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Perverted Boy Takes Advantage Of A Little Girl

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I was a perverted little guy when I was young. Actually I might still be, who knows.
When I was 8, I was thinking about boobs and pussy’s. Little girls, big girls all of them.
I found my dads porn magazines in a box in the basement and man oh man. I couldn’t quit looking at them pictures. It made my little dick hard.
I had a playroom downstairs so I could spend a lot of time down there without and problems. That way I had access to those magazines. I loved it.
That went on for years. When I was 12 I was still into the porn magazines. I was jacking off to them now, a lot.

We had new neighbors move in and they had a little girl. She was 6 years old. We started talking one day and kinda became friends over the fence if you know what I mean. Her mother told me one day when she was out sweeping off her porch that Lynn loved me. She said, “I think Lynn is crushing on you, Donnie.” I said, “She’s a sweet girl.” “She can come over anytime to play if she wants to.” I don’t have anybody to play with either.” She said, “Oh, do you mean it, that’s so nice., there aren’t any kids around here your guys age.” I said, “Yeah, I know.”

Now, I’m 12 but I’m not a big 12year old so I don’t think she saw me as a problem. Anyway, I told her send her over if she wants, I have a lot of stuff we can play with in the rec room. She said, “That would be great.” I kinda got excited I was gonna be able to get her alone and see what I can do to her.

A little later Lynn came over and I took her to the basement. She was a cute little thing. She had a little shirt sun dress on and pink panties underneath. I had Legos out and she sat down on the floor with her legs crossed and I could see her little pink panty covering her pussy.

She talked a mile a minute, about everything. She told me she really liked me. She said she thought I was so cute. I said, “Well Lynn, I think your gorgeous.” She blushed. Then she said, “I told mommy I wanted you for my boyfriend.” I said, “What did she say?” She said, “I was too young to have a boyfriend.”
But, “I think I’m old enough, don’t you Donnie?” I said, “Well, I do, but if we’re gonna be boyfriend and girlfriend you won’t be able to tell your mom.” “And, you won’t be able to say anything about what we do together.” “Can you promise you won’t tell anybody cause if you do you won’t be allowed to come over any more.” She said, “I promise, I won’t say a word.”

I thought, great. I’m liking this. So, she said, “If I’m your girlfriend when you gonna kiss me?” I held out my arms out and she jumped up and straddled me with her arms around my neck and legs around my waist. Oh, if I could only put my dick in her pretty little pussy. That’s what entered my mind.
But, I kissed her and she hugged me so tight. I’m squeezing her butt and feeling around. I slip my hand inside her panty and squeezed her butt cheek.

I said, “You know boyfriend and girlfriends do things together to make each other feel good.” She said, “I know, they kiss a lot and hug each other.” I said, “That’s true but, they do other things too, you want me to do them to you?” She said, “Of course, Donnie, I’m your girlfriend.”

I said, “Well, take off your panties.” She ripped them off. I said, “I’m gonna be touching your pee pee with my fingers, it might tickle.”
I rubbed her pussy and slipped my finger in her slit.
Then I unzipped my pants and pulled out my dick. It was hard and she said, “Yours is different than mine.” I said, that’s so mine can go into yours.”

I had her lay in front of me and I licked her pussy and played with her clit. She said, “That feels good, Donnie.” I sucked on it and stuck my finger in her a little until she flinched.
I told her it was her turn to do me. So, she said, “What do I do.” I said, “You put my dick in your mouth
and go up and down rubbing it with your lips and tongue, and when it gets done it will squirt cum in your mouth, then your done.” “You ready?” “I said, try to not touch your teeth on it.” She nodded her head.
She took my dick in her mouth and did just what I told her to .
Oh my gosh, I never had a mouth on my dick, it felt so fucking good. I’m pushing my hips in and out of her mouth and my dicks as hard as a rock. I wanted to cum but, I didn’t want it to be over.

She was very good for a first time. I wasn’t able to hold off any longer. I told her, “I’m gonna cum, you can take your mouth off or keep doing what your doing.” She stayed on my dick so I cum in her mouth. She spit if out but I didn’t care. I had my first blow job and it was fucking great.

I held her and rubbed her little pussy. She ask how she did. I told her she was my perfect girlfriend. She hugged me tight.Then she straddled me with her pussy sitting on my dick. Oh my gosh, I’m instantly hard again. She said, “It’s hard again, Donnie.” I started rubbing her pussy against my dick. I told her my dick wants to go inside your pussy. She said, “Well stick it in there.” I almost cum when she said that.

I said, “Well, I really want to but, the first time you do it will hurt you, and I’m afraid to hurt you.” “It won’t hurt after that first time.” She said, “It okay, you can do it if it’s just one time.” I told her we would do that another time. I was afraid he mom might expect her home. She said okay.

I needed to figure out how I could be alone with her for more than a little while. She was still rubbing on my dick. She said, “I’m trying yo make it go down.” I said, “You’ll have to put your mouth on it to make it cum again.” She jumped down and started going up and down on my dick. I played with her pussy. I kept sticking my finger in her little opening hoping to stretching it and getting it used to being invaded . She moaned a little and I think it was a good moan.

She’s made my dick hard and ready to cum. I told her I was gonna cum and she started sucking on it. Oh fuck, this girl is killing me. I cum and she holds it in her mouth till I’m done then she spit it out. I thought that was amazing. I’m touching her button and she is moaning. I stick my finger in a little further, she grabs my wrist and pushes my hand for me to go deeper. I’m still on her button. I push my finger in and out and in a little deeper and I think I touched her hymen.
I pull out and she looks dreamy eyed. I told her we better stop for today. She said, “Oh Donnie, I love you.”
I hugged her and said, “I love you too.” She put her panties back on.

