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Taken In A Van, Raped, Sodomized And Released

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I was on my way home from school. It was getting dark. I was a cheerleader and our practice was over but I had stayed to go over with two of the girls the choreography details of our routine. I had to walk home by myself as those two went the opposite direction. I was 12 and it was my first year of being a cheerleader. I was excited and anxious about performing for the first time.

From my school to my house there is one stretch of road that is desolate. It’s only about a half a mile and then it goes into my neighborhood. I was walking swinging my Pom Poms and thinking of the routine we had just learned. The road isn’t a very busy road. I had my headphones listening to the song we were gonna use and I wasn’t paying attention but when I looked around I notice a van along side me.

Just as I looked over a man grabbed me from behind. He wrapped his arms around mine and picked me up. I only weighed 90 lbs. and he threw me in the side door of a van. I was taken a back and started screaming. The driver sped off and the guy that grabbed me put tape on my wrists, ankles and over my mouth and eyes.
I could hear them laughing and talking but didn’t know exactly what they said. I was laying in the back of the van. I saw no seats when he threw me in, just two in front.

We’re driving and I’m sobbing and scared.They drive for about 20 or 30 minutes and then the van is on a bumpy road or grassy area. It stopped and they come back to where I was and I stopped crying so I can hear what’s going on. One of them turns me over on my back and cuts my skirt and panties off, I think with a knife. Then he said, “Wow man, look at that little pussy.” Then the other guy pulls my taped arms above my head and the guy with the knife splits my top and bra open right down the center. He spreads it open and squeezed my tits then said, “Oh, I’m gonna be sucking on them babies.” Tears are flowing out of my eyes.

I hear the guy at my feet undoing his pants and now the guy above me is unzipping his pants. I wasn’t a virgin but I sure didn’t want to be raped. The guy below reaches up and sticks his hand between my legs then crams his fingers in me. He said, “Oh that’s warm in there.” He cuts the tape on my ankles and spreads my legs apart. I’m trying to kick him but he’s too strong. He lays over me and sticks his dick in all the way. He started fucking me hard and said, “It’s a tight pussy, but she ain’t no virgin.” He’s sucking on my titties and squeezing them hard.

The guy above turned my head to the side and tried to put his dick in my mouth. I refused and he said, “If you don’t suck my dick I’m gonna hurt you, now open your mouth.” He scooted over to the side and put his dick in my mouth and started pushing it in and out. Then he said, “Suck on it, give me some suction.”
The other guys fucking away on my pussy. He said, “Man, this is tight and it’s gonna make me cum.” He starts fucking me really hard and I think he’s gonna make me cum and I don’t want to do that.

The guy above is holding my jaws in such a way to make it better for him to fuck my mouth. Then I realize I’m cumming. Why did I have to cum on this rapist. He said, “Oh fuck, she’s cumming on my dick.” “She likes it hard.” “So, when you fuck her, fuck her hard, Jim.” I think, he called him Jim. The guy fucking me said, “Fuck, I’m cumming.” and he did.

I feel Jim’s dick getting real hard and swelling. I know he’s gonna cum. He starts breathing real hard and said, “Here it comes baby.” He shoots a load of cum in my mouth and I’m pushing it out . I didn’t swallow any more than I had to. It was disgusting to me.

They both let me lay there. They set back, lit a cigarette and a joint and smoked. They were talking about how much better they felt. The one guy said, “Man, I was needing a fuck bad.” ” I think I was backed up, my nuts sure feel better.” Jim said, “Dumping a load always makes your nuts feel better.” Then the one guy ripped the tape off my mouth. He said, “Hey, you wanna toke of this joint sweetie?” I said, ” No thank you.” I was wanting to cry but I didn’t want them to cover my mouth again.

I said, “Thanks for taking the tape off, it was hard to breath.” He said, “Sure, and rubbed my pussy. I had no clue what they were gonna do next. I figured they would for sure fuck me, but after that I was praying they didn’t kill me.

They sat there for a good while and Jim said, ” I’m about ready to fuck that pussy.” The other guy said, “It’s good pussy.” The other guy said,”I think I’ll I fuck her ass.” I wanted to scream, “No.” But, I was afraid to say anything. I just let tears flow. The tape on my eyes was getting loose because of my crying. The one guy said “Don’t cry baby, you’ll love it.” I cringed inside.

I finally got the courage up to ask, “Are you gonna hurt me, or kill me?” The other guy said, ” We’re not killers sweetie, we just wanted someone to fuck and have fun with.” “As a matter of fact, we’re leaving the country for a job when we get finished with you.” “I don’t think you should even report this to the police because we will be gone.” Jim said, “Yeah, it’ll be a waste of the police’s time.”
I didn’t know if I could believe them or not. I hear Jim getting up and rolling me over on my back. He spread my legs and I felt his dick touching my pussy.

The other guy said, “Remember, fuck her hard, don’t forget to hit that clit and she’ll cum on your dick.”
He sticks his fingers in my pussy and then rubs some of the cum on my asshole. I’m thinking, “Oh, shit, they’re gonna fuck me in the ass.” Jim sticks his dick in me and said, “Oh man, you’re right, this is some tight pussy.” “It feels great on my dick.” The other guy is still sitting then reaches over and starts sucking on my tit. I can tell he’s on his knees and jacking off his dick. I hope he don’t stick it in my mouth.

