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Planting the seeds

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This is the story of how I met Britney, the granddaughter of the next door neighbor.

A few months ago I was out in the garden prepping the ground and planing seeds. I had been out there for a few hours and I kept noticing the curtains on the end bedroom of the neighbors house moving every time I looked up. This went on for hours when suddenly there was a voice above me saying, “Hiya there!”. I looked up and there stood the cutest 11 year old 4′ 8” blue eyed blond angel grinning at me shyly kicking her feet from side to side with her finger in the corner of her mouth. “Well who might you be cutie?” I asked her. “Oh sorry!, giggling, I am Brittney and those are my grandparents that live next door” She says to me. “So I take it that was you staring out the window at me for the last few hours?” grinning while I asked her. She blushed and giggled the cutest thing ever “Yeah!, I was checking you out wondering what you are doing out here?” she said to me. “I am prepping the garden and planting seeds, care to join me?” I asked her. “SURE!” she piped up enthusiastically dropping to her knees. “ I have never planted any seeds before and would love to try. I don’t mind being on my knees!” she said while looking dead at me grinning from ear to ear. I looked at her saying, “Oh, by the way!, I am Paul and it is very nice to meet such a pretty little thing such as yourself” I said to her. She blushed, giggled then stuck out her hand grabbing mine shaking it. “Nice to finally meet you Paul!” she tells me while lingering the hand shake for a long time then dragging her fingers on my hand as she pulled away. I swear I felt a slight shock between our fingers as they parted both of us just gazing at each other in disbelief.

So on I went explaining a lot of things about Regenerative Farming and Horticulture in general specifically emphasizing soil microbial content is a major factor. I then explained the need for proper seed depth and the pitfalls of planing to shallow with the seeds dying. I told her I like to plant them a little deeper because the seed stalks tend to be thicker and not dry out to quickly. She gets this huge grin on her face blushing looking me straight in the eyes then asked me, “ So you like to plant your seeds rather deeply huh?”. My mouth literally drops at that and I can’t help but immediately get insanely dirty thoughts knowing where she is going with this. “Yeah!, I like planting my seeds deep and plenty of wetness, I mean water, to make sure they are healthy” I stammered blushing myself. She then let out another jaw dropping comment. “If I was a part of planting seeds I think I would want them as deep as I could get them as long as the seeds are happy” she says while licking her cute pink lips. After that comment I feel my cock twinge and grow slightly. She then asked me “ So what if the hole to to small or shallow, do you use your fingers to make the hole bigger or do you use your tool for that?” My mouth drops feeling this girls sex just spilling out onto me then I said to her back “I use both my fingers and my tool all depending on how hard and tight the hole is. The whole key is to make the seeds a happy home” I said to her with my cock almost at full hardness getting uncomfortable bound in my shorts.

Some females just ooze feminine hormones letting the male know she wants and needs sex with Britney definitely being one of them. We play around and flirting constantly throughout the next few hours with her letting me know she want to further her seed planing skills outside of the garden but is a virgin and not even sucking a cock before. I told her how old I am but I guess it really didn’t matter to her as we definitely enjoyed each others company and wanted much more. Her curiosity really perked up when I mentioned all the girls I have been with and even almost got married to a few. By then my cock was so hard bulging from my pants like a pup tent with her squirming not able to sit still. I suggested we go in side for a drink with her gladly and quite eagerly accepting, grabbing my hand wanting me to lead the way. She looks to me as she bends down wiping the dirt off her knees before she goes in the house “I am sure this won’t be the last time I have dirty knees” letting out the most devious giggle while staring me straight in the eyes. “OH Shit!, I like the sound of that Brittney!’ I returned to her. I grabbed her hand once again going inside her gladly following my lead.

