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Sister force

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This took place a few years ago, when I was 14 and my sister was the tender age of 12, I’m Raphel, and the side I’m taking about is Chrissy.
1 school day,Dad was already gone to work he leaves around 5. We get up around 7 for school.but this day Mom missed up, we all over slept tell 8.
Mom called out Raphel, Chrissy get up already late for work and you 2 are already late for school, you guys need to get ready for school, and feel yourself..
Raphael, you will need to walk your sister to school. Me, what no way! Raphael, don’t give me any lip just do it. I’m looking good bye kids love you.
And just like that Mom was out the door.
Chrissy let’s go, get a move on. Chrissy come into the kitchen. Dam I just had to hit puberty, and sis looks dam good, she’s short,long blonde hair and blue eyes, and her little boobs was just starting to bud, already at least a B cup. She was wearing a my little pony tee shirt and flower shorts, white socks and cute little.black high heels. She looks dam good and hot
I was getting hard just looking at her. I wanted my sister bad.
I was thinking to myself, but how do I get her.
Chrissy said,if we eat well be even more late. Bingo, an idea just pop into my head, as I smile.
Mom and Dad are at work they won’t know, we don’t have to go to school. Looking down I noticed a knife on the counter, that Mom left out.
Chrissy said, we need to leave. I said, we are not going to go to school today. Chrissy said if we don’t go to school we will get into trouble with Mom and Dad.
The hardest part to this is I have never ever been mean to Chrissy and she knows it for me to force her I have to make sure she believes me. I have never yelled at her or hit her
I told Chrissy, to take of all her clothes. Chrissy said, WHAT NO! I walked over to her and slap her.
I said, NOW take of all your clothes!
Chrissy looks like she is in shock, crying and rubbing her face. Chrissy said, you you hit me and you yelled at me, but I Chrissy. I knew now in order to force her I need to get total control.over her. Looking down at the knife, I picked it up.
Looking at Chrissy I said,NOW take all your clothes off!. For the first time I think she took me seriously.
Chrissy said please Brother, don’t cut me.
She starts to take of all her clothes. She pulls up her shirt and off,I see her white training bra B cups, next she goes to take her cute black high heels off, I tell her to leave them on.next she takes down her flower shots down and off, there she is standing in her cute My Little Pony panties, and white training bra, she keeps on crying she unhooked her white training bra and take it off and throw it down, I see her B tits, cute, round, and her cute little pink nipples. As she keeps crying she gets a hold of her cute little my little pony panties down and off.
Through crying and her tears she tries to talk, please, please my Brother don’t rape me me! I put the knife down.
She looks really relived, but she siil look like she has fear in her face and that’s what I want.i tell her to get up on the kitchen table and to lay flat on her back. She does it.
Then, she gets up the courage to pop of to me, I’m going to tell Mom and Dad on you! Finally I got to my bowling point, my anger comes in to play. NO YOUR NOT! She said yes I’m.I slap her again, harder this time.She cry’s out. I tell her YOU ARE NOT TELLING NOBODY NOTHING, NOT EVEN MOM AND DAD do you understand me?, She nods yes, she to scared to talk.she is now really scared.
I take of my shorts and let my cock out. She sees the size of my dick and she said, it will never fit into my little hole? I tell her, I will force it in and make it fit, do you understand me? Again looking to afraid to talk she nods yes she understood, I tell her to open her legs wide open.
I walk over to the sink and get the dish washing soap, and walk back to her. Her legs are wide open, I put some dish washing soap on her pussy holy and work it in to her pussy.
I put some dish washing soap on my and line my dick up with her pussy hole.
I force my dick into her pussy, she screams, she is so darn tight and I have to force my full length into her. She’s crying out and screaming. Ass I’m forco her to have sex. I go in and out, as I force her to have sex. She screaming out in pain as I finally break through and tear her Hyman up she starts to bleed bad. I keep forcing her, after awhile her crying turn to moans and enjoy it.
She says, I can’t believe my brother is force me to have sex and in liking it. I said told you so. Pretty soon,she orgasm big. Then she says, take it out I don’t want to have my brothers baby.i say.to fucking late, and I cum deep in my sister pussy. Thankfully she didn’t get pregnant.
And to answer your question yes, we fucked slot more I even fucked her ass more than once that started at 14.
If you had your sister and would like to talk about it hit me up or if you want her Email me [email protected]

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