He said, “Hey, you’re gonna have to roll her over, I’m ready to fuck that ass.” I said, “Please guys, ” Don’t fuck my ass, I’ve never done that.” The other guy said, “Oh, I’m gonna fuck your ass, I think you’ll like it.”
Jim rolls over on his back and pulls me with him, his dick is still in me. He raises my arms up and uses his knees to spread my legs further apart. The other guy gets between my legs pulls my cheek open and starts pushing his dick in. He’s rubbing the opening to get it wet then he pushes again. Oh my gosh, it hurts. It hurts so much. He spits in my ass and starts again, in and out. It’s going in and hurting. He says, “Come on honey, relax those muscles.” He keeps pushing and finally it pops in. He said, “There we go.” And he stops for a second.

I take a breath and Jim’s starts fucking me again. The other guy pushes his dick in hard. It took my breath away. He’s fucking me and all I’m feeling is pain. He said, “Oh wow, this virgin ass is killing my dick, Jim.” I can’t believe he thought I would like this. I’d like to know if he would love somebody fucking his ass. I finally said through the pain, “Did you ever have your ass fucked?” He said, “No.” I said, “Well, let Jim fuck your ass and tell me how you love it.” Jim started laughing his ass off. Jim said, “She’s got you there, buddy” He kept laughing and the other guy kept fucking my ass. It was becoming kinda numb now.

Jim’s dick was bigger than the other guy. I was glad he was on my pussy. The guy said, “Oh fuck, I’m gonna cum.” He grunts as he pushes in as far as he can and slides his dick in and out in the cum. Then he pulls out. Jim rolls me back over on my back and starts fucking me hard. I’m thinking, “Oh shit, he’s banging on my clit, I’m gonna cum, oh my gosh it feels so good. Then I gush out a big spray of cum, unlike I ever did before. Jim said, ” Did that feel good baby?” I wanted to say, he’ll yes, but I just nodded my head. Jim keeps fucking me and his dick is swelling up and made me cum again when he cum in me.

That embarrassed me that I cum from a rape fuck. I felt slutty. Jim said, ” That was fucking great.” He’s still got his dick in me. He said, ” I think I’ll stay in here till I get hard again.” The other guy laughed. Mike going in and out and his dick ain’t shrinking. Is he getting hard again, I think to myself. It quite firm. He sits back on his legs and pulls me down on his dick and fucks me in and out , in and out. I swear, it’s getting hard again. He’s rubbing my stomach and starts rubbing my clit. I can tell my clit is getting hard and him playing with it is gonna make me cum again.

Jim said, “You gotta see this.” talking to the other guy. He crawls over and I’m assuming he’s watching Jim play with my clit and fuck my pussy. Jim is rubbing my clit with his thumb. My clitoris is hard as a rock and feels big. The other guy is sucking on my tit and says, “Come on baby, cum you know you want to cum all over Jim’s dick.” and that was it, I sprayed all over Jim. Not just his dick, but the other guy said, “She shot that to your chest, Jim.” “I ain’t never seen a girl cum like that.” I’m shaking cause he’s still rubbing my clit. I spray again. I said, “Please stop, please” Jim’s dick is getting harder and bigger and he fucks me deep and son of a bitch he pounds my clit and I cum again. I’m pushing with my hands trying to get them off my pussy. My legs are trembling. I feel weak. Jim rams into me and cums.

Thank God, maybe they’ll stop. The other guy was still amazed how I cum so many times and that I sprayed so far. “I didn’t know I could do that either,” I said. Jim said, “Well, evidently you had a kid who didn’t know how to fuck you.” I thought to myself, I guess he was right.

I heard the other guy say, “Man, we gotta go, it’s almost time for that….. he didn’t say what that was. Jim said, ” What about her?” The other guy said, we’ll drop her off on the way to the air…and he stopped. I think he meant airport. Jim said, Well you cut her cloths off her what’s she gonna wear?” He said, ” “There’s a pair of coveralls back there, have her put them on.”

Jim dresses me in the too big coveralls and rolled up the legs. He undid my hands and left them, which I was glad. He said, “Don’t take the tape off your eyes.” He put my socks and shoes on me while the other guy was driving. He ask me where I lived and I told him. They dropped me off at the edge of my neighborhood. My house was 3 houses around the corner. Jim said, “Stand here and don’t take the tape off your eyes until you hear us get around the corner. I nodded my head. I said, ” Can I have my PomPoms?” He handed them to me.

He got me out of the van, pointed me away from the van and said, ” Take care sweetheart.”
So, I waited, and when they turned the corner I ripped the tape off and saw they threw my cloths o the ground in front of me. I grabbed them up and started running to the house. I looked down the street and there was police cars at my house. I didn’t know what time it was.

My minds racing. I didn’t want Jim caught for some reason. He treated me so much nicer and I kept thinking about how he made me cum. But that other guy, yes he was mean. What was I gonna tell the police?

So, I walk up to the house and there was a cop standing there and ask my name. I told and my mom came running out to hug me. I told them where they got me and what they did to me but I didn’t mention them possibly going to the airport and I told them I never saw anything about them. I didn’t mention Jim’s name. I just said I think the van was white.

Maybe that’s wrong but I wasn’t hurt and I was grateful for that, very grateful..

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    But I loved the way they fucked you good. That assrape was good. Jim should have fucked you in the ass too. You need a big fat cock deep in your rectum, stretching those ass rings, going deep into your colon. I wish I could get into your tight ass. Be sure you would never forget it. I would hurt you so fucking good…

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