Our Little Secret

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What can I say, he was a charmer. All I intended was to have a couple of drinks at my local bar after a long day at the office. I sat down in my usual spot and waited for a bartender to come my way. I pulled out my phone to respond to any emails and messages in the mean time, only to be met with an “ahem” mere seconds after I pulled it out of my pocket.

I raised my eyes to meet the deep blues of the man behind the counter. They were filled with amusement; I must have looked perturbed at his unusual greeting. “What can I get started for you, ma’am? That is, if you can peel yourself away from the…two?…texts you got there?” Just what I needed, to be made fun of when all I wanted was to relax. He was pissing me off already.

“A gin and tonic,” I told him matter-of-factly, “that is, if you can bear to tear yourself away from me.” The amusement returned, almost twinkling in his eyes, and small smile appeared on his lips. “Right away, Miss.” He turned his back on me, a toned, tall one at that, which became apparent as he grabbed what needed off the shelves and began pouring them into a glass.

Unfortunately for me, a mirror installed behind the shelves gave away my quiet marveling as he looked up from his work, his light brown hair falling into his eyes with the movement. He smiled again and gave me a wink. Our little secret.

He spun around with my glass in one hand and an lemon in the other. Setting down the glass with my drink in front of me, he produced a small peeler from his apron pocket and took a swipe at the lemon. With a flourish, he gave a quick twist of the peel over my drink, produced a toothpick almost out of thin air to stab through the peel, and delicately slid it into my drink.

“How was that,” he asked with a shining white smile.

“Quite the performance,” I answered with a smile of my own.

“Perfect. And, before I forget, your napkin. Wouldn’t want to ruin the bar top, now would we?”

He slid me my napkin, which I quickly placed underneath my already-condensating drink. I looked up, hoping for more idle chit-chat with mister tall, dark, and handsome, but to my dismay he was attending to other customers. Ah well.

I turned my eyes back to my drink, and as I lifted the glass to my lips, I noticed spots on my napkin that were not there before. Upon closer inspection, it seems my perfect stranger had written me a note on the underside of the napkin, visible only once the water dripping off my glass soaked through. On the napkin was an address and a time. I was to meet him after his shift, in exactly one hour. My lips danced with excitement, my drink the only thing to placate them as I waited impatiently for the time to arrive.


It was a hotel, of course. But there he was out front, dressed smartly in a black T-shirt and black dress pants, sinched to his waist with a belt. He was toned, but not too muscular as was apparent from my interest in his back at the bar. His hair fluffed nicely around his face, bangs falling into those beautiful blues. As I came closer to him, I could sense the aroma of cigarettes and booze trailing around him, pulling me in. He was certainly taller than I was, but not so intimidating that I was afraid to be near him.

His eyes lit up as he watched me walk towards him from the cab that brought me here in the first place. “You actually came!” he said with a little too much relief.

“Of course I did. You made quite the impression” I remarked.

“Well then, I hope to continue doing just that. After you, milady.” He gestured towards the door as I walked past him into the hotel lobby.

The lobby wasn’t much to remark on; standard lounge area complete with plastic couches, chairs and wooden tables. A breakfast area further down, a pool and a gym in the other direction. That hotel scent that every single establishment seemed to have that made my heart begin to beat faster as my mystery man booked a room for the evening.

A strong arm around my waist broke me from my stupor as he led me to the elevator that took us up to our floor. How easily one could go from having a quick night cap to sleeping with a stranger.

Lost in my thoughts, the path to our room was of no importance to me, nor was his subtle fumbling of the key card as he struggled to maintain his composure. However, as soon as that hotel room door opened, I was overcome by a force too great to fight.

I was pulled roughly into the room by him, the door slamming behind us as we crashed into the wall, a tangle of limbs and lips. I could barely breathe, but did not think as I kept in impossible time with the flurry of kisses that fell upon me. Our hands were everywhere, exploring everything all at once. I didn’t know him, he didn’t know me, and yet our hands did as we adventured into the dark together.

He took one hand off of me to feel for the light as I pulled him to me by his belt, tearing my lips and tongue away from his to venture towards his ears and neck, which I nibbled and sucked relentlessly.

I could hear him panting in the midst of his search, before my eyes were suddenly assaulted by light. He chuckled lightly before turning his full attention to me. His arms were around me as we danced toward the bed, tensions rising as fingers undid buttons and belts, clothes flying across the room as we tangled around each other.

A soft sigh escaped our lips as we fell onto the bed sheets. Time slowed as he mapped out my body with his eyes and our breathing fell into a rhythm. He leaned down to plant soft kisses on my lips before kissing his way down my naked body. Kisses on my neck, my chest, and extra special attention paid to my supple breasts as he lightly sucked and teased me. Down my stomach, my belly button, my thighs, before stopping at my pussy. He pulled me towards him, hands gripping my thighs tight as he went down on me. He teased me relentlessly with kisses and light strokes of his tongue until he had me begging.

His eyes never left mine as he sucked and licked me into a frenzy. I was entranced; enslaved. He did whatever he wanted and left me a heaving mess, sobbing in ecstasy as I came into his mouth. I was breathless as he kissed he way back up to me, gripping my face with one hand as he placed two fingers from his other hand inside my mouth. I licked and sucked them as I stared into his eyes, those blues filled with a lust I haven’t experienced in a long time.

Once he was satisfied, he removed his now-wet fingers and used my saliva as lube to stroke his cock. Looking down, he was a good 6 inches in length, and thicker than most I’ve had. He was already rock hard, and I could see his precum already dripping out of him. He lined up with me, stroking himself back on forth on my pussy, getting us both ready for what we were about to do.

With a quick bite of his lip, in he pushed, a sigh escaping the both of us as he slipped in. Leaning down, he propped himself up on his elbows as he buried his head into my neck, panting as he slid in and out of me in perfect rhythm. The image of grace, as if he was a professional porn star.

Me, on the other hand, well I was a hot mess as I gripped his toned arms with a strength previously unknown to me as I rode the pressure of his cock inside of me. My legs were spread wide open for him, yet my toes curled with the pleasure I was experiencing. I panted and moaned uncontrollably, my hands sliding and gripping onto any hair or flesh I could hold onto as he fucked me.

On and on we went into the night, not caring about the patrons in the rooms next to ours or what the time on the digital clock read. We were too preoccupied switching positions, sucking and fucking every which way we could think of. It wasn’t any of their business anyways. That evening, and every one after, was our little secret.

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