I got us both a huge glass of sweet tea from the fridge asking her if she wanted ice. She looks to me and says “ No that’s okay!. I like things a little warm going down my throat!’ grinning then winks at me. I was so shook up I dropped her glass of tea splattering the wall with it. She instantly laughs out loud jumping up to help me clean up. She then asked me if she has me all shook up. I look to her and say “ Yeah a little, it is not to often a young beautiful girl such as yourself is so eager to have sex being a virgin and all” I said to her. She looks up to me from the floor and says “I think your a very nice man and you certainly have a nice body. I think it would be nice fooling around with each other with you teaching me all kinds of naughty things since I am right next door!” I look down to her then say” I am sure glad I didn’t have that other glass of tea in my hand” I said with us both laughing together. After the mess we sat on the couch with her legs draped over mine. She had on the cutest tight shorts with no panties on seeing her fat pussy lips being spread by her shorts. I was fucking drooling by this point with her squirming on me. I raised my hand rubbing her pussy outside of her shorts with her letting out continuous soft moans. Within minutes I could physically see a wet spot where her hole was with her grabbing my cock stroking it through my loose shorts.

Reaching my hand under her shorts I begin fingering her dripping wet pussy feeling her virgin lustful fire burn out of control. Her clit was hard as a rock sticking out from her body begging for attention she longed to have. She grabs my cock under my shorts gasping at my hardness and warmth. We continued to rubbing and stroking each other within minutes we are both orgasm on each other hand. Her first one was amazing as her flood gates explode open all over my hand. She was literally screaming while pumping, twisting and grinding her pussy on my hand. Her orgasm was so intense she must have convulsed for over a sold minute begging for me not to stop the assault on her pussy. whimpering in the end we both just collapse laying there huffing and puffing completely breathless from the intensity. A few minute later she leans up planting a glorious wet kiss right on my lips using her tongue to prob mine. For a minute I completely forgot this was an 11 year old girl not a grown woman. Her sexuality was in full bloom wanting per petals to be ripped apart eagerly just begging for my seed to be planted in her fertile womb.

The sound of someone knocking on the door swiftly brought us back to reality as we frantically scramble to clean our selves up. Doing the best we can to hide out sexual escapade I reach for the door and open it. It was Margret the grandmother of Brittney asking if Brittney was there. I said sure she is we were taking a break from the garden needing to have a cold drink. I don’t know if she smelled the odor of sex but I know I sure did as my hand smelled of Brittney’s wonderful bald wet pussy. “I just wanted to tell Brittney supper was ready and I am glad you and her are getting along so well. I was afraid she would have no one to talk to. I am so glad you are teaching her gardening!” she says to me and Brittney. With a complete sigh of relief Brittney tell her grandmother she will be over in a few minute. With the door shut Brittney immediately busts out “ God that was so close! I thought I was busted for sure!”. “Yeah!” I said, “A little to close for comfort” I added. Brittney walks up to me gets on her tip toes and plants one passionate kiss swirling her tongue as she did. She pulls away and tells me she will be back over to finish what we started. She kissed me again, pats my cock then tells me “I can’t wait to feel that nice cock deep in my pussy planting your seed as deep as you can” then giggles as she hits the door. I just stand there in complete awe and amazement at Brittney’s sheer raw sexuality just oozing from her 11 year old body screaming to be bred having her womb filled with my seed. I kept smelling my finger admiring her scent keeping my cock hard for over an hour seeping precum I was so excited.

Later that night I get a knock on the door with me very eagerly running for the door in anticipation. When I opened the door there stood Margret and Brittney with a distraught look on there faces. I immediately thought Brittney spilled the beans and I am dead. Margret spoke first asking me if I could watch Brittney while she takes her husband to the VA ER. Apparently he was having a heart problem and it literally showed on both their faces. I gladly said “Yes!” hugging Brittney with her slightly sobbing in my chest. Margaret thanked me many times and off she went taking her husband to the hospital. I was so horny from the earlier escapades with Brittney but knew she was distraught. We held each other most of the night talking then her falling a sleep on me holding me so tight in her arms. She even told me she feels so safe in my arms. I slid out from her laying her down then retrieving a pillow and blanket for her then retiring to my bedroom. Just before I laid it down I got a phone call from Margaret saying they are keeping him over night with her staying there. I told her Brittney is more than welcome to spend the night or any other night she wanted to. With a grin on my face I slide under the covers falling a sleep.

