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Talking my little sister into having sex

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When I was 14m it was decided that I would make the evening meal and watch my little sister after school. My older brothers and sister had after school jobs and our father didn’t get home until 5:30 or6:00 .my mother worked 2nd shift several days a week.
I didn’t have much problem making supper mostly it was mostly prepared and all I had to do was make sure it didn’t burn.
My little sister usually played in her room or watched TV.
One day I was in my room looking at a porno magazine and jerking off when my little sister walked into my room and asked what I was doing.
As I pulled the covers over me and said nothing my boner stuck up like a tent under the sheets. Annie walked over and picked up the magazine and pulled the sheet off. Staring at me as I tried to cover my 7 inch cock with my hands. I yelled at her to give me the magazine back and get out of my room. She said no let me see it or I’ll tell on you.I said okay.
Then she said let me see your thingy too.having no choice but to agree I took my hands from in front of my dick as she walked over to the side of the bed .
Now you seen it give me my magazine back, I said.
I want to look at first she said. Can I touch your thingy.
Yeah if I get my magazine back I said.
Okay she said and jumped onto the bed. Sticking her finger out she touched the head of my dick and quickly pulled her hand back. I took her hand and wrapped it around my dick.not so hard I said like this showing her how to stroke my dick in about a minute or two I shot my load all over her hand and my stomach. What was that she said with a surprised look on her face. That was my cum I said if I rub you down there you can cum too. As I slid my hand down over shorts and rubbed her pussy through her shorts. You’re making me feel all tingly down there. Take your shorts off so I can do it better, she hesitated at first.you have seen mine it’s only fair. She slid her shorts down and I saw my first real pussy that wasn’t in a magazine.
I started rubbing my fingers along her bald slit which was already wet. Her breathing quickened as I zeroed in on her little nub .rubbing back and forth sticking my finger in her tiny hole a inch or two ,she soon let out moan and gushed all over my hand with her first orgasm.
After she caught her breath she said can we do that again. Later I said when mom and dad go to bed…..
More later

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  • Reply poppy ID:4bn00en3fia

    Love that she asked for more

  • Reply Dave ID:o2pfc5wlsdb

    My sister gave me my first orgasm with her feet. She was 8 and I was 10. If you want to know more reply here.

    • Soul83 ID:1dd4yfxmvge7

      Dave, I’m very interested in knowing more. How can we communicate?

    • Horny brother ID:13srn772v4eb

      I would love to know more!

    • poppy ID:4bn00en3fia

      Nice getting off with her feet. Sweet

    • Ajalea ID:1clm5az8b7ic

      What she did next and did you get her pregnant

  • Reply Bob ross ID:19i4h316dha3

    You need more

  • Reply Avenger's step dad ID:72yt3e649j

    A sister is as real as any other woman and he found it probably way earlier in his life than you, Avenger.

  • Reply zena ID:c5rpuenm2

    At 11 my bro 17 laid me on my back, kissed me and put his erect cock in between my thighs. I did not know what to do and kept my thighs closed together. He was able to thigh-fuck me and came within a few seconds. It was messy down there and end of my adventure with him!!

    • Brendan ID:1dsmzowjk8ag

      What a pity, for you!

    • Steven T. ID:gnrroou4z

      Sounds similar to the way my ex-wife lost her virginity at 12. Her older brother just blurted out to her one day that she had to let the neighbor boy fuck her because the boy was letting him fuck HIS sister. She just said “Ok” (which I thought was amazing) but then asked him how she was supposed to go about it. Her brother suggested she hold her thighs closed together and the boy would think his dick was in her pussy. So she asked when and where this was supposed to happen and he said “Now. In dad’s shed.” She went out there and the neighbor boy arrived in a couple of minutes, as arranged. She said she took her shorts and panties off and lay on her back on the floor of the shed. She said the boy (about 16 then) took his shorts and underwear off and his dick was already hard. He lay on top of her, pointed his dick toward her crotch with his hand, despite her thighs being together, and then started humping. The first few strokes, sure enough, it was just sliding between her thighs but then suddenly it slipped right in. I asked her if she jumped up and yelled or anything but she said no, it felt good so she just let him continue fucking her. She said she wasn’t positive whether she had an orgasm but was pretty sure she did, more than once. She said it wasn’t exactly like the orgasms she had when she masturbated but was pretty sure she did. She said he must have been nervous or something because he couldn’t seem to cum. She said he fucked her for about 10 minutes or more, getting more and more aggressive before he finally did. (She didn’t get pregnant.) I asked her if she felt like she had been taken advantage of by her brother and the boy and she said no, actually she wanted to do it again but never did, at least with that same boy. 100% true story, at least as told to me by the girl that did it.

  • Reply Paul ID:1eslsmp4t7ii

    I did have sex with my 11 year old sister. I was 12 at the time. We called it ‘The Willie Thing’ We started off just rubbing our genitals together and it made us feel good. Then after a little time I managed to slip inside her and we fucked often. I usually pulled out. But one day she wrapped her legs round my legs so I couldn’t pull out and came inside her. She said it felt nice and warm. Do we started to do that instead. Unfortunately like most things she got pregnant at 14 but lost it. I’m a miss carriage. Which was a probably because her body wasn’t ready yet. But it didn’t stop us making love and having sex. Even into our teens. We never had boyfriends or girlfriends, we had each other.
    I had to move away to go to college. But my sister made sure she went to the same college a year later. Our parents paid for a little apartment for us to share, which was great. Because it was sex on tap then. And we sort of lived as boyfriend/Girlfriend. And it worked out well in the end.

    • Bronco ID:1cy3oufuj2kk

      In what way things worked out in the end?

  • Reply Randy Stephens ID:1e4jnfnwucic

    I would so enjoy reading more of this sexy story. I so enjoy brother/younger sister incest

  • Reply [email protected] ID:1coe3h3l7u05

    I would so enjoy reading more of this sexy story. I so enjoy brother/younger sister incest

  • Reply A. ID:5lt6jbl3vem

    Lacks some descriptive details , a bit short, but otherwise a good start

  • Reply matt ID:16ly6qws1415

    looking forward to what came next. how old is annie?