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Stefi on Holiday – Part two

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Stefi and I meet a ten year old who turns out to be a real sexpot.

Read the first part before this one.

Stefi and I talked and agreed to meet the following day. Stefi’s aunt and cousin lived near a shopping centre and we’ll meet there. She’ll bring her cousin Jennie, who’s a year older than her at thirteen. Stefi’s found out that Jennie’s not got much sex experience but she’s keen to learn and Stefi’s having fun with her, when they gobble each other’s pussies and finger fuck each other until they both cum. The next day, we meet as arranged, but Jennie’s not there, her mother’s not happy with her progress at school and she has to have private lessons this afternoon.
We were walking around doing nothing much, and across the road we saw a girl and boy together, coming out of a shop, then waiting to cross the road towards us. They looked about ten, young and innocent, in school uniform clothes. The boy looked just a kid, but the girl had something special about her. Lovely shoulder-length light coloured hair, school shirt with a couple of buttons unfastened and the front sexily pushed out by her two little pokies. School skirt, quite short and nice legs below.
Stefi said, “Do you see that girl?”
“Yes, she’s a sexy little thing”. They crossed the road and were walking towards us. Stefi said, “I’m going to see if she wants to come with us, I think she’s hot”.
Stefi stopped them as they walked by, I kept on for a few yards, then I waited.
After chatting for a couple of minutes they came up to me. Stefi introduced me to Helen and John. “Helen thinks you look nice and she wants to have fun with you and with me too. She knows a good place for us to go, quiet and no-one goes there.”
Helen led us out of the shopping area and we went round and behind it. There was an old toilet block, it looked almost derelict but the disabled toilet was open. Quite a big room, so wheelchairs could go in. We all went in and Helen locked the door. No windows, but the room was light as there was a big skylight in the roof.
Helen looked at me and smiled, she looked so good. A kid that age has no right to look so sexy. She kept looking and unfastened another shirt button. I came close to her and unfastened the next one, her shirt was almost open and her little training bra was on show. She took her shirt off and I quickly found my hands behind her back, fumbling to unfasten the bra. I lifted it off and she was naked above the waist. Lovely pokies, tiny breasts, kissable little tits with hard nipples like currants. I sucked and kissed them. Stefi was watching closely, John too. His hands were rubbing his crotch. Helen wasn’t shy, she put her hands behind her, unfastened a skirt button and indicated to me that she wanted me to unzip her skirt. I did, and it fell to the ground. She stepped out of it and stood there naked except for her tight, blue panties. There was a damp place on her panties in exactly the place where you’d expect a hot little pussy to leak its juice. My hand went inside and she was really wet, my finger slid inside the soaking tight slit and gently caressed the firmness of her little clit.
I pulled the panties down and right off, and lifted Helen on to the edge of the washbasin. A nice height to admire the wet hairless pussy revealed as Helen spread her legs for me to open her pussy lips and finger then tongue her inner cunt-hole and her hard tiny protruding clitoris.
I saw that Stefi had her phone out and was videoing the action. Then she put the phone down and came to unfasten my trousers, pulling them and my underpants down, and grabbing my dick, which was quickly as stiff as a pole. John looking at it said “Wow” still rubbing his dick through his pants.
I went to Helen’s waiting pussy and rubbed my dick against it, my pre-cum and her wetness helped it slide easily into the tight hole. I saw John was getting his phone out too, so I asked Stefi to keep him busy, too risky to let him have a video of me fucking his sister. She unfastened his pants and was soon wanking his little hard pencil dick. My dick was well in his sister’s pussy, feeling good, just an inch at first, but with slow soft thrusts it was soon fully inside her. The tightest little cunt I’d ever experienced, I slid it in and out, blissfully feeling the thrill mounting as her tight liquid velvet flesh surrounded and gripped the hard rod. She was gasping and moving her little body in rhythm. “Don’t stop, I’m cumming” she said, as I started to squirt my spunk into her. Absolute heaven with every gentle, slow stroke of my cock into the honey haven as her tight wriggling cunt milked my cock.
I’d finished but wanted to stay inside Helen’s heavenly wet hole, but eventually had to withdraw and as soon as my cock was out of her, Stefi’s mouth was cleaning it. Helen’s spunk-dripping pussy-hole was next to receive Stefi’s probing tongue and her kisses sucking my spunk out of it. I kissed Helen’s mouth, she kissed me and I can’t believe it was a ten-year-old I’d sexed and kissed, she was a real little sexpot. Clearly this was not little Helen’s first sexual experience.
