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The Sexy Aunt

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A guy seduces his long hair sexy aunt into submission.

I’ve been studying abroad for almost two years now. As a 25-year-old young adult, I was always fascinated by Milfs and older women. In my family, there was one woman I wanted to make mine. It was the wife of my second uncle. I had five uncles and among all of their wives, I fell in love with the second one.

Her name is Seetha. She can be described as a smart and educated woman, who is humble yet carries an attitude. She’s 35 years old and she is a tall woman, even taller than me. Her boobs and ass are perfectly rounded and she has a proper average healthy figure. Not too fat or slim. Her hairs were medium black and a bit curly. My other aunts were sexier than her but none had a pretty face like her. I also fell for her personality.

We used to have a family gathering every year where we used to visit a picnic spot and spend a week there. As I was abroad for two years, I couldn’t visit my family picnics. But I followed the pictures. My aunt Seetha, who is the mother of a girl of age nine, started to gain weight. She was way plump than I last saw her. Moreover, Seetha wasn’t happy in her life. My uncle was abusive and introverted. I never saw her clicking pictures with him, nor saw her happy with him. Everyone in the family could understand that.

I used to be an unhealthy boy. But in these two years, I hit the gym and perfectly toned my muscular body with six-pack abs enough to turn around any woman. I decided to make Seetha mine forever. I couldn’t make her loose beauty get plump and unattractive. So I made a plan.

As I was an engineer in IT, I developed a fake email for a real health website. Seetha was a teacher and didn’t earn much, neither she relied on her Uncle’s money as he was a miser. As I was rich enough from my freelancing work, I provided my networks to her through another fake email. Through this, she too earned quite a good amount of money. She also left her job as a teacher after three months. I followed everything on social media. Now, as the money problem is removed, I started feeding her feminist blogs. To make her more independent about herself and her feelings and get out of the grasp of her asshole husband.

Finally, I used that health and fitness mail to send her updates about fitness. Within 4 months she started working out. I kept sending her these updates and three months later, with diet and workout, she was back in a sexy shape. As she was tall, her body toned perfectly. Her boobs and ass were now juicier and protruding. In all these months, I also used to send her erotic sex stories about aunts, milfs and older women and younger men’s affairs.

Finally, the day came when I was returning home. I opened a Facebook account on a flight. I uploaded some pictures of mine. As I landed, I was surprised. Seetha Aunty send me a friend request. I accepted it. She soon uploaded a picture of herself in the story. I quickly had a strong erection. I quickly ran to the washroom and started masturbating. She was looking sexy in the picture. She stood sideways in a green saree exposing her navel, and most of her back. Her sleeveless blouse exposed her rich shoulder and upper chest. She tucked the saree in such a way that her cleavage was exposed. But the most attractive part was her hair. As she straightened her hair, they were dense, shiny, black, and waist long hairs. She was looking like a Bollywood model. I quickly put my love reaction in her picture and immediately put my picture in my story. She immediately viewed it first and reacted with love to it. I understood she was needy as fuck.

I was back at home. My family was well surprised to see my physical change as I became more attractive. But all I could think about was Seetha. So I started making my moves. I used to react to her pictures in stories on Facebook with love. And to my surprise, I saw her upload pictures that are seductive and only visible to me. Those were not visible from my parent’s phones or anyone in the family. This excited me more.
A few days later, Seetha’s aunty invited everyone to her daughter’s birthday party. So we all went. I was surprised to see Seetha Aunty. She was wearing the same sexy green saree, applied red lipstick and cajoled her eyes. Her hairs were wet and tied in a loose bun which covered her ears. The bun was pushed on the right side near her ears. She was looking sexier. She came and greeted us, and as she turned towards me, she gave a pretty smile. My parents went inside and no one was nearby. So I went near her and told her hi, and hugged her. She was surprised by the hug, but instead of protesting, she hugged back. Has her wet hair bun was on the right side of her head, I hugged her on her right and buried my face in her wet streaks of hair over her ears. The fresh smell of shampoo from her wet hair gave me an instant erection. She wore a backless blouse and I caressed her naked back with my hands. She shivered and stayed in my hug for almost a minute. There was silence between us. Then we broke the hug as other guests were coming. She held my hand and took me inside with a smile of satisfaction. I was successful in seducing her.

The birthday party started as everyone was feeding each other cake, busy and dancing. I took my chance and went near my aunt. She turned towards me and fed me a piece of cake. As she put her fingers in my mouth, I licked her fingers with my tongue. She looked at my eyes breaking her smile. She didn’t pull out her fingers and I kept on licking them. Suddenly she broke out of her trance and as she was moving away I held her under her arm pressing the side of her boobs. She shivered and looked around if anyone was noticing. But everyone was so busy that no one saw us. I took a piece of cake and feed her, she licked my finger slowly, staring into my eyes. I pressed under her arms on the side of her boobs a bit and pulling her closer, I put my hands on her wet hair bun and pulled her head close to mine. She was shocked as she thought I was about to kiss. But I wanted to smell her wet hair once more, so I went near her ears, covered by wet hair, I smelled deeply and whispered to her, “You’re the most beautiful woman here tonight”. As I moved away, the smell made my erection uncontrollable. She whispered thanks with a smile on her red lips and looked down at my pants. She saw my huge boner and smiled again and moved away. I quickly went into the washroom and masturbated. The rest of the time I enjoyed with everyone, having dinner. I noticed that every time I and Aunt Seetha looked at each other, we smiled. Her sexy smile toward me while she was busy made me more horny.

