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The Musical Creep

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My time back when I was in high school being a horny teen and when I was in my school musical (I don’t care about grammar)

The story takes place back when I was a horny chubby nerdy I didn’t really talk to many people and high school and I joined the musical to hopefully make friends and this is my experiences of being that horny musical kid.

So when I join the musical I was really horny all the time for no reason and it didn’t help that I was one of the very few boys and I was surrounded by girls who I found were all pretty attractive but I’m going to be writing about the ones that caught my eyes the most. When I first joined the musical that was this one girl named Abby who had an amazing ass who I would basically be drooling thinking about her while I jerked off in the bathroom and it didn’t help that she was a hugger and that she liked wearing things that showed off her body which only made it harder to not be hard around her.

The second girl that caught my eye was a girl named Isabella but everyone called her Bella and she was younger than most the other people in the musical but god she had an amazing body she was petite But had amazing curves, nice sized tits and nice plump ass and just like Abby I would think about her a lot while jerking off and one time while we were all trying on costumes for the musical I accidentally walked in on her changing and the only thing she had on was her underwear and I stared at her for a good minute or so before she noticed me there and I quickly apologized and walked away though after she walked up to me and asked if I saw her naked and I just told her I did and I was sorry about it but she just said it was okay as long as I didn’t tell anyone what I saw and so we kept it between us which led me to jerk off with the image of her naked in my head.

The last person who who I found incredibly attractive and would jerk off a lot too with someone named Mac now they were trans and they were transitioning from female to man and would do the procedure after they graduated but I couldn’t lie I definitely loved their body they had basically the best aspects of Abby and Bella but multiplied because Mac had pretty big tits and a nice plumbass, they also wore a v-neck tank top as a shirt for their costume which on a guy would show their pics but with them showed a lot of cleavage and since they didn’t wear bra and it was December and cold you could occasionally see they had hard nipples which I didn’t complain about looking at of course during rehearsals we would all change into outfits before dancing rehearsing our lines or singing and The directors wanted us to practice changing quickly between the boys and girls and Mac was put on the girls side wasted and care about but they were allowed to change in a separate room which just so happened to be the bathroom they also made us do it separately so that the boys wouldn’t bump into the girls and vice versa So one day I’m in the bathroom I have my dick in my hand jerking off thinking about one of the girls I mentioned before and in walks Mac with their costume ready to change and in my horny thoughts I realize this is a once in a lifetime opportunity since I wasn’t spotted yet so I grabbed my phone out of my pocket lifted it over the stall and recorded whatever was over there of course when I heard Mac leave I pulled my far away and waited for them to leave then I looked at the video and saw that I had a video of Mac who was often rude to most people except a few friends and the directors was here on my phone topless and with their tits out I immediately just started jerking off to the video basically seeing them and only a thong which I was surprised about but I continue it until I cam, then I cleaned up and when on my merry way to the boys changing room where I got ready for us to start changing and I went out with the rest of rehearsals keeping my phone locked to make sure no one accidentally stumbled upon that video.

So yeah that’s the weird stuff I got up to and high school and before anyone says that I was definitely a creep yeah that’s why I named it the musical creep Because I definitely was I’m not denying it and I would like to say at least I’ve changed since then and I’m not a fat horny nerd who thought about girls all the time and jerked off in the school bathroom.

👄This will be the best oral sex you have ever experienced.👅

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  • Reply Transiswrong ID:bjotki4v9b

    Imagine getting off to a fake man

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    Yeah you see I accidentally posted this twice Because I wrote it twice and realize that I posted them both

  • Reply Tg ID:bgggn0bv4

    You already posted this exact story yesterday

  • Reply Lewd1976 ID:1cxgf07s6oxo

    Nice story. I guess all boys did something like that in their teenage lives. I’d love to hear more

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