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The day babysitting got some “spice”

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When babysitting my neighbors 8 year old daughter took a bit of a turn.

This story took place back in 1993 when I was 15, as documented from my diary. Made sure I wrote down my first experience in detail so I would never forget.

(For a bit of backstory Joanne had some developmental issues so she still needed help with some task most kids her age would be able to do on their own)

I had been babysitting my neighbors daughter for Joanne for about 3 and a half months and this day her parents were going out of town for a week and wanted me to watch Joanne at their house. When I arrived they had already left, and when I walked in there was a note with the usual list of things that needed to be done. But since this was the first time babysitting for more than a single night there was an additional thing… “Bathe Joanne every night”. The second I read that part I immediately got horny, I had never so much as seen anyone but my mom naked, which doesn’t really count but now I have the opportunity to not only see Joanne naked, but touch and bathe her. I just brushed it off and tucked my boner into my waistband, going into the living room where Joanne was watching Powerpuff girl’s oblivious to my arrival.

I snuck up behind her and grabbed her shoulders.

“Watcha watching?!”

Joanne screamed and looked behind her but started giggling when she realized it was me, this was a bit of a running joke where we’d scare each other.

“Lucas you scared me!”

“HA, finally you admit it scares you!” Despite always screaming everytime I did this she implied it didn’t scare her at all.


“OOOHHH imma tell”

“NO NO N-”

“Eh I’m just joking imma go make some tamales, want some?”

I went and put some mediocre frozen tamales in the oven, and watched cartoons with her for a while before taking her to the park. While at the park she fell and got dirt all over her so when we got home I knew it was time… I get to bathe her.

“I’m gonna go get the bath ready, you like it warm?”

“Uh huh, daddy always makes it warm for me”

I went and made her a nice warm bath and put some of her bath toys in the tub. She walked in in just her panties, she was too young to have a bra at the time but still had a nice pair of tities starting to form just barely poking out from her chest. By this point I had a raging hard on but didn’t want her to notice.

“Alright baths all ready for you to hop in”

“Aren’t you gonna get in first, daddy always gets in before me”

“Oh um I thought daddy helped you bathe from outside the tub?”

“Nuh uh, we gets in with me”

With some hesitation I undressed facing away from her and got in still trying to hide my ~5.5″ boner. I then helped her in after she took off her cute little power puff panties and she decided my lap was the perfect place to sit.

She sat her plump little as right on my hard dick, and adjusted herself before reaching back and grabbing it.

“What’s this?”


She then let it go but turned around to look at it, by this point I was a bit red faced. No matter how horny I was it was still embarrassing for me.

“What is it?” She tilted her head and poked it.

“Oh ummm that’s my peepee, it’s what I use to pee your dad has one too”

“His is never that big though, why’s yours?”

I didn’t want to lie, no matter how embarrassing it was I still kind of hoped being honest would potentially lead to…. “More”.

“Because it’s happy to see you Joanne, when I see beautiful girls my peepee gets big. Your dad doesn’t because Daddys peepees never get big from their daughters”

“Ohhh ok it looks weird though”

She turned around after looking at it a bit longer and I started washing her back, then I had her turn around to wash her chest. While washing her chest I focused on her tits, and even brushed her nipples a few times which made her giggle. Then I moved down, and washed her crotch. I rubbed the bar of soap around her inner thigh before rubbing it over her plump little virgin pussy which made her giggle.

“That feels weird Lucas”

“Oh sorry, I’ll stop”

“No, keep doing it I like it”

With this I rubbed it a bit more and teased her little clit before moving on to her ass which I also rubbed a bit tenderly enjoying every second of it.

After we got out the bath we both got dressed, I was a bit sad that it had to stop but I knew I would get to bathe her again the next day. We went to the living room and watched even more power puff girls… She was obsessed to say the least.

“Lucas can you touch my no no more? Momma said not to let anyone touch em there but it feels good”

“Alright, but your momma can’t find out about this or I wont be able to come over anymore. Take off your shorts so I can do it”

She then stood up, took off her shorts and sat back down in her panties, I pushed them down a bit and rested my hand on her pussy. I rubbed it with more vigor this time, before pulling my hand up and sniffing her juices and then I tasted my fingers. They tasted sweet, salty, a bit sweaty, and a bit like piss but still a very erotic Delicious taste.

“Ewww why are you tasting it?”

“Because it taste really good sweetie, I can make it feel better if I taste more, ok?”

“Ok Lucas”

With this I got on the floor in front of the couch and pulled her panties down more. I inspected her pussy for a second, nice, plump and bubblegum pink with her little clitoris at the top. I licked slowly up her slit which made her moan lightly before I pulled her lips apart and began flicking up and down her slit taking in ever last drop of her juices. I then began focusing on her clit with my tongue which made her moan even more, and her body started writhing on the couch. After a few more seconds her body went rigid and a small amount of her delicious cum seeped out and onto my tongue, it tasted like the rest of her juices but way more concentrated.

“Ohhhhh Lucas what was that?”

“You just came it’s what happens when someone makes your no no feel really really good”

“Oh ok, I liked it. It felt really really good”

“Well do you want to make me feel good?”


“Ok stand up and then sit in my lap after I sit down, ok”

I then pulled my pants down and spat a bit on my cock before sitting down.

“Ok now sit down”

I then lined my cock up with her tiny little pussy and tried pulling her onto it despite her cries for me to stop, but it wouldn’t budge… So I went for the other hole. I slowly tried sliding into her asshole which did work and I slid in with not nearly as much resistance. I groaned out loud as my dick entered her tight, warm asshole taking both our virginities. I felt pleasure unlike anything I experienced before.


She tried to muffle out as I covered her mouth slowly pushing her up and down trying to get her ass to adjust to my dick. After a few more minutes of trying to get her to adjust I started picking up the pace of making her ride me. After a bit more I moved my hand from her mouth and she began lightly moaning and started taking over the riding.

“Ohhh god it hurts but feels really really good Lucas”


I pulled her down onto my dick, going as far into her ass as I could before I exploded into her, spraying her intestines with my seed. I pulled out and my cum began dripping out of her asshole mixed in with some shit and a bit of blood.

“Eww what’s that white stuff, and… Oh no I pooped on the couch. Mom is gonna be mad at me”

“Don’t worry I’ll clean it up, let’s get you to bed your probably tired”

I then got the both of us dressed, and took her to her bed and put her to sleep before going and cleaning up the little mix of shit and cum before going to sleep. In her parents room, unfortunately there was room in her bed and she was already fast asleep so I didn’t want to bring her into her parents room.

👄This will be the best oral sex you have ever experienced.👅

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    I used to love getting fucked and giving head at 7 years Gid it felt good even the rape

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      Send me your snap. I love girls who like to talk about thier experiences 😂

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      Who did you suck and who fucked you?

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    I have always loved the sexual awakenings of a young girl and would like to hear more. As for the mess on the couch, shit happens lol!
    Whether it was true or not I still liked it with the possibility of her turning into a real bonafide cum slut which obviously make many men happy. Nothing wrong with it at all as sex is a natural part of being a sexual human being! All girls should be taught by an older male as it has been since the dawn of time. I have had quite a few nympho’s in my life time and I am sure I will have plenty more.
    Hypersexual girls are so fun to be with.
    Lick en, Stick em and be happy!

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      Exactly my thoughts 26/05/23