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Some women like to teach young boys part 2

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It rained twice during the week so my grass definitely needed cut. I walked over to where Tom lived and rang the doorbell and met his mother. I told her that Tom was a wonderful young man and I had a lot of tasks for him and was it okay if Tom came over Saturday to cut my grass. She said thank you for the compliment and we will be out of town Saturday but certainly on Sunday Tom can come over and cut your grass. I told her I have a mower so no need for Tom to push his over and mine was a power mower so it was self-propelled and that would make it easier she said no worries I’ll have him over around 10:00 a.m. . I thanked her and we exchanged phone numbers and I went back to my house.

Tom came over around 10:00 with his mother with him and Tom looked very fearful. Here he is standing next to his mother and the woman that he was naked with just last week. Thankfully the mother didn’t pick up on Tom’s fear and I said okay young man get to work in the yard and I’ll make sure that you have a sandwich and sweet tea as soon as you’re done and yes I’m going to pay you 25 bucks.

The mom left and Tom ask me if I said something to his mom about us being naked and that’s what he was afraid of that his mom would find out. I said of course not young man I didn’t say anything to your mother and I’m your girlfriend remember and I will always have your back and we will keep our secret. He had a flush of relief and before he started the mower he leaned over to me and he said when I’m done with the lawn I’m going to come in and kiss my girlfriend and he had a big grin on his face and so did I.
Well like a dumb dumb he mowed the grass with just a pair of shorts on and no socks or shoes and no shirt My grass is very lush and green and thick so it’s safe to walk on barefoot but now his feet are green and he has flex of grass all over his body that had also been sweating.
He came in and I looked at him from head to toe and I took my finger and curled it like calling him over and said now come over and kiss your girlfriend and he came over and gave me passionate French kisses and immediately felt for my boob.
I told him before we are naked you are going to take a shower because look at you. I marched him into my bedroom and into the shower and he was less shy about being seen naked and we showered and I scrubbed his feet and showered him from head to toe and I did the same and then we got out and went over to the bed and had passionate kisses while we lay side by side. I told him don’t call me Linda just call me girlfriend. And he said okay and by the way girlfriend, I love seeing you naked.
I said why don’t you explore my pee pee again and I turn and laid on my back pulled my legs up and knees to the chest and told him to go explore and he went down and he was playing with my pee pee and I said why don’t you give it a sniff and he looked at me with a little bit of fear and he leaned forward and just kind of sniffed my pee pee. I asked him what it smelled like and he said well nothing. I said sniff closer and let your nose touch my pee pee from the top to the bottom and just kind of sniff around. He did and it felt glorious and he made contact with my pussy. Then I said look I want you to sniff harder push your nose into my pee pee and I want you to push my lips around with your nose and give good sniffs and then take your nose up to my clit and I want you to push it around while you’re sniffing. And he did that and I couldn’t believe the sensation and I said Tom you just keep sniffing and don’t stop and it didn’t take but two or three minutes of him sniffing and feeling his hot little young 11-year-old breath and his nose probing and pushing and I fell right into a deep orgasm.
Once that subsided I said well Tom have you ever kissed a girl’s pee pee? Of course the answer is no so I said do you want to kiss my pee pee it’ll feel really good for me he was kind of reluctant but he did give it little peck kisses and of course I had to walk him through how to use his mouth how to use his tongue how to suck and I said there’s four basic licking and sucking techniques number one is called the ice cream lick This is where you take your tongue and make it flat and wide and you lick from the bottom of my pee pee up and over the top and you push the clit out of the way in that one lick and then you go back and you do more licks just like you would in ice cream cone. The second is called the nail That’s where you take your tongue and stick it out of your mouth as far as you can and make it like a hard nail and you push that nail into my wet hole in and out and you push it in as far as you can That’s called the nail. Then the next technique is called buffet That’s where you take your mouth and open it up and try to put all of my pee pee into your mouth and you’re sucking and you’re licking just like you were at the buffet eating a bunch of food and you were super hungry. The last one is called machine gun and that’s where you take your tongue and you open my pee pee and you take your tongue and you flick it quickly back and forth across my clip like machine gun bullets. So let’s go over this again ice cream, nail, buffet, machine gun.
Now that he had some instruction I said okay ice cream lick and he started looking from the bottom to the top and I said press your tongue harder and keep doing more ice cream licks then I said buffet, he then engulfed all of my vagina into his mouth and now he’s doing better after a little bit of that I said nail, he then turned his head sideways and I open my legs harder to give him the most access and he was putting his tongue inside my vagina then I said machine gun. We went back and forth over all the four techniques and I gushed into a second orgasm.
After recovering I said okay Tom now I want you to get on top of me and I showed him how to get into a position where he would not penetrate but he would slide his hard nail up and down my pussy without penetration and he did that and he was sliding his little nail right along my vagina and he was as hard as a rock and could probably cut a diamond with that little nail. After a minute of that and letting him get used to being on top of me I told him to take his nail and now point it at me instead of sliding alongside me and I want you to rub from the bottom of my pee pee to the top with the head of your pee pee of course this was preparing him for penetration. He was sliding his pee pee over the entrance of my vagina all the way up to my clit and it felt wonderful. I then told him to stop and go down to the bottom of my pee pee and put his head there. He needed a little bit of guidance and then I said okay and mind you, my legs are over his shoulders and I showed him how to push my legs back which lifted my pelvis up and that’s the position he had me in. I then had him push a little bit and it didn’t take long but he was balls deep in my eager hungry wet vagina.
I didn’t say what we were doing yet I was still trying to keep him going with basic instructions I said okay pull your PP almost all the way out and then put it all the way back in. Now do that 10 times and count each time out loud and he went from 1 to 10 and I said how does that feel. He said Linda, I mean girlfriend, it feels so good. I said okay I want you to do that for 1 minute but don’t go too fast and don’t go too hard I just want you to feel the sensation. He was still a little stiff as if he didn’t want his body to touch mine because he wasn’t accustomed to it so after about a minute I said okay stop and I got my legs off of his shoulder and I said now lay on top of me keep your pee pee inside and I want your tummy to touch my tummy and I want your chest to touch my chest. He did as instructed and I said okay now I want you to take your right arm because remember he’s on top. Take your right arm and I lift it up my neck and I said I want you to put it behind my back and take your right arm and hook it onto my right shoulder like you’re holding me in place. He did as instructed and then I said now take your left hand and I want you to put it behind the back of my head and lift my head up like your hand is my pillow and he lifted my head up a little bit so now he’s on top full body on body contact, arm hooked around my shoulder and holding my head up and our faces are not face to face but rather side by side.
I said Tom, I love you so much you are my boyfriend and my body belongs to you and this is a very good position and I want you to have fun and pleasure yourself and hold me tight with your hug and my head up a little bit and I want you to pump me hard and deep as fast as you want and as hard as you want. Remember I belong to you.
Well I didn’t have to ask him twice and he just started ramming it in his knees were dug into the mattress for traction and holding my shoulder down and I heard him grunting and breathing hard and I just fell into a delirium and flowed from one orgasm to another and after a couple of minutes I heard the familiar grunts of his orgasm as he thrusted and bucked.
We laid in that position for a minute and since he’s only 11 with no pubic hair no semen comes out his orgasms are called dry orgasms doesn’t mean it doesn’t feel great and intense there’s just no ejaculation.
We lay side by side and stroked each other’s hair and gave each other tender kisses and he said, I really like having a girlfriend like you I want to come over all the time and do work for you and see you naked and kiss you.

