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Pedoboy Stories

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Things I’ve done as a pedophile. The people: my little cousins, My friend’s little sisters, girls at school and more…(Sorry for bad grammar)

So I realized I was a pedophile when I was 10 years old because I would always get really turned on and try to touch girls who were way younger than me for example when I was 11 I was in a family friend’s house alone with their daughter who was 6 And she was wearing a dress that was a little short and when she bent over I saw under her dress and saw her panties and I immediately got hard and wanted to touch her.

So I brought her to the bathroom Lock the door gave her my phone and let her use it while I pulled up her dress and down her panties I started touching pussy I even gave her a few licks but when I felt myself cum So I pulled down her dress but I put her panties in the bin and told her to walk around without them and she did.

Another time was a year later so I was 12 and funny enough it was the same girl and she was now 7 except she was way more cautious of me and didn’t leave her cousin’s side much But luckily for me she did have to leave her sister’s side when she went inside to go grab something and her sister was outside so I quickly went inside too and I learned about sex so when she was upstairs to her room I closed the door and I’ll just say I gave her, her first time and I enjoyed it completely.

The next time I did anything was when I was 14 to a girl in my school who was in 7th grade while I was in 9th grade she was this girl I met in elementary her name was Amy and while she was annoying It only made me want to do things to hear more and so one day while I’m in the library with her she won’t stop talking about her weekend and she asks me if i could go with her to get water so I got up and went with her to the water fountain and before we went back to library I asked her if she can come with me to my locker and she did but in reality I took her to a corner of the school with no cameras And I covered her mouth and forced my hand down her pants feeling her nice tight pussy and in the struggle I managed to pull her pants down and when that happened I pulled out my deck and I decide to aim for the hole and I got it in her ass she tried screaming but I was basically using my hat as a muffle on her mouth so I just had my fun with her But when I finished I made sure that her hole was full And she actually tried telling on me but I put up this nice guy persona with everyone and all the teachers liked me including the principle and vice principle So they didn’t believe her and I got away with touching her body for the rest of the month until she moved to schools because her mom found out.

I took a break after that and the next time I would do it was 2 years later with my new cousin in-law Liz who was 9 and once again she was an annoying girl but when I had to babysit her while the adult got drunk at a party I took advantage and I fucked her for hours in her bed while she just laid there and took it like a good little slut.

And then there’s The one that happened after that at least a month or two later at a little party my friend had It was the weekend and my friend’s parents were out so he invited me in a few others and he wanted to get drunk or well try it out as I wasn’t interested in it I didn’t drink while the other is a drink and got drunk and passed out which left me alone with his little sister Maya And I did drink one so not only was I turned on by her nice ass I was drunk and got into her room and she was wearing a swimsuit because they had a pool and she going for a swim but after seeing her in that swimsuit I basically ripped it in two and fucked her pussy for a while or until I basically physically couldn’t go anymore And while I enjoyed a completely she also did and the other times I would go to his house and she was there she would always want me to touch her and make her feel good again.

This next time was the most recent and it was at school with a 7th grader And while I won’t give all the details of what I did I’ll tell you the gist of it. So I was at school early because I forgot there was a test that all the younger grades take and I didn’t need to be there and there’s this one 7th grader I knew who was there because she opted out And I was really horny in that morning honestly and since I didn’t have time to rub one off and in honesty she was a 7th grader and was 12 But she had a nice ass thick thighs she was a little plump in the right places and her tits were so good which I’ll get to later, So I’m sitting with her in the front of the auditorium and I asked her if she wants to go explore the school and she says yes so we go up on the stage And we climb up the ladder to basically where they keep the set after a musical or something but while we were there alone and no one could see us I would casually grab her ass and I even found a seat and sat her on my lap and I don’t know if she felt how hard I was but someone could definitely see how hard I was but we get down and we walk around the school hallways and we end up behind one of the staircases I sit down and she wants to go back before classes start but I convince her to sit down between my legs and so she’s basically laying on me and I have my hands on her stomach and I know she’s tickless so I tickle her a bit and My hands just so happened to end up her shirt and on her stomach So I’m moving my hands up slowly And they end up on her bra And it’s a tight bra So I tickle her and when she moves I take the chance and I slip my hand under her bra and so my hands are right on her tits and like I said before they are so soft so squishy and so smooth I’m pretty sure I was drooling when I was feeling them up if I wasn’t hard then I was basically bricked up and I played with her tits for a while until she told me that classes were going to start soon so I let go over and we walked to classes But we met up with her friends and went to a store to get food and then I left after that I went to my class and even now I can still remember how her tits felt in my hands

👄This will be the best oral sex you have ever experienced.👅

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  • Reply skimofkr ID:1zftvgx7hk

    I started out really young exploring and playing with little girls. But I had many more experiences that happened fairly often. I always was looking for a chance. Most all of the girls enjoyed it and came back for more. Some even brought their sisters or a friend. I was very lucky

  • Reply matt ID:1d40ucmkzyub

    fantasyland they don’t know anything or think sexualyy at that age

  • Reply hornio ID:7rmvd6sozj

    you like rape fantasies.

    one type of nonconsent isn’t magically morally worse than the other

  • Reply Avenger ID:g0zwlg8rc

    You need to go on Reddit for adult rape fantasies, here it’s just old perverts that never seen real pussy in their life

  • Reply Craig ID:7zv3fpy2qk

    You can say your done but the Beast.has been . Unleashed if you want to talk about it email me [email protected]

    • [email protected] ID:7yliv6toik

      I also had many experiences like this growing up