Sometime past midnight I was awoken to my door opening then someone sliding under the covers next to me. Without opening my eyes I would tell from her lovely sexual aroma it was Brittney. She reached behind her to feel me then gasp out loud. I always sleep naked and I guess she didn’t expect that or my raging hard cock greeting her so soon. She climbed out of the bed then moments later right back in sliding clear up next to my hard cock. I could tell by the heat eliminating from her she had taken her clothes off enjoying the freedom and my hard warm cock next to her ass. She began to work her ass on my warm cock moaning as she did. It was all I could do to keep from cumming I was so turned on for her sliding up and down on my hard cock depositing her flowing juices on my shaft. The next thing I know is she grabs my cock, lines it up to her hole then plunges back hard onto me impaling herself. Her hymen bust with her letting out a whimper taking in the head of my throbbing cock in her dripping wet hole then lays still adjusting to her first cock penetration.

Within a few minutes she is lunging back on my cock meeting my forward thrusts wanting my cock as deep as it will go in preparation of our seeding. She is a very fast learner finding her rhythm and mine soon taking most all of my hard cock feeling my swollen head bounce off her cervix. She is panting, screaming and moaning telling me to shove my cock in as far as it would go. “Daddy” she moans out. “ Fuck me hard and deep daddy, I want all of that hard cock as deep as I can get it. Seed me daddy, seed me good!” as she scream out in orgasm spraying my hard cock with her love juices. Her first cock orgasm was almost frightful as I have never seen a young girl convulse like that in such a long time. She slammed my cock for minutes then collapsed down on the bed huffing and puffing in exhaustion shaking like a leaf in a wind storm. With my cock still embedded in her I let her rest for a bit then started to slide my hard cock in and out of her again.

She slammed on my hard cock for hours having at least four more orgasms and me three seeding her fertile womb with all the seed I could muster. When my cock finally deflated hours later cum just gushed out of her like a river flow her being completely filled. Even though she was exhausted she reaches down to her swollen red pussy scoping my seed in her hand then placing it in her mouth licking her fingers dry. “EMMMM!” she moaned. “Daddies seed taste so sweet teaching me just how to seed good and proper. I hope the seed sprouts and grows healthy in my womb daddy” as she and I drift off to sleep holding each other tightly.

The next morning I am awaken to a tug on my cock as I am hard as a rock. I peel the covers back finding almost my entire cock engulfed in Brittney’s mouth with her quite eagerly and enthusiastically bobbing and slurping away. She pulls my engulfed cock out her mouth telling me “ My womb is full of daddies seed now it is my mouths turn to taste daddies seed” then proceeded to bring me to an amazing earth shattering orgasm. I filled her naughty little mouth completely full of cum yet she spilled very little. When I was through convulsing in her mouth she sits up then open her moth showing daddy all his seed she has collected, tilts back swallowing the entire mouthful. “Holy shit was that a load!” she says gulping it down a few times. In the end with my seed safely deposited in her young little tummy Brittney wipes her mouth with her arm telling daddy. “That was some mighty fine seed you have there Daddy” as we both bust up laughing. We made love three more times that morning with me depositing my seed twice in her womb and once more down her eager throat.

The grandparents finally showed after we ate a big breakfast and was out in the garden planting seeds. The grandmother thanked me for showing Brittney how to plant a seed good and proper with Brittney sounding off “Yeah grandma!, Paul sure can seed so well and I learned a lot from him” as she sports a smirk little grin on her face looking at me winking her bright blue eyes at me.

