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The musical creep

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A story of my high school days being a horny musical kid and all the pervy things I did

So back when I was in high school I was basically the chubby nerdy stereotype in my early high school days which I would eventually grow out of but that’s later in life but at the moment of the story I was joining a musical because I thought it would be interesting what I didn’t know was that it was difficult to be focused when you’re in a cast of 30 and you’re one of the probably 6 boys in the cast and so I played one of the male roles in the musical and all that business.

It went good for the first few weeks but being a horny 16 year old in room everyday after school with girls who were developed in certain areas I liked made me turn on and I would often jerk off in the bathroom just to not have a boner in while in rehearsals and that’s how it was for the first month and a half but then we had to put on costumes and I won’t lie It became harder to hide it and that’s what I noticed I had caught myself staring at a few certain people due to their costumes when was Abby because her dress was tight and showed off her hourglass figure and she had a nice ass and her chest wasn’t big but it was nice and one time when she was putting on her dress it slipped a bit and I got to see her nipple for a few minutes until she quickly pulled it up.

The other person was Mac they were trans and we’re transitioning from female to male after highschool and I respected who they were but every time I would look at their costume I couldn’t help but think about their chest because their costume had a v-neck tank top that on the guy would show their packs but on them it showed a lot of their cleavage and since they didn’t wear bras there breasts with jiggle a lot, And out of costume they were tank tops a lot and I don’t know how big their chest is but I’d say it was in the range of C to maybe D cup but I definitely don’t wanna get on their bad side because One time when I saw them behind stage while they were fixing their tank top they dropped it and exposed their breasts and I was in front of them they covered up I looked away and they threatened that if I told anyone I would regret it so yeah but on many occasions I would almost get caught by them due to me staring at their chest due to knowing what they looked like and when I was at home I would go on Instagram and stare at their pictures fantasizing about how they felt and even having sex with them.

Then finally the other person I would constantly stare at was a girl named Isabella but she was mainly called Bella and she had an amazing body she had the perfect size chest an amazing legs and ass especially when she wore something tight like leggings that showed off her ass in all the best ways and I’m pretty sure the first time I saw her in her costume I’m glad no one was around me cuz I was hard and drooling It was a dress that showed off some bust while also being short enough to show legs and if she bent over her ass, One time while she was wearing it I was blessed with the view of seeing under her dress and getting a good view of her stockings that showed her pussy really well Because she wasn’t wearing underwear, So I basically had to excuse myself to go to the bathroom and immediately start jerking off to the image in my head and I busted moaning out her name and I quickly cleaned up and went back to rehearsals realizing that I was the only one that saw it.

When we were told to practice changing quickly we were told to do it separately at first so that we wouldn’t bump into each other or break anything onset, and while the girls were changing I went outside because it was really nice and I saw that the bathroom window was open and I could see the mirror and guess who I saw Mac since they were trans they were allowed to change in the bathroom while all the guys and girls changed in classrooms to make them feel more comfortable but what Mac didn’t know was that I had a perfect view from where I was standing outside to look inside and see them changing so I pulled out my phone hit record and filmed the whole scene I filmed them taking off their bra and in the mirror I could see their tits really well and then putting on their tank top along with taking off their pants and I got to admit Mac has a nice ass I never really noticed it with how much I looked at their breasts but when they finished changing into their costume I quickly moved out of the way to not get seen and listen then to hear the bathroom door close and when it did I correctly went back inside and looked at the video and I really needed to jerk off after seeing it I basically had a great view of the mirror and since Mac was facing the mirror I got a good view of them taking off their bra and pulling out their tits, I immediately went to the bathroom and started jerking off and when I finished I just went back to the rehearsal room and acted like nothing happened.

On the day of the musical we had a full house and from hearing the entire crowd yelling and cheering for us I say it was a good experience I join the next one the following year but I definitely have a few good memories of the first one AND even now as I’m literally weeks away from graduating I still look at the video I took and remember all the things that happened in the musical, I did realize though after the musical I did become more popular I guess mainly because while I wasn’t The lead role was basically in about 80% of the musical and it was made me singing and speaking roles so I guess people saw me on stage and thought I was cool so they started talking to me and I became I guess popular? I would consider myself popular I would just say a lot of people knew me and that was it though it did help me get out of mine nerdy self And I eventually became less chubby I am still chubby but it’s not as noticeable as before.

So yeah that’s my story of my time being a musical kid and of how much of a perv I was and before someone comments how disgusting I was, Yes I know It was disgusting and creepy and I’ve never done it since but it was something I did and I accepted that I did it so take that as you will But just know it was in the past and I’ve moved on from that and now it’s just some creepy thing I did when I was young and horny.

👄This will be the best oral sex you have ever experienced.👅

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  • Reply OJ ID:5q89285t0k

    As someone who is LITERALLY in the process of staging a Musical, I can relate to this 👌😎

    • Rob_Nob ID:2px1n23dzzw

      You perv on people?