I said, “Don’t forget you can’t tell nothing or no one.” She nodded and left.
I didn’t get to do anything with her for two weeks. Her mom ask if I could watch her while she went to do do some errands and she had a dentist appointment. I said, sure. My mom and dad was at work so I was glad she ask.

Lynn came over and the first thing she said was, “Donnie, can we put your dick in my pussy today?” I said, “Sure, we can try.” So we went to the basement and she threw her panties off and laid down on the couch. She said, “I’m ready.” I went and got some Vaseline and put it inside her pussy lips and on my dick. I told her it would hurt until I broke her hymen. She said, “I know.” She wanted me to do it so bad I couldn’t believe it.

I’m on top of her and pushing my dick in her and initially she was okay but then she started saying it hurt and she was scooting away. I just had to get this over. So, I grabbed her shoulder so she couldn’t move and she yelled so I covered her mouth and rammed my dick through her hymen. She was shaking all over and crying. I started fucking her little tight pussy and I couldn’t stop. It felt so good, my dick being squeezed like this.

It didn’t take long till I cum in her pussy and I fucking loved it. I was lost in my own pleasure and when I cum I rammed in her, and she yelled under my hand. I held her in my arms and told her I loved her. My dick was still in her but I wasn’t moving. She stopped crying and I took my hand off her mouth. I kissed her and she hugged me.
I said, “Are you okay, sweetie?” She said, “I think so.” I told her I hated that I hurt her but it will never feel like that again. She said, “Okay, I trust you , Donnie.”

I ask her if I could move in and out? She said, “Yeah.” So I started fucking her pussy and she winced a few times but then let me fuck her. Man, what a tight pussy she had. I was gonna fuck this little girl as much as I could. I was so fucking excited. Lynn finally said, “I like this, Donnie, it feels good.” I cum in her pussy again. I left my dick in her. I knew I was gonna be hard again in a few minutes.
I ask her how it felt with my cum in her. She said, “Wet and slippery.”

My dick just wasn’t going down so I started fucking her again. She laid there and let me ram my dick in her even though it hurt her she would pull me to her. I shot another load in that pussy. This time it come oozing out of her so I pulled out and told her we had to clean her up.

I took her to the bathroom and washed her pussy and told her to push out as much as she could. I wiped the blood off her legs, she didn’t see that. I wiped some off the couch too.
I ask her how she felt. She said, fine.

We played Old Maid and watched Brady Bunch in tv. Her mom came by and got her. She looked at me with such love. I felt bad in a way. But, I was so glad to fuck her.
This went on for 6 years, we would fuck on and off. When she wasn’t going with anybody she would
come over and we’d fuck. I would fuck her anytime she let me.

I got another little girl who was 10 when I was 15. She used to come around and she was always teasing me. She was very sexual. She had some boobs for her age and she would get close to me and say, “You wanna touch them?” I said, “Yeah, you want me to touch them?” She said, “Yes but not here.” We went u fed a staircase and I played with her tits.

Then, I invited her over to my house one day when we had a day off school for teachers meetings. Mom and dad were at work and we were in the basement. I said, “Okay, Let me see them.” She pulled up her shirt and took it off. She took her bra off. I reached out squeezed and kissed them. I said, ” Let me see your pussy.” She said, “If I do I wanna see your dick.” I’m thinking no problem. I said, “Okay.” She takes her shorts and panties off. I take my shirts off. My dick is hard and sticking out. She said, “Oh wow, it’s big.”

I put my arm around her and took her to the couch. I laid her down, got on top of her and started putting my dick in her pussy. When the head went in she yelled and told me to stop. I said, “Oh no, I’m not stopping.” She said, “But it hurts.” I said, “It won’t after I break your hymen.” She said, ” I broke that myself with my sisters dildo.” I said, “Well, then here we go.” I’m pushing and she’s yelling so I cover her mouth and just fuck her hard till I get it in.

She stopped crying and let me fuck her. I cum in her pussy and waited a little while and fucked her again.
She said she had to go home, so she left . But, two days later she came over and wanted me to fuck her again. I did. I fucked her several times after that.
I always liked little girls with their tight pussies.

I haven’t had one in years. But, I’m always in the look out for one.

👄This will be the best oral sex you have ever experienced.👅

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    Share some of those little tight pussys

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    PS. I am still that perverted horny little guy I was when I was 12 fucking two 7 year old twins. I just am called daddy now !lol!

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    Great story, always make it as enjoyable as possible so they keep coming back for more. I think 10 and 11 are the most perfect ages just before puberty when everything starts to bud and tingle. Sexual feeling are magical to them so I try to continue that frame of thought making them feel as spacial as you can. It doesn’t mater what age they are, if they have sexual urges and feeling do not deny them their right to exercise that right as a very sexual human female. We are not sick people because we prefer sex with younger female, were are teachers of sex in a society that thinks female don’t get urges until 18 which is sheer bull shit. We teach them all the nuances of sex and foreplay which leads to a very, very healthy sex life for her.
    No girl of any age should be denied sex if she is actively seeking it. Plus the fact that it is a pleasure and an honor to be chosen as an adult male. All girls dream about a cock so why destroy that dream, make it a reality for them.

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    You lucky, horny, little guy, I dream about this sort of thing! I hope you had the best time

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    I will always remember fucking an 11 year old when I was 25. I still fucking her 40 years later as we got married as soon as she was 15. That was the age back then wit parental permission and her mom thought I walked on water. especially after fucking the hell out many times.

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    Don’t just fuck them, breed them

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    Good story and not too badly written, but it would be great if you could do another story about fucking their tight arseholes as well, but really hard and bone dry…

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      You had the same thought as me!!

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      Mit eines der schönsten Gefühle ein kleines enges Arschloch zu ficken