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Simon and Jenny

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Simon And Jenny move from threesomes to a group.

“You sure you want to go ahead with this?” Simon asked his wife. They were sitting in their car outside the hotel.
“I’m ok” she smiled nervously. “I’m just a little nervous but excited at the same time.
“Ok, Simon replied. “But anytime you feel uncomfortable or want to stop, just say so and I’ll stop it straight away” he said stroking her thigh.
Simon and Jenny had had a couple of threesomes over the past 12 months. They have been married for over 20 years now. They started to bring in another guy on occasions to spice up their sex life after both of them felt it was becoming a little predictable and stale. Of the the 3 experiences with other guys, 2 were acquaintances of Simon’s the other from an Internet hook up site.
Now, Simon had suggested they meet with a small group of guys, taking to the next level so to speak.
He’d given the details of the hotel, time, meeting point to 5 guys from the hook up site knowing that the chances are only 2 or 3 will turn up.
Simon and Jenny booked into their room and straight away Simon began setting up his cameras. While Jenny sat on the bed deciding which lingerie to wear later.
“OK, cameras are ready. Shall we go across the road and get a bite to eat and a couple of drinks to steady your nerves” Simon suggested. “We’ve got a couple of hours before they turn up”.
They walked over to the pub opposite.
The plan being, once they’ve eaten, Jenny will come back to the room, get a shower and slip into her lingerie while Simon meets the guys in the pub.
With an hour to go before the guys arrive Jenny gives Simon a kiss and tells him she’s heading back to get herself ready. She’ll text him when she’s ready.
Simon gets himself another drink and waits for the guys to turn up. He’s given them a detailed description of himself so they’ll easily pick him out of the crowd.
Within 30 minutes all 5 show up.
“Fuck”, he thinks to himself. “I only expected 2, possibly 3 at the most,…fuck!!)
Their ages ranged from 26 to 63 years old. A nice variety Simon thought.
They sit around the table together having a pint while waiting for Jenny to text Simon.
Simon explains that, if the opportunity arises, he’d like to fulfil a fantasy. They lean in as he goes into detail. All seem happy to help him ….should the opportunity arise!
Simon’s phone flashes up, followed by a ‘ping’.

“Ready when you are, how many turned up?”. Read Jenny’s text.
Great! All 5 are here, are you ok with that?” Replied Simon.
“Shit!! I guess I’ll have to be! Wasn’t expecting that many”. Said Jenny.
“OK, we’re on our way. See you in 5 minutes xxx” Simon replied.

The guys finished off their drinks and walked across the road to the hotel.
They walked up one flight of stairs and along the corridor to the room.
Simon gave a quiet knock on the door, just to let Jenny know they were there.
The guys all filed in, one after the other to see Jenny, laying on her back.
Her legs in black hold up stockings.
A basque that just about holds her 36 D cup tits in.
Small panties that disappear up the crack of her arse cheeks.
Her legs spread, a vibrator on her clit, her pink, puffy pussy lips glistening with her juices against her shaven cunt.Her eyes screwed shut, mouth open as she brings herself off.
Simon held his hand open and gestured towards his wife as if to say ‘here she is, help yourself.

One of the guys ripped his t-shirt off and laid between Jenny’s legs. His tongue replacing her vibrator. Jenny let out a slight gasp as his tongue ran up between her swollen lips.
She still hadn’t seen the guys yet, her eyes still closed as the stranger continued to eat her pussy.
The rest of the guys stripped off completely and gathered around Jenny. She could feel their hands exploring her body. She instinctively grabbed the nearest cock and greedily put it into her mouth.
Another hand wrapped around another one and started to tug on it.
Simon was grinning from ear to ear as he watched his wife enjoying a tongue and 2 cocks simultaneously. The other guys were licking and sucking on her big tits as they waited for their turn.
Simon adjusted his cameras, making sure that they were clearly focused on Jenny’s pussy and on her face. He zoomed in on both the guys tongue licking her clit and on her mouth sliding up and down on the strangers cock.
Simon noticed the difference between all 5 of their cocks. The young 26 year old probably had the longest, around 7 maybe 8 inches.
But on of the other guys who was sucking on Jenny’s tits had the thickest one he’d ever seen!!
He was slightly worried she might not be able to take it. We’ve all seen porn movies where the guy has a cock as thick as a coke can…it was like that!
Simon couldn’t wait until he got to her mouth or hand so he could see the look on her face.
The guys just instinctively worked in a clock wise direction on Jenny. After about 5 minutes or so they’d all change. It was usually from when the guy licking her pussy knelt up they’d all change position.
Finally Simon watched eagerly as the guy with the thick cock moved up to Jenny to take his turn on having his cock sucked.
She attempted to wrap her hand around it before attempting to put it in her mouth. “Oh my God” she laughed. She just about managed to take the head and maybe another 2 inches and her mouth was at stretching point.
The guys did 2 full circuits on Jenny as Simon watched as they licked her, sucked on her tits as she sucked on their cocks.
It was when the 26 year old with the big cock took his position between Jenny’s legs for the third time that he turned and asked Simon if he’d need a condom.
“No mate, no need for condoms, fill her up”
Said Simon, “but don’t forget about our chat in the pub earlier about my fantasy and the opportunity arising” he added with a wink.
Simon then watched as the guy sank his 8 inches into his wife.
Jenny, even with a mouthful of cock let out a deep groan as he began to fuck her.
Simon was so turned on watching his wife passionately kissing a guy young enough to be their son. Her tongue inside his mouth. Her hand behind his head, holding him there as their mouths locked together. His big cock pounding her pussy.
Then it was the turn of the guy with the thick cock.
He applied some lube and slowly fed it into Jenny’s cunt. She had to stop sucking on the cock that was in her mouth and bury her face into a pillow.
She was worried her screaming would bring complaints from other people using the hotel.
Jenny wasn’t exactly tight down there, she’d naturally given birth to 2 children, but this guy was still stretching her. Her eyes watering From the fucking she was getting.
As before, each guy took their turn on Jenny.
Using her cunt and mouth several times.
None of them had cum yet though and it must be at least a couple of hours since they first started.