We came home, and I went to my bed. Suddenly, I received a message from Seetha Aunty. It was 12 am. I knew she was texting hiding from her uncle as he slept early and never liked anyone keeping up late at night. The conversation went like this:
Seetha Aunty: Hi Rahul. Sleeping?
Me: Hi. No, I couldn’t sleep.
Seetha Aunty: Why?
Me: I keep thinking about you.
Seetha Aunty: Me? Really? Why?
Me: I couldn’t take my eyes off you! You were looking beautiful.
Seetha Aunty: Thank You Rahul ❤️. You know, I haven’t received a compliment like that for years now. You made me feel special today. I have never felt so happy.
Me: I’m always here for you ❤️
Seetha Aunty: Really? Don’t you have a girlfriend?
Me: No, I don’t. Never found anyone like you.
Seetha Aunty: Any woman would be lucky to have a handsome boyfriend like you.
Me: You could be that lucky woman.
Seetha Aunty: Me? Haha, no I’m too old for you. And I’m married too. Why would you like me?
Me: I don’t care if you’re old or married. I just like you.
Seetha Aunty: What do you like about me?
Me: I like your personality. Your eyes and smile. Your sexy body, you sexy long hairs. I like their smell ❤️❤️❤️.
Seetha Aunty: I’m blushing now Rahul ❤️. Do you like my hair that much?
Me: I love your hair, the touch of those wet streaks of hair made me feel good.
Seetha Aunty: I’m glad you felt good.
Me: I wanna feel this always with you.
Seetha Aunty: Always? How?
Me: Maybe we start with a date?

She kept silent for a few minutes. Then she replied,
Seetha Aunty: What if someone knows?
Me: We’ll be careful. If you feel happy, you should hang out with me.
Seetha Aunty: I feel happy, but we have a different relationship. I’m your aunt. It feels a bit awkward.
Me: I won’t force you. If you wish you can come. I’ll wait for you tomorrow at the park. We’ll eat first and catch a movie later.

She said nothing for a minute. She was in dilemma, but she finally replied,
Seetha Aunty: Okay then. It’s a date. But I’ll have to come back home before your uncle comes home.
Me: Sure. Can’t wait to see you, Aunty.
Seetha Aunty: Goodnight handsome ❤️
Me: Goodnight Beautiful ❤️

As soon as she went off, I quickly opened her pictures in her profile and masturbated thrice. I was so much horny that I was planning to fuck her the next day. But I’ll take my time and make her fall for me completely.

The next day, I went to a men’s salon and got a haircut and trimmed my beard. I also worked out to look good. Then I followed Seetha Aunty. She went to the women’s parlour and got her hair washed and did a facial. Then she went shopping and returned home. I was surprised as she was putting effort to look good for me. We planned to meet in the afternoon. She could stay till 9 pm as her uncle returns from work at 10 pm.
I was getting ready when I received a message. It was from Aunt Seetha,
Seetha Aunty: Rahul! I’m confused about what to wear.
Me: You’ll look beautiful in anything.
Seetha Aunty: Awww. But what would you like me to wear?
Me: Well, I would love to see you in a red saree.
Seetha Aunty: Hmm, let me see.

I was waiting at the park. My heart was pounding. I was about to date my aunt, who is married with a kid and is almost 10 years older than me. I was blinded in lust. Then suddenly, my aunt touched my shoulder from behind. I was literally shocked to see Seetha Aunty. I had a hard-on immediately and my dick was erected in my pants.
Seetha Aunty wore a plain red saree with a red brassiere as a blouse in such a way that it exposed the upper flesh of her boobs, her naked shoulders and back, and her rich navel. The saree had a cut from the waist to the legs which exposed one of her rich naked waxed thighs and leg. She wore red lipstick and a bindi and sindoor. Her long hairs were open, semi-wet, and neatly combed behind her ears. Her black long hair contrasted with her naked back that she was looking like a sexy model and a hot goddess of sex.
Seetha Aunty shook me and asked if she overdressed. I told her that she’s looking really sexy and she laughed but I immediately hugged her. She stopped laughing and hugged me back. As I hugged her I ran my hands on her naked back, touching her wet hair. I nuzzled my face in her hair and smelled the rich aroma of her shampoo. She broke the hug and put her hands on my cheeks asking if I liked the smell of her wet hair. I said it is making me feel aroused. She smiled and said she used that shampoo, especially for me.

We then started walking in the park. Talking about our lives. She said she was unhappy with her uncle and thought of leaving him. But at this age, no one would be with her and her daughter needs a father. So she’s been in this toxic relationship. She started to weep in tears. I held her hands and pulled her near me. My erect dick almost touched her naked thigh, I held her face and wiped her tears. Then I kissed her forehead. She closed her eyes. Then I put one hand on her naked navel and pushed her into me. She opened her eyes. Our face was closer. We could feel each other’s hot breath. She was breathing heavily. I put my other hand and ran my fingers through her wet hair and bringing her lips closer to mine, I whispered that, I would always be with her, no matter what, and that I’ll never leave her. She got emotional, and bringing her lips even closer to mine she asked, promise? I said that I promise, and we both moved towards each other’s lips as we almost touched our mouths, suddenly her phone rang and she pushed away from me in fear. She quickly received the call and it was her husband. He said that he’ll be late. Her daughter is at home with their permanent caretaker maid. So she could now spend more time. Things got a little awkward as we almost kissed but didn’t. We walked the rest of the park for an hour holding hands. Seetha Aunty said,
Seetha Aunty: Will you still call me Aunty?
Me: Well do u want me to?
Seetha Aunty: No. Call me Seetha when we are alone. And Aunty in front of everyone.
Me: Okay my Seetha darling.
Seetha Aunty: That’s right honey.

Saying this she pecked a small kiss on my cheeks.
As she was moving away, I caught her in my arms and kissed her on her lips, she tried to pull away but gave up and kissed back passionately with her tongue. We exchanged our saliva and our kiss grew hotter by the moment.

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      Coming soon

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