Little John was quietly wanking his pencil dick. I’d not wanked a boy since I was fourteen but I enjoyed finishing him off. I started with some good sucks and then wanked his wet little dick really hard. It was the smallest dick I’d ever played with.
Stefi and I arranged to meet Helen again and went off to meet Jennie whose lessons finished at four o’clock. But when we got there, she was nowhere to be seen. Eventually, she arrived.
I’d only seen Jennie once and, as that was when Stefi had lifted her skirt up, I hadn’t taken much notice of Jennie. Who would with long slim legs and panties on show? But now I realised that Jennie was quite a beauty. Very good looking face, long straight black hair and good sized boobs on a slim shapely body. Looked a little older than her age, thirteen. She was carrying a small case with her schoolwork inside. She looked at me and smiled. “Hello”. Stefi introduced us.
“You’re late, what’s happened?” Stefi asked.
“Lessons were two o’clock until four. It was with Mr Griffiths, my form teacher, at his house” said Jennie.
“I like him, he’s cute” said Stefi. “So do I” said Jennie. “I’m always wet by the end of his lessons. Anyway, at three o’clock he said we’d had a good lesson today and I was doing well. He had a good idea for a way for him to promise me good marks for my lessons in future. He thought I always look good but I was looking specially nice today and very sexy, he was getting hot for me. We were standing and facing each other. He’d like to kiss me, would that be OK? So I kissed him first and he kissed back, he put his arms round me and held my bum cheeks and I could feel his dick pressing against me through his trousers. We were still kissing and he started to pull my shirt out of my skirt top and to get his hands inside, lifting under my bra cups and then behind my back and unfastening my bra. So it was loose and he held my tits inside my shirt and pinched my nipples and said they were lovely and he had to see them. So I let him take my shirt off and my bra and he couldn’t stop kissing my tits and said I was beautiful. And then he put his hand down inside my skirt and inside my pants and his finger was inside my slit and he said how wet I was. I said I’d always fancied him and he was making me wet because I could feel his hard dick pressing against me and I wanted to feel it with my hand. Next he took me to his bedroom and took the rest of my clothes off, my skirt then my panties and he put me on the bed and opened my legs and went down on my pussy and sucked me and fingered me and tongued my clit. I was in heaven. I was squealing with all the sex and I came and I’ve never been so wet. He kissed me again and I could taste my pussy-juice in his mouth and I couldn’t wait for him any more so I put my hands to his belt and unfastened it and he just stood there while I pulled his trousers down and then his underpants and saw his lovely dick sticking out hard and stiff and I held it and rubbed it and I’d never wanked a man before. It was wonderful to see the bell-end of his dick when I pulled the foreskin up and down and his dick was so wet and my hand was wet from his pre-cum when I wanked him. He took his clothes off and took a condom out of a drawer by the bed and gave it to me and asked me to put it on him and I didn’t know what to do so he showed me and I rolled it down over his stiff dick. Then I was on my back on the bed with my legs as wide apart as they can be and he came on top of me and I held his dick and guided it to my pussy and he pushed it and it just slid right into my cunt and I could feel him all the way inside me and I thought I’m not a virgin any more and I love it, we’re really fucking and my cunt feels wonderful. My legs were up over his shoulders and the whole length of his dick was going in and out of me really hard and I was cumming again. Then he asked me to get up and get on my hands and knees on the bed like a dog and he put his dick in my pussy from behind and he was holding my tits too, they were hanging down. He said this is a good position I can hold your lovely breasts as we fuck and he was hammering his stiff dick into my cunt as hard as he could again and I was cumming again and I was squealing and making so much noise I wondered if the neighbours would hear and he slowed his thrusts and said he was cumming too. We just lay together on the bed and he said I was so tight and I was wonderful and I felt absolutely fucked out and shagged and said I love your dick and I want it again and again, we need extra lessons every day. It was well after four so I had to put my clothes on but first he took me to his bathroom and after he’d sucked it again he washed my pussy. He watched me getting dressed again and we kissed for a long time and I had to go, so here I am and I’m well fucked and I’m not a virgin any more and oh my god I can’t wait for more sex I think I’ll get addicted to it.”
Stefi said “Looks like we’ll have a threesome tomorrow when your mother goes out”.

👄This will be the best oral sex you have ever experienced.👅

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    Nice story, too bad these kind of girls exist only in fantasies.

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      Try not to do gigantic paragraphs