’d get a laugh out of it. But instead she’d said it sounded like fun having another person taking pictures of them. He’d actually come back to see if I’d do it. Of course I said I would and the next thing you know I was following him to his house. It turned out his wife was out of town. As we go in there’s the sexy blonde I’d seen pictures of earlier. She looked even better in person. And she wasn’t shy at all greeting us in only a skimpy bra & panties. She looked me over, and said this could be fun. I took some pictures of her in the bra & panties and she seemed anxious to take them off. She was I’d guess in her mid-twenties and had a fantastic body. I took some pictures of them together as she’d suck him off and then they’d fuck in a couple of positions. But it was more like they were posing for the pictures than having sex.

The other guy and I got a big surprise when she suggested he take some pictures of her with me. But he said OK but still looked confused as to what had happened. But where he was probably in his late 30’s short and a little chunky. I was 22 6-5 and athletic and had a thick 9″ cock. She started out sucking my cock and right away was showing how skilled she was taking every inch of it. I fucked her nice firm tits and then got between her legs and started fucking her hard, deep, and fast. But I haven’t cum yet. I fucked her in several positions and each time was really giving her a pounding. While I fucked her doggie style I emptied my load in her pussy. But with her very talented mouth she had me hard again in no time. It surprised me when she was sucking me off he asked if she liked sucking my dick right after I’d fucked her? He was stunned when she said if he wanted to know if she liked the taste of her pussy that she did, that she loved tasting women’s pussy and them tasting her’s. Once she had me hard again we fucked in a couple more positions and I asked if she liked having guys cum on her tits? She said she did and then said and especially if a beautiful girls there to lick it off.

I told her my wife was like that too and I saw a look of curiosity on her face. I straddled her and began to pump my cock between her tits, every once in a while moving up slipping it in her mouth. As she pressed her tits together and I fucked her beautiful tits she started asking about my wife. I told her she had red hair, green eyes, that she was 5-8, 120-lbs, 34DD-24-35. I could tell she liked what she heard and asked if she only liked having a girl lick cum off of her or did she like girls to do other things? I told her if she was trying to ask if she was bi, that she was and that she loved doing everything with girls. She smiled and said we needed to talk later. I coated her tits in hot cum and said it was too bad Lynn wasn’t there to lick it up and she agreed. Then we both got a surprise when the guy lays down the camera and comes over and starts licking my thick cum up off of her tits. Then asked if I’d let her take some pictures of him sucking my cock. I told him no and he really looked sad.

I got the girls number and left. I waited about a week and called her and we arranged to meet. We ended up getting together with her several times and sometimes it was just her and Lynn and other times we’d have threesomes. I learned the guy was her boss and he’d been coming on to her for a while. Finally when his wife was going to be out of town he offered her a job promotion & raise and a $500 bonus if she’d spend the weekend with him. And the night he first came in the store he’d offered her $500 more if he could take pictures of her. She said she didn’t go around having sex for money with guys. But that offer was too good to pass up. Plus she got some of the pictures so he couldn’t try and back out of the deal. But back in the 70’s & 80’s I had lots of wild sexual experiences just happen, and quite a few were with total strangers.

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    One of the worse trash stories ever

  • Reply Carol ID:5m8fvdv1

    Camcorders also. Rocky and I made plenty of movies.