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  • Reply [email protected] ID:5uns90qhrk

    Hot tale Daisy
    Please let me know when you write more!

  • Reply Bob ID:1emirtlib7cu

    So fucking good!!!! Thanks Daisy for telling us about this wonderful little boy and his hard dick. I didn’t see a 3rd part, but I hope you are planning to write it. I need to stroke my cock more as I read it, honey. Please let me know when it’s posted. Thank you.
    Love, sucks and fucks,

    [email protected]


  • Reply Cappy ID:1a4kzeo38i

    You are a good Teacher.
    He is very lucky to have you.
    I was having ejaculations by 11. Be careful, he could surprise you with an unexpected pregnancy.

  • Reply Anne Marie Fish ID:19euwfi5a32i

    Yes Hot story. I’ve fucked my sons freinds by asking them to mow my yard then paying them extra to come inside and fuck me after I play with them and show them hoe to lick my that. A big turn on to see how excited they get. And almost always cum early and big wads. I was the first for most. One still mows my yard.

    • Cappy ID:1a4kzeo38i

      I remember when I was that age, moms in our neighborhood did this. We loved mowing lawns.
      We all knew which moms loved ‘having their lawns mowed’. Same with sweeping the leaves out of pools, and ‘other things’. I always wondered if the moms talked between themselves, like us boys did. Probably, because doing a good lawn mowing for one mom, quickly got other moms asking us to mow their lawns. Some moms were really good teachers.

  • Reply Mommieslilicker ID:dke7qy9d3

    To the top of my list, so hot, great characters

  • Reply UnicornDave69 ID:1dgzyosqxqi7

    So Hot and love reading your stories

  • Reply Bob ID:1e24qtjra371

    Yes yes yes!!!!

    • TheGateKeeper ID:5fu3cxftvh

      You should suck on his lil shrimpy