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sex crazy for my parents

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i’m now 32, but i was always curious about sex as a young girl, i knew about it since i was 6 since i accidentally walked into my parents having sex, my parents were always very sex positive and never felt shame in getting into the mood with each other, so many nights i’d hear them have sex when they thought i’d gone to sleep. a lot of the time the door would be open since it would get super hot in the house, even in the winter it was stuffy and fresh air was needed. the first time i ever accidentally walked in they panicked and acted like they were just have a tickle fight, but as it kept happening again and again they took longer to notice i was there, so i would watch for a few seconds to a few minutes before they noticed and shooed me away quietly.
at first, i was disgusted because i knew that i wasn’t supposed to see it, but eventually it made me get hot and restless, i wanted to see more. i don’t know why but it became a need and i tried so many different ways to watch and listen when they fucked. i loved getting really close to the bed where my dad would relentlessly fuck my mom where i could see his cock thrust into moms fat juicy pussy and drip cum and her juices everywhere, but of course they would see me fast and sometimes yell at me for coming in. one time i crawled under their bed quietly so i could listen to them fuck above me as i humped a cushion.

when i bathed with my dad i would sit on his lap and feel him get hard, his twitchy cock pressing on my puffy little pussy lips, he would always try to make me move away but i would argue and throw a fuss to make him let me keep “accidentally” grinding on his rock hard cock, this started since i was 10, i didn’t know what was happening but i knew that it felt good and i didn’t want to stop, but when i was about 12 he stopped bathing with me because his cock slipped into my pussy when i was resisting him pushing me away off of his once again hard meaty cock, i didn’t mean to lose my virginity to my dad but i didn’t mind honestly, it was almost comforting losing it to my dad who i loved and trusted, it shocked me and made me moan so loud but it didn’t hurt since i touched myself and tried putting cucumbers and brush handles in my pussy i was ready for some cock. i faked wincing and tried to bounce on it as much as i could before he grabbed me and pulled me off and asked me to never tell anyone about this happening.

but the real fun was when my mom would have baths with me, she would spread her legs onto the edges of the bathtub and keep her hips up to hold me hands-free as she washed herself, i would always position my pussy on hers and wriggle around, she would act like nothing was happening but i could tell it felt good for her too since she would go silent and close her eyes, sometimes even cumming on my pussy with her pussy spasms grinding into my pussy lips and then she’d say that she just had a chill run up her spine from the bathroom fan. she liked to touch me while i slept, sneaking into my bed and placing her hand between my thighs cupping my whole pussy and slowly rubbing, i would have to pretend to be asleep or else she’d go away, but i could hump her hand pretending i was just dreaming. or sometimes she would scoot down with her face where my pussy would be and bury her face in my fat puffy pussy, in the summer i would sleep naked so she would kiss my clit and sneak her tongue between my slit to taste my pussy all night which was my favourite. my dad never knew and i don’t think he had the same attraction to me, but i would always try to seduce him and my mom anyways, walking around naked after showers and telling them to watch me do handstand splits so they would have to see my pussy in the air waving around basically asking to be sucked and licked. it only worked one time with my mom when dad was working a late shift, i did a handstand and spread my pussy open and my mom couldn’t resist but to grab my legs forcing me to stay in that position as she slobbered on my throbbing hot pussy, i was so young that her entire tongue could swipe my entire pussy and explore every inch of it easily. she told me to close my eyes and not tell anyone and as a reward she would buy me a new dollhouse, but i would have done it for nothing haha. she got naked with me and had me lay down on my back on her bed, still lapping at my pussy like a hungry dog and almost crying with moans as she rubbed her clit on my body everywhere, my arms, my legs, my chest, back, face. my moms pussy was always bald like mine so i could always see her clit when i saw her naked, i wanted to suck on it so bad all the time so when she would furiously hump my face while licking my pussy i returned the favour and made her cum again and again

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  • Reply Mabel ID:y8hyzb0d

    Too bad that your dad was an ass and never had an open attitude to start you in sex. You all would have had the best threesomes and/or your mom would have recorded beautiful videos of you sucking your dad and he fucking you really good since child. He sure is a big fail in that way.

    • Ron, ID:1e5sh3aryv2n

      Absolutely that would have been fantastic, it’s sad at 6 she knew what she wanted and dad should have helped her just like mom did.

  • Reply Piti ID:1ds16yt9s2xv

    Schade das dein Papa so ein Idiot war wärst du meine SchwNzgeile Tochter gewesen ich hätte dir gezeigt wie viel Spaß du mit Paps SchwNz in deinen drei Ficklöcher haben kannst

  • Reply Bob. ID:uuy5onjq

    Your dad was an idiot. I’m thinking of the fun the three of you could have had and then the possibility of having you and your mom go out and “recruit”other young girls or maybe even girls and their moms to come back to the house for all to enjoy! If I had a daughter I’d want her to be just like you!!

  • Reply Older guy ID:1cnjv0kuhzb9

    Your mom sounds like a lot of fun!! Too bad your dad wasn’t as naughty with you. If you like to play with older guys add me on snap chat. Daddyisback11

  • Reply [email protected] ID:y1rp63v3zwf

    pity dad didnt join in more but mum obviously loved it

  • Reply Pervo ID:1ds84aqs27n4

    Great story. Your mum is a proper horny cunt!