Then Simon stepped in just as they were about to swap over again.
He lay next to Jenny and told her to get on top.
She straddled her husband and sank down onto his hard cock.
Simon sucked on his wife’s big tits as they hung in front of his face as she rode him.
Now to put his fantasy into practice.
Jenny knew nothing about this..
Simon gave the guys the thumbs up behind her back
The 26 year old lubed up his 8 inches and moved up the bottom of the bed between simon’s legs
Jenny could feel him getting nearer.
“Wait, what’s going on? They’re not fucking my arse Simon” she said sternly still sitting on her husbands cock.
“Relax honey, no one is going to fuck your arsehole, I promise”. He reassured her. Pulling her back down and kissing her again.
Both Jenny and Simon could feel pushing against Jenny’s cunt. A couple of nudges and Simon could feel another cock sliding up his own.
Jenny groaned deeply into her husbands mouth as they kissed. “Oh fuck” she whimpered..
The second cock stretching her hole again.
Simon kept his still as the young guy started to fuck Jenny from behind.
Simon feeling every thrust she was receiving.
Jenny was groaning into her husbands mouth.
After several minutes the younger guy started to thrust harder, he began to groan and then Simon felt a warm sensation running down his shaft.
He’d felt another guy cumming inside his wife.
No sooner had the stranger taken his cock out of Jenny’s cunt it was immediately replaced with another one. The young guy who’d just cum inside her walking around the bed so she could clean him up with her mouth while the next guy started to fuck her. Simon still had his cock inside her as the second guy was fucking his wife and now he watched as she cleaned up a spunk covered cock too.
Again, after several more minutes Simon felt the second guy cumming. Spunk leaking out of Jenny’s used pussy onto his shaven balls.
It was the same routine. Jenny sucked the spunk covered cock as the 3rd one entered her.
Finally, after 4 loads had been pumped into her, the last guy prepared himself. This was the guy Simon had been worried about. The guy with the really thick cock. Jenny could just about take it on its own. Will she be able to take it with his own inside her too?
They both felt the tip of his fat cock nudge against Jenny’s hole. Jenny let out a muffled scream into the pillow as the guy pushed the head in.
Already Simon’s cock was being squashed into the walls of his wife’s pussy.
Jenny’s face twisted and contorted as she took another inch.
“That’s it honey, take his fat cock. You can do this. Let him use your cunt” Simon encouraged her.
Jenny let out a cry “nnggggaaahhhh” as another inch pushed inside her.
Simons felt the strangers balls dragging along his own. He’s almost fully in now he thought.
Jenny had taken this fat cock twice already when they all took turns on her.
Then she’d had the other 4 while Simon’s cock was still inside her. Plus their 4 loads acting as lube for this monster pushing inside her now alongside her husbands.
Finally, he was balls deep inside her.
Jenny fully stretched by her husbands cock and the fattest one she’d ever seen.
She positioned her head on her husbands shoulder and neck and prepared herself for a painful fucking.
Whimpering into Simon’s ear as the fat cock began sliding in and out of her wet, spunked up hole.
Simon’s cock was almost crushed inside her.
With the amount of friction being caused by this fat cock sliding up and down his he wouldn’t last long.
Within a couple of minutes Simon gasped to Jenny “fuck…I’m cumming. Aghhh yeah, I’m cumming, I’m cumming, argghhhggg””
Simon shot 3 huge ropes of cum deep inside Jenny’s used, stretched cunt.
Moments later Simon felt the stranger cumming.
Another warm feeling running down his cock.
Jenny had taken 6 loads.
The guy removed his fat cock from her now gaping pussy.
She found it to get into her mouth now it was only semi hard.
Simon’s was still inside her.
She climbed off her husband and lay on her back, legs wide open.
Her cunt gaping.
One of the guys crawled between her legs and started to lick the cum running from her pussy.
Lapping her arsehole as it trickled between her ass cheeks. Then pushing his tongue deep inside her still gaping hole.
He licked, sucked, and swallowed as much of the 6 loads as he possibly could.
Simon knelt next to Jenny’s head so she could lick and clean her husbands cum covered cock.

After the guys left, Simon and Jenny got themselves showed and laid in the hotel bed talking.
“You did well tonight baby” Simon said proudly. “Especially as we were only expecting 2 guys”.
“Thanks honey” Jenny replied “that guys cock! I’m not sure I’ll be able to walk tomorrow” she added, laughing.
“So what do you reckon, go for 7 guys next time?” Simon said with a cheeky wink.
“Let me recover from this session first!” Jenny laughed.
“Hmmmmm, 7 guys” Simon thought to himself. “That means I’d need to ask 10 just incase…..

๐Ÿ‘„This will be the best oral sex you have ever experienced.๐Ÿ‘…

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