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The start of son being a mommy

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This is a story about me and my date for works party

Just a quick background I am 45 years old been married to my wife and we have to kids I met my wife when we was young and we had kids together but unfortunately we lot are daughter in a car crash it was a sad time for everyone one.

One year later my wife is depressed she has been in bed and laying around the house my son always spent time in his room only coming out to school Henry was an out going 14 year old boy in to football and F1 but now I don’t see him it’s just him and his mom in I work away as a truck driver I only get home at weekends well Friday night.

I went to work on the Monday I got up at 5am my wife was a sleep and my son had fell asleep with the telly on so I turn everything off kissed the wife and off I went got in the car I would not see them till Friday so I thought

Wednesday started like no other I woke up at 5am got washed dressed and did my checks and started my truck and off I went I made my way to the depot to pick upy deliverys and there was no jobs for me I was angry because we need the money but I thought sod it I walk out got in my truck and drove the 200 miles home I did not ring the wife I book a nice table for tea it was going to be a surprise

At home I let my self in to are house call the names no answer I thought well Henry will be at school and my wife will be in bed asleep I had the shock of my life in what I saw nexted

I walked into the bathroom there was my wife and a girl she was breastfeeding her I just didn’t know what day until I found it was my son and not a girl he was wearing lacy red panties he was smooth his bulge was cramed in the panties my wife jumped up and say she could explain I was mad and walk off downstairs they both followed not long after in the kitchen my wife stood there in her PJs and my son stood in the panties I said how long has this been going on my wife said that my son was upset and then have been helping each other thaugh the pain I found this hard to take in .

I had later found out they had been fucking and my wife was pregnant with a girl but I surpose that my fault because I was not there for them I stuck by my with and was going to bring the baby up as my own I caught my son in his sister room trying out all her clothes he just looked like my daughter I said if that’s what he wanted to do then I was fine with it.

8 weeks later my wife was in labor but sadly she did not make it but she gave birth to a healthy baby girl that my now crossdressing son hemi call her Emily

I had to give up truck driving to be near home

So got a job in an office my now daughter had now took on the roll as mommy to her daughter I had my tea on the table when I got home my daughter had made herself look good she had give her self tits from her sisters bra and stuffed with socks not that you could tell I I want to see her in her panties I should hate him but how could I be mad

Part 2 the office party

👄This will be the best oral sex you have ever experienced.👅

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  • Reply Sam ID:1den0xoz3bom

    Very hard to read, you have no commas where there should be, paragraphs
    Are way too long without taking a breath. I see more stories from you that are the same way…oh my goodness.

    • Hemi_v8 ID:1dlutxkpzy9v

      My first story