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Our little house whores

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We found some 10 year old girls inside our den and got them drunk and high, then we fucked them both.

Me and my mates John and Barry, aged 16-18, went to our little den, it was one of the empty boarded up houses on our estate, we’d been using it as our den to drink and smoke weed and shit, downstairs we had an old couch and upstairs we had some old mattresses we just chilled on.

One day we went to our den and found some uninvited guests upstairs, Alice and Sarah, 10 year old girls who had bunked off school and we’re playing in the backyards of the empty houses when they found our little den and decided to snoop around.

They were upstairs when we go there, they looked a bit scared when they saw us, but we weren’t scary lads and we didn’t care that they were there, “Chill with us. We’ve got food and drinks.” We convinced them to stay and hang out with us.

We were chilling in one of the bedrooms, had the radio banging out some tunes, and we persuaded them to try some alcohol and weed, and they got pretty giddy, high as kites they were, the little girls were class.

All of us were just chilling and having a good time, a few hours later, when we were all a bit drunk and high, Barry ended up sitting in the corner of the room, with Alice sat on his lap and they were snogging the fuck out of each other, and his hands were getting all touchy feely on her legs and up her school skirt, all we could do was laugh and giggle at them.

John and I were sat on the mattress with Sarah sitting between us, sharing a joint, and John was getting turned on from watching Barry and Alice making out in the corner, and he was adjusting the crotch of his tracksuit bottoms, “What you doing man?!” I asked him, “I’ve got a boner dude!” he replied.

“What’s a boner?” asked Sarah.

“Nah man. You kidding me. You don’t know what a boner is?” I asked her.

She shrugged, “No.” she said.

“Are you both virgins?” asked John.

“Yeah.” They both replied, blushing and giggling.

“Have you ever seen a dick?” he asked them.

“No.” they both replied.

“I’ve got to show them, bro.” he said.

“Do it man.” I said.

John stood up and faced Sarah, then he pulled his tracksuit bottoms down and exposed his erect dick to her, wiggling it in front of her face, “This is a dick.” He said, Alice ran over to us, “Let me see.” She said, both of them eager to see their first dick.

They were both more than willing to touch his dick, then after a lot of persuasion, he convinced little Sarah to suck on it, while John was getting his dick sucked, Barry got up and whipped his out for Alice, who started to suck on it for him.

“You know what. You’ve seen our dicks now, let’s see your pussy. Take your panties off.” Said John.

They both stood up, reached up their skirts and pulled their panties down and kicked them off their feet, then they lifted the fronts of their skirts up and showed us there little bald pussies, “Damn, those are nice.” I said.

Barry took his top off and got Sarah to lay down on her back on the mattress, “I’m going to fuck you, girlie.” He said, stripping her of her uniform, “Give me some room lads.” He said, forcing us to stand up off the mattress.

He got on top of her, right between her legs, stretched wide open, and he penetrated her with his dick and started to fuck her fast and hard, she screamed a little and then just constantly moaned loudly over the radio tunes.

“I want to do it.” Said Sarah, taking her own clothes off, “Who wants to do it with me?” she asked.

John went first, and he and Barry fucked the girls on the old stained mattress while I watched and drank a beer, John didn’t last too long, so when he was done he got off Sarah, I handed him my beer and I got on top of her and fucked her.

Barry, John and I took turns fucking both girls as many times as we could all afternoon, they were proper enjoying it and couldn’t get enough, even though we were clearly taking advantage of their drunk and high state, but we didn’t give a shit.

Sarah and Alice quickly became out little house whores, every day they’d bunk off school and come chill with us in our den, just drinking, smoking and fucking all day, every day.

It was great for a few months, but then they boarded up all the houses with metal sheets and we no longer had access to our den, we fucked the girls in one of the old sheds a few times but it wasn’t the same.

Then one day Sarah and Alice stopped coming, and we never saw them again, to this day we have no idea why.

But those were good times, getting drunk and high with 10 year old girls and fucking their sweet little holes was awesome.

Couldn’t do that these days though.

👄This will be the best oral sex you have ever experienced.👅

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    Amazing story

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      Excellent story, lucky lucky boys!

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    Que rico

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    God I wish I were one of those girls. I wish I could please men like that.

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      But you can, use you tigjt ass or you slipery. Tongue

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    Bet they enjoyed every inch of it 😁 wish I had a little tight pussys to fuck