Brittney said the same thing to her mother when she finally went home that she enjoyed the seeding very much. If her mother really knew what kind of seeding I am sure she would faint. Brittney is such a sexual young female just oozing sex and it was a absolute pleasure making love to her. She text me all the time telling her daddy she wants to seed again the next time she cums down with her mother not knowing any better. She also said the next time I teach her seeding techniques that she wants to try the dirt road seeding. I just sit back and grin, texting her back. “I would be glad to seed your dirt road Brittney!….. and your fertile womb”. That last part she deleted so her mother wouldn’t see.

We are still texting each other with her maybe spending the summer at her grandparents house next door learning how to seed that garden proper. She wants her seeds as deep as they can be planted and I surely agree on that one.

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  • Reply Hebist ID:sif22joj4dv

    Lovely story. I’d like to set my seeds in such a wonderful little lady.

  • Reply Can’t-tellU ID:1cl4goj6ytxv

    Hot story.. I had a 11yr old when I was 42 she was like Josie hot sexy young sweet pussy I’ve found out a lot of young teen girls love teasing flirting older men..that’s why I hang out by the parks lakes playgrounds I played with quite a few of them in my van filming them moaning begging pleading for more.. I love sucking pussies licking their asses that’s all I do.. you would be surprised how many little girls are like this .. 10-14 year olds are the best

  • Reply Josie ID:1cdjc7wsfii

    I know where you are coming from, so ignore those idiots who scoff.
    I was introduced to sex when I was ten and it was one of my dad’s workmates who started it all off. He had bought a new car, to me, it was huge , a BMW.
    he asked me if I would like a ride in it. My Dad said that it was ok but I must behave, which I agreed to. After we had driven around for a while, we came too an old deserted airfield he parked up and asked me if I would like to steer , and he sat me on his knee and he drove very slowly as I steered , with my legs straggling his. One of his hands was on my thighs, the other held the steering wheel. I was thrilled to steer, and when we stopped , my heart was racing. It was then that I realised that his hand had moved to the top of my right thigh under my dress, his fingers just touching the leg of my panties. At first I panicked but it felt nice so I didn’t move his hand away and it moved to touch me between my legs on my sex through my panties I just didn’t know what to do so we sat there at the far end of the old airfield, and when he realised the I was not complan it, he slipped his hand inside my panties and started to gently rub my sex. I don’t know how long we were there, but I could not stop shaking until the sensations inside me were so strong I had to pull his hand away. We sat for ages until he said thank you and gave me a squeeze, I could not speak because my heart was beating so fast. I just nodded. just before we started back home he kissed me and said “no one should know ok?, and I said yes, the he drove me home. That was my introduction to sex and he took me out some more times to that old disused airfield and yes, it did go further The strange thing was that my Dad seemed to know something had happened because he started to hug me when mum was not there and he began to get me to sit on his knee. Mum was looking at him funny but she relaxed after a few days and it all settled down an d she got used to me on Dads knee .

    • Gonzo ID:7ylrenbd99

      Thanks Josie, would love to hear more. Maybe share some stories and a good laugh. Find my email and drop a dime on me lol!

  • Reply WantedDaughter ID:1dpn79bg6po2

    Gonzo, I have spent the last week, reading from first to this and defiantly enjoyed some. One has a peculiar liking and your stories fit 70%. I see some get hung up in spelling, but have never contributed to the site. Writing is hard and yours is worthy of a read. True, real, fantasy, far fetched; I say who cares it is the level of involvement that you create for the reader that counts. Saved your authors page looking for the next stimulating adventure.

    • Gonzo ID:7ylrenbd99

      I tip my hat to you Daughter. I never was a good speller and do struggle some times but I do like to write about my life and times I have had. Call me what you want but I love females so much and no matter what age. I love to please, to see that face light up with orgasm.
      The whole purpose of writing as you say is to involve the reader in the story, to engross them as if they were in the story. If I just wrote about the sex I have had , well that’s kind of boring. Yes I try to add a little flare or enough information to capture the reader. Some think they are all BS but honestly at this point in time I really don’t care.
      From One perve to another, I sincerely thank you!, enjoying it happening as much as writing it. Sex is natural and there is absolutely nothing wring with enjoying it no matter what age you may be.

