The Office

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My office – a fantasy about meeting my best friends wife in my office, for lunch…

It’s another Monday. I am in my office doing the usual preparation for the rest of the week. It’s been a few hours and I am looking forward to going to lunch with a dear friend. We planned to meet in my office, and we will leave from here.

I hear a knock on the door. As I open it, I am once again struck by her beautiful smile and sparkling blue eyes. Her short blond hair accentuates her face. I cannot help but notice the light summer dress she is wearing. There is something about them that has always made my heart pump a little faster.

She steps into the office and hugs me tightly. My hand naturally falls on her back and as it slides down, I notice she does not seem to be wearing anything underneath. As she hugs me her breasts push against me and I can imagine her naked against me. Did I really just think that? She seems to shiver just a little in my arms and I wonder if she might be feeling a little cold, or if she felt my slight arousal. She prefers not to be cold. As she steps away, I notice her hard nipples through the thin cotton of her summer dress.

I can feel my body respond to her. I just can’t seem to stop myself. I sit down in my office chair, she sits in the other chair at my desk. We make small talk for a while, but I am a little distracted by the sight of her, and what I am imagining. I shift around a bit to try and hide my now fairly obvious reaction to her.

We talk for a while, deciding on where to go for lunch. As we get up to leave, she is close enough that her breast brushes against my arm, and I feel her hard nipple against me. She walks ahead of me and I have to watch the unconstrained movement of her butt under the material of her dress. She’s always had a nice ass…

We get to the car and I open the door for her to get in. As she slides into the seat her dress rides up and exposes her long leg to me. Again, my heart skips a beat. I look up and see her watching me, a little smile on her face. Is she doing this on purpose? We take a short drive and find a nice place to have lunch. As we walk into the waterside restaurant, she is again walking ahead of me, and the sunlight streaming off the water in front of her accentuates the cotton dress she is wearing and makes it almost entirely transparent. I’m not sure how I am going to get through this day with these unexpected distractions. Lunch was pleasant, and I almost managed to not be distracted, if you don’t count me watching her mouth, imagining the taste of her lips.

It’s time for us to head back to my office. The trip back is uneventful, even though she has her arm on the armrest next to mine and I can feel the soft hairs on her arm touching me, and the slight warmth of her skin. The side of her hand is just barely resting against mine, and I imagine her small finger just slightly moving, as if caressing mine.

We get back to my office, she steps in, and I close the door behind us. As I step towards my chair, she holds out her arms for a hug. I step closer to her, and she draws me close, molding her body to mine. It takes my breath away a little. She turns her face to me and thanks me for lunch. As he does that, her mouth comes very close to mine. She doesn’t turn away as I come closer to her. I can’t help myself, I touch my lips softly to hers. She opens her mouth just slightly, allowing me to taste how sweet she is.

She leans into me, pushing her hips closer. I can feel her pressing against me, her body close. She must feel my erection against her. She sighs, and I can feel her shiver against me again. She lets out her breath and opens her mouth even more. Our tongues find each other, and our kissing becomes even more passionate. She lifts her head, allowing me access to her neck. The odor of her skin is intoxicating. My lips touch her neck, I softly kiss and taste her down to the hollow of her neck. I can feel heart throb against my lips. Her warm breath gets deeper.

Her hands grip me tightly. I slide my hands down her sides onto her hips. This time, I’m sure. She’s not wearing anything under her summer dress. My erection gets even harder.

She pushes me back onto my chair and bends over towards me. Her dress falls open, revealing her perfect breasts to me. Her nipples are clearly visible to my hungry eyes. Her hands stray down to my crotch, my erection obvious. Her eyes widen as she sees how aroused I am. She unbuckles my belt and pulls down my zip. I want to touch her so much, but she stays just out of reach. She tugs at my pants, pulling them down past my knees. She doesn’t remove my underpants. She just barely runs her fingers over me. My erection moves in anticipation.

The look on her face is one of lust, and sheer naughtiness. She lifts the front of her dress just slightly and sits down on me, facing me. I can feel how wet and hot she is on me. She fits exactly on my lap, her wetness on my erection. She bends forward, kissing me softly on my neck. She unbuttons my shirt and kisses my chest. Her warm mound presses into me and she slowly moves back and forth. I can feel her getting wetter and more slippery. I don’t know how much longer I can take this.

She stands up, I can see how aroused she is by the wetness on my underwear. She bends over and slowly pulls down my underwear. As she does my erection is fully, nakedly revealed to her. It glistens on the tip with a little precum, waiting, almost painful. She smiles and licks her lips. Then she turns around. I am almost disappointed that it seems to have ended there. But then, she lifts the back of her dress, and steps back towards me. Her legs are on either side of my knees and I get my first look at that sexy ass, naked in front of me. She sits down slowly, her hands on the armrests of my chair. I push my erection forward, so it is straight up. Her warm wet lips just barely touch me. She pushes down slowly, and I feel myself entering her. She stops, and then starts moving slowly up and down. I am barely inside her. She pushes down a little more. I go deeper. She once said she liked to take things slowly.

I can feel her folding around me, about halfway in now. She pulls herself off me again, just leaving a little inside her. She lowers herself, sliding me in her all the way. She takes a deep shuddering breath. I caress her back and hips, watching my shaft sliding in and out of her. The sight is breathtaking, and the feeling is mind-blowing. She squeezes me as she rocks on me. Her hands now on my knees, bent forward so I can see how aroused she is. Her breathing becomes deeper and she’s softly moaning as we move together. She starts moving faster, her breath becomes ragged, her moans louder. Suddenly, she slams herself down on me and lays back on my chest, shaking with orgasm. I hold her tight, cupping her breasts as she comes down. I nuzzle her neck, feeling the little drops of dampness from the exertion. Her skin tastes wonderfully salty.

As her breathing slows a little, I push her forward and get her up. I lay her on her back on my desk and pull the front of her dress up. I kneel between her legs and put her feet on my shoulders. I am very close to her now and can smell her arousal. Her skin is glistening, and I start kissing her on the inside of her legs. I taste her soft skin as I move closer to her until I can touch her with my tongue. Her hands pull me closer, and my mouth finds her. My tongue lightly touches her clit and I start teasing her. She pulls me closer, but I take my time. She tastes so good. I start exploring her as she writhes under my mouth. I insert a finger, and then two. She pulls herself towards me and moans as she builds up to another orgasm.

She starts shaking and her orgasm covers my face in her wet arousal. I curve my fingers so that she feels it on that special spot inside her. She continues shaking. I can’t wait anymore and enter her as she is lying on my desk. She groans loudly as I plunge into her. I move faster and faster until I feel my orgasm building, and I release my warm cum in her, pulsing as I feel her contracting around me in another orgasm. I hold her tight until I feel her relax, and her breath return to somewhat normal. As I withdraw, I watch her face. She looks a little flushed and has that smile on her face again. It’s clear now that this was planned, and not how I expected lunch to turn out today.

We somewhat reluctantly let go of each other. We kiss tenderly and as she walks out the door, she winks at me. I look forward to seeing her again.

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