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Our Filipina maid becomes my husband’s girlfriend

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We hired a Filipina made and she was probably about 30 years old and most Filipina are considered cute or sexy or both by American standards. Grace with no different.
We have CCTV all over the inside of the house as well as outside the house. I can use my iPhone and see any of the cameras I want and I saw my husband downstairs doing some chores and Grace has her room down in the basement and it’s spacious and she has her own bathroom and shower downstairs as well. Apparently she didn’t know my husband was downstairs in the basement and she came out of the bathroom with a white towel wrapped around her body. She has to walk about 12 ft to get to her bedroom door and at that point she encountered my husband. I’m carefully watching and my husband is chatting her and she’s standing there and I can see her smiling and I can see him smiling and they had what I thought to be a casual conversation for about 2 minutes. Normally a woman out of the shower and especially the employer standing there would want to quickly go to the bedroom door and get inside since she was only wearing a towel.
A few days went by and The CCTV cameras also pick up audio. Grace was sitting in a chair and chatting a family member back in the Philippines on her phone. She was speaking her dialect that I don’t understand but it records everything. I was curious so I went to my laptop when no one was home and I put her audio in a translation app and was pleasantly shocked. The part I like the most was she was talking to her sister about the incident meeting my husband in the towel. She told her sister that she wished my husband had gone over and just yank the towel off of her and raped her on the bed. That was all I needed to hear.

After a few days Grace was upstairs in the kitchen doing dishes and by the way she’s a fantastic maid and does a great job with a great attitude. I said Grace can I chat you for a minute about something that sensitive? She had a more serious look on her face like I was mad at her or something was wrong with her job and she said yes ma’am. I said let’s go into the library room. We both sat down and I said I want to explain something to you that nobody else knows and I don’t want you to say this to anyone. I love my husband to death and he is a fantastic husband but I have a medical condition that makes sex very very painful for me. I tried to help him out with oral sex or masturbation but it just simply isn’t enough. I don’t want him going out finding prostitutes or picking up some disease. What I’m really trying to say Grace is I want to give you a proposition that you can think about for a few days and if you say yes then okay but if you say no we will both fully respect your decision.
Grace if you want to allow my husband to come down and make love to you from time to time that is absolutely okay and I am very happy for it because it keeps it in the family. If you say yes I will increase your pay by $300 per month if you say no I’ll respect your decision and we will just continue your work relationship as always and you do a great job by the way.
And if you say yes it also means that you are in charge. If you tell my husband he can only come down one time a month or one time a week or every night it’s totally up to you.
She went back downstairs to her room and I immediately went to the CCTV and recorded her audio and she was talking to her sister again asking for guidance. The sister said that’s a lot of money and if you like him and want to sex him then why not especially that the wife is not ignorant as to what’s going on and is totally involved so if I were you I would do it.
The next day Grace came up and was still a little bit leery and said ma’am are you sure that you’re not going to be jealous or upset if another woman has sex with your husband? I looked at Grace and I said listen to me. I respect you as a person and a woman and my husband would love and adore to make love to you and that would make me very happy. It’s not like you’re stealing my husband You’re just providing some happiness in his life.
Grace then said yes to the proposition with a little smile on her face. I asked Grace when would you like my husband to come down and Grace said as soon as he comes home from work. In my mind I thought oh you are a horny little slut. When my husband got home he had already gotten several text messages from me that it was a green light and he came home and we had dinner and he took a shower and practically ran downstairs I don’t have a CCTV inside the bedroom of Grace’s room and so he stayed down there for about an hour or so and came back up with a very happy look on his face. I asked him what happened and Tell me every little detail. My husband told me how they kissed and embraced and got each other naked and that he licked and sucked on her pussy and then he mounted her and he got on top and then she got on top and rode him only the way in Asian could ride him and then he got back up on top and gave her a big release of semen. She then said, thank you for fucking me. She then went to the bathroom and cleaned up herself and came back and gave him a good 30 minute massage sitting on his back and butt.
The next day I saw Grace in the kitchen and I said how did last night go and she smiled and she said your husband is a very good lover and thank you ma’am for everything that you do for me. And I told her and I reminded her that she could invite my husband down every single night if she wants or once a week it’s whatever you want I told Grace. I gave Grace my husband’s personal cell phone and said if you want sex you text my husband and tell him when and where and that’s all you need to do you don’t need to interact with me or tell me or ask me permission.

My husband was down there four or five times a week and was wearing that brown pussy out. After about a month of this activity I chatted with Grace in the kitchen again and I said sweetheart. There’s more to intimacy than just thrusting your private parts at each other. If you want my husband to come down and make love to you and then spend the night downstairs in your room that’s okay with me. You just tell my husband with a text that you’re going to make love and spend the night down in your room.
Later that afternoon My husband texted me and said are you sure it’s okay for me to spend the night? I said my sweet dearest husband I love you so much and yes there’s absolutely no problem with you spending the night with Grace because there’s more to love making than just an ejaculation.

Grace seem to do an even better job around the house I guess because she was getting more money and lots of cock. We are now 7 months into this scenario and things have settled out and my husband goes down anywhere from 2 to 4 times a week an occasionally spends the night. They even get on video call with Grace’s sister in the Philippines and my husband will make love to Grace while the sister watches.

I belong to an association that I won’t mention but sometimes it requires me to travel for two or three days. I spoke with Grace the next day and said tomorrow is Thursday and my husband has off Friday Saturday and Sunday. I have to go to Florida for business and I won’t be back until Tuesday. If you want my husband would be delighted to take you on a small vacation over the weekend. It’s called a bed and breakfast tour and basically every day you go to a different luxury old mansion and spend the night there and have pampering and massages and great food and wine and then the next day you go to the next one. I want you to accompany him and when you do you are his wife. He will introduce you as his wife and you act as his wife and of course he will ravage your body. He always tells me how delicious you taste and how beautiful your pussy looks and how he loves to fill your pussy with his sperm.
Grace said yes ma’am I love it when your husband sperms me because it gives me relief and makes me calm. Ma’am I love our situation and I will be very careful to take good care of your husband and be the good wife this coming weekend. I’m very excited to be shown to the world as his Mrs! I think that night I’m going to rape your husband! We both laughed and I told her to take my credit card and go out and buy some nice dresses that cost like $100 each so you look good on these bed and breakfast vacations.

Grace is a blessing to our family and my husband definitely gets the best of both ends.

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  • Reply Cappy ID:1a4kzeo38i

    This sounds like the perfect life, for everyone involved.
    Lucky people.

  • Reply Jacqui ID:5q8ituf49a

    So enjoy these stories… I would loved to have been the maid..
    Should I become a maid as she was to get those extras.
    Jacqui at [email protected]

  • Reply Gonzo ID:7ylrjplk0j

    I had a friend in a similar situation and yes the best of both worlds. If this is true then you are one hell of a woman. Aside from the fact I love those super small Filipina woman. I think I fucked a 4’8″ tall a few times and the shortest was like 4’5″.
    The Navy article called them LBFM’s Which stands for Little Brown Fucking Machines lol@