  • Reply Q ID:2kye84ke8k

    Do tell more

    • Gonzo ID:7ylrenbd9b

      In the making, she came down two weeks ago and we shared each other with by friends two daughters Sam and Kylie. They get a long well.
      She is planning to spend the summer at her grandparents house so I am so hopeful that will happen. Sex with her is amazing.
      Can’t complain at all!

  • Reply Gonzo ID:fx7itamm3

    Texting is not safe as well but Telegram is as well as Wickr. Good move will contact soon.

  • Reply Kinky old man nothing like fucking some ID:fcz0tcm9c

    Keep it up Gonzo like the stories need to find a young one or two myself

  • Reply 17yoslut ID:1dsuq3rqs2o5

    I’d love to talk to you, how can we get in contact?

    • Gonzo ID:7ylrenbb0a

      17yoslut [email protected] it is real and live every day.

  • Reply Piti ID:1ds16yt9s2xv

    Gonzo lass dich nicht runter ziehen ich und viele andere lieben deine geschichtennund wir hoffen noch viel von dir zu lesen ich würde mich über einen Email Kontakt freuen meine Email Adresse ist [email protected]

    • Gonzo ID:7ylrenbb0a

      Vielen Dank, ich bin froh, dass Sie sie so genossen haben, wie ich sie gelebt und geschrieben habe
      [email protected]

  • Reply Gonzo ID:fx7itamm2

    Sorry I don’t do fantasy, Life is full of adventure and that is what I write about. If I would post a pic of Brittney I surely would. I never has even insinuated being a playboy, I just give these girls what they want and need and in return I get back 10 fold what about you. You sound like your nutz are blue and in a wad with no pussy in sight.
    Sorry to hear that as guys that talk like you usually are pussy less.
    Proud to be one if that is all you do is label people, I fill a void in society that’s all since age 12

  • Reply Anon ID:94t4g9v2

    Great story as always, Gonzo. Do you take requests for more telling in experiences? If so, do you have any more if shantael? Those two are my favorite of yours. Keep up the great work as always. Best.

    • Gonzo ID:fx7itamm2

      Shantel and her mother were forced to move a town away by her racist family. I seen them a few months back and she wants me to visit telling me mother want some action also. Shantel’s tits have grown out so much, I mean a lot. My mouth dropped when I seen her telling her I wanna such them, she tells me “bring it in white boy” and we just laughed.
      Oh yeah, Shantel is 11 now with a body and tits to stop traffic.

  • Reply Gonzo ID:vuf1n3hi

    First off I have read your sorry ass reviews you have left on other Authors stories (Pathetic)
    Secondly I don’t have to prove a fucking thing to your dumb ass I am a fucking grown man deal with it.
    Thirdly what fucking rock have you been hiding under, girls now a days start so early and know a hell of a lot more then your ignorant self seems to realize or give them credit for. I have lived am amazing life full of sex and yes!, a lot of younger ones as that is my preference since age 12. Again deal with it!.
    If people can not show the Authors some respect at the time we spend on our stories then maybe you should move on to another site as I sure in hell am NOT going to change for the like of someone like you. I fuck who I want and that is never going to change ever. I have fucked more young girls then most have had grown woman and again that will never change. If you don’t like the story posted which mind you is on a sick sex story site then again I suggest you preacher dick sucker bible thumpers move on!
    Give respect, receive respect it is that simple or write your own stories so people can bash the fuck out of you.

  • Reply Gonzo ID:7ylrenbd9i

    I am so sorry for the spelling errors , I know better then to write when tired.
    Dan so right, I to think those ages are the most perfect just before puberty with their hips starting to form along with budding puffy nipples and a nice fat mound. There are exceptions to the rule of course as with Kylie a 9 year old that is amazing in bed. I think that at those ages they are getting bolder also along with wanting to experiment acting on bodily feelings beginning to tingle. They mature so much younger now a days almost demanding sex.
    They absolutely deserve it as it is their bodies to do with as they please, and trust me she was pleased many times over. Her orgasms are simply amazing.
    Again sorry for the spelling errors, just wish this site would let you correct errors.

