Sister seduced me

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How my sister seduced me for her secusl pleasure

I was 18 years old boy average body .average height. My sister was 20 years old. Good looking.good breasts .good ass…we are from small town in u p .my fatherwas working and mother was house wife..I have good size cock ..one day my parents went out of station to some function.and my sister and I stayed st home .she. Prepared food we had dinner .
At night I was sleeping and I noticed my sister I’d sleeping next to me she was wearing only gown .she put her hand on my chest .and staretef rubbing my nipples I got some unusual feeling .she moved her hand down towards my cock .she felt over the under wear ..my cock started to grow.now she removed my underwear.. Now my cock was in her hand fully erect..she did not said a word
… Now she removed her gown and her breasts were infont of me .inviting me to act..she took my hand and put on her breasts .forest time I was putting hand on her breasts .I started pressing and squeezing.. One by one..she came over me and put her nipple in my mouth I took it and started sucking .them now she was moaning I sucked the both breasts her nipples were erect .now she put my cock on her hole and tried to push but it was not going . her cunt was wet…now she sat on my cock and pushed head went in she moaned and pushed further half of cock was inside .iwad fully aroused do I gave a push upward and my cock was in her and touching last wall..now she was fucking me in sitting position jumping on my cock . after some time I pulled her down and spread her legs and put my cock on he hole and pushed it went in one go .fully she cried a little .but grsbe me over her body and asked me to duck her nipples I obeud and sucked them along with fucking I ficked her three times that night.


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  • Reply Spider ID:bk960i54q

    SPELLING!!!!! Proofread!

  • Reply [email protected] ID:1ee34llivg22

    The guy said his grammar was bad first thing, and no one forced anyone to read it. What’s with people who want to constantly bitch when all they need to do is move on. This isn’t English class. Rather than putting others down you share a story with the group?

  • Reply Sam ID:1den0xoz3bom

    Oh my goodness, this was difficult to read, lots of miss spelling words. Horrible

  • Reply durrrr ID:5m9tb98m

    “secusl” ahahahahaha

    this is not the place to practice your ESL shit, bro

  • Reply A. ID:5lt6jbl3vem

    Poorly written, many mistakes in spelling, too short, lacks substance