Part 2 of my young sexy stepdaughter want me and I want her too

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So the next week was kinda of awkward but I just let it go. Well one day during the week I was off and for some reason I was waking up with my dick extra hard and raging but would just go back to sleep with my dick straight up. That day she decided to Skip school she knew it was easy since her Mom had to be at work early. Nobody was there so I would just sleep in I would sleep naked a lot and she knew .That day my cock was raging and I was naked so she walks in I act like I’m asleep she just stands the and gasps omg and walks out. Then she walks back in with her phone and started taking pictures of my hard dick. All of a sudden I act like I wake up and ask what are you doing she jumps in the bed with me all naked and says she heard something. I told her it’s okay baby daddy is here she put one leg over me I cuddled me she had l long shirt on I ran my hand up her shirt and she had no panties on she then started humping my leg I could feel her little bald 12 yr old wet pussy. I just couldn’t take it anymore I got up and layed her on her back and just started sucking on her tight pink pussy I then flip her over and started licking her tight little asshole she moaned with pleasure. She suddenly turns around and just started sucking my cock rubbing it all over her smooth 12 yr old face. She tells me to get up and begged me to rub my cock all over her body. I couldn’t take anymore so I shoved my dick up her tight little pussy I lifted her up the bed and just pounded her to my surprise I felt something pouring down my cock this little 12 yr old squirted all over me . It was the best I’ve ever had

This story is totally fictional. Nothing is true about this….

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  • Reply Wolfe ID:1ebmcvx9b7qa

    I masturbat a lot. Looking at pics of my step granddaughter. No nudes unfortunately. She’s 10. I fantasy sliding my little sissy cock in tight little cunt and dumping a big load in her. Then I lick her clean.

  • Reply Kiddyfucker69 ID:1e0uq49xxpne

    Great story and well written but you need to write longer stories and include really hard and bone dry arse fucking as well as fisting done in the same way…

  • Reply Danny ID:153jwgw820d

    I would love to have a young pussy

  • Reply [email protected] ID:1db4n0gtlbll

    It may not be true however, I really enjoyed it..

    • Kiddyfucker69 ID:1e0uq49xxpne

      Me too…

    • Wolfe ID:1ebmcvx9b7qa

      I agree