    • Hippie ID:1djh0jovvhjx

      You make me so so horny I love your stories thank you so much

    • Gonzo ID:fx7itamm2

      Thanks for the compliment Hippy, am glad you enjoyed.

    • matt ID:1eiyb7247uxv

      not being your judge and jury here–just the thought that it seems sooner or later the law is going to catch up with you. and i’m not wishing they do. the world will never accept pedophilia and no matter your ideals, society will throw the book at you if caught and no mercy. Aren’t you even a little worried about the risk–the reality of our actions having consequences?

  • Reply Avenger ID:g0zwlg8rc

    Girls talking like that do not exist

    • A. ID:5lt6jbl3vem

      Actually they do, some have breeding complexes, which any guy should be happy to help with

    • Gonzo ID:fx7itamm2

      Exactly A. Brittney is a wonderful young lady that simply wanted to learn about sex and found a person to teach her. I am very thankful to help her with her and I getting along so darn well. Her sense of humor is amazing and we make each other laugh. When she held me so tight that night she felt safe in my arms and that says it all right there which showed later that night when she slid under my covers.
      Shes dirty minded just like I am just and I love that.

  • Reply Dan ID:jswt3vkm27w

    I am convinced that the best pussy there is the tight bald 10 to 11 year old virgins. They are by far the hornist most willing to experiment and love the attention.

    • [email protected] ID:2wcj27x7zi


    • Gonzo ID:7ylrenbb0a

      Who care that their virgins, at 10 and 11 that pussy is tight no matter what. I would rather they loose their V card before i get them anyways. I have had a lot loose it to a hair brush which makes it easier on us both.

    • h ID:1cdjc7wsfii

      Just read your item and I agree with you in that men love little girls of about ten or eleven My first experience of how men reacted to me when I was ten. I loved it how the men would look at me. I used to tease them by sitting awkwardly and letting my dress slip up show my panties a little. Some of my Dads workmates would visit and when it was a good time, some of them would touch my legs one man would always sit me on his knee and when it was safe for him, would slide his hand up under my dress and rub over my panties . I loved the attention of these men and I noticed that my Dad was sometime looking over and watching and smiling although he never said anything to me or the man. It was around that time that he started to hug me and get me to sit on his knee usually when Mum was out of the room. Once she caught me on his knee and said to Dad , don’t you think she is a little too old for that, but he poopood it so then she didn’t seem to mind any more and so I would sit on his knee in the evenings watching T.V. and sometimes Mum would doze off and Dad started to slip his hand under my dress and stroke across my panties and his hand would slip between my thighs and stroke my sex through my panties. Then one night as Mum was dozing Dad whispered to me to go up and slip my panties off which I did and then I got back on his knee and he slipped his hand under my dress and started to stroke my sex, which I loved all the feelings it gave me.. That became a regular thing, until one Saturday afternoon when Mum was at her Mothers , Dad lay me back on the settee , and pushed my dress right up and slipped my panties off and spread my legs and leant over me and got his penis out and started to rub it against my sex.

    • Josie ID:1cdjc7wsfii

      I think you are right because I was between ten and eleven when I was introduced to sex by one of my dad’s workmates in his car. He told me that all men love little girls between ten and eleven because they are clean and want to experiment with sex. With him I saw and felt my first grown man’s penis. He tried to push it inside my sex but it was too big, so he just rubbed it along my sex until he squirted his stuff between my thighs. After that when he took me out he would always lick and suck my sex and he taught me to suck his penis. He kept trying to push his penis inside me but only got half of the head inside and that is when when he squirted inside me.

    • horny for young pussy ID:2nhlx7yb0d

      that sounds lovely Josie