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Mark Littrell and Skip Young were two total degenerates. Living on the streets of the cities, they were well known to local law enforcement. As the seasons changed, the two men, both black and homeless, traveled to different cities. Their main occupation was food- where to get it; what not to eat. Second, and a close second it was, was their addiction to meth. When they weren’t high, they were stealing to get money to buy more meth. Then visit the restaurant dumpsters for half-eaten dinners.
Tonight, was like most other nights. The two sat on the ground next to a restaurant dumpster, not far from their shack in the woods. They’d just eaten some fairly decent Italian. Now they sat in the dumpster shadow shooting up some pretty strong meth, when suddenly a dream walked by.

Her name was Emmah Smith. She was walking home from her friend’s house. She’d stayed later than she had planned, and her mom had called up, angry and insisting she get home right this minute for dinner. Shoot, in trouble again! She decided to cut through behind the stores, a short-cut to her neighborhood. Emmah was 11 1/2 years old. Physically she was showing her puberty alright. Her boobs were just starting to grow; it had actually just started. Her areoles and nipples were bigger now; they stuck out more than they used to. Still, she felt she was pretty flat-chested. Not like that 12-year-old Cindy Decker; what a set of boobs she had on her. Of course, she was six months older, too.
Emmah had long brown hair. She stood almost 5’ 4”, weighed 118 pounds. She may have had a smaller chest, but her butt, along with her hips, were about as developed as an older teenager. Tonight, she had on her school skirt and blouse, sneakers and a jacket. She walked quickly along, not paying any attention to her surroundings.

Mark and Skip didn’t hesitate. They both jumped up, moved to the edge and looked. It was a girl, a young girl, walking alone behind the stores. High on meth, Mark just let his urges control him. Skip of course did whatever Mark did. They both moved up behind her, being as quiet as they could. Mark suddenly lunged. She turned slightly, just as he grabbed her. He wrapped one arm around her face, cover her mouth. The other wrapped around her body, grabbing her arms. Skip reached down, grabbed her lower legs and lifted. They stood there a moment, then Mark took off for the woods, Skip trying hard to stay close with a hold of the kids struggling legs. Through the woods they went, crashing through the bushes, the girl screaming into his hand, muffled well. They came out on a path. The two men turned down the path, turned down another path later, then another. Soon they came to a shack, made from pieces of roofing and freight boxes laid against the wall, an old brick wall from a building now long gone. They climbed inside. Pulling the girl with them. As Mark lay on her, still holding her and muffling her screams, Skip quickly sat up and turned on an old gas lamp hanging from overhead. The shack, dirty and filthy, had some height to it; it was almost five feet tall.

For the first time, the meth-fueled men got their first look at their prize. She was young, plenty scared. Pretty hair, long legs. Skip sat on her thighs, so Mark could get up some. Mark let got with his one arm, then started to grab her face with both hands. She screamed, he stopped and slapped her, hard. He slapped her again, then a third time, very hard. She tried blocking him with her hands, but he was swinging with meth-fueled strength. Plus, for a homeless guy, he was still pretty strong. Then he gripped her face again, leaned down, angrily snarled at her through heavy breathing,

“Listen you! You keep quiet or I’ll beat the ever-living shit out of you! You understan’ me, white girl?!” He slapped her with his other hand, hard.

She tried to cover her face with her hands, crying, sobbing, “Please, stop, please. Just let me go….”

Mark grabbed the girl’s jacket, pulled it open and off of her as she struggled to hold onto it. He yelled at her to let go of it; Skip whacked her head from behind. Soon, the jacket was off. Mark went right to her blouse. He ripped it open; the five buttons flying all over. She had on some kind of t-shirt under it. As he and Skip tore the blouse from her, she struggled, kept pleading for them to stop. Soon though, the blouse was ripped from her too. Next, they grabbed her t-shirt, pulled it right off. She had hardly any titties at all; just some nipples starting to bloom out some. Just a little girl. They went right for her skirt next; tearing it, ripping it from her as she struggled to keep it. Next came her underwear and her sneakers. The young girl suddenly was laying there on the cardboard floor, naked, trying to cover herself and crawl away from them.

Mark was really buzzing now. He saw this nude young thing in front if him; his dick as getting harder the more they stripped her. He drooled looking at her with Skip. She knew what was coming, they knew she knew, and they loved it.

Mark said, “Yeah, girl, we gonna take turns on you. Pretty white girl like you. How old are you?”
“Ten, I mean, e, eleven…” she stammered.

“Spread them legs, bitch. Spread those fucking legs, white girl. Come on, show me that fucking little virgin pussy of yours. Spread ‘em, girl….” Emmah lay there; scared to death, not doing what he said. She knew these men wanted to rape her. She knew they probably would. She also knew she couldn’t stop them. She kept crying, asking for her mother, begging them to just let her go… Then, the man leaned down and punched her hard in her side. Ouch! It made her whole side hurt; her lowest ribs throbbed. Oh man, it really, really hurt! A few moments later, she slowed started to eased her legs apart. Mostly she kept them together on her side, moving one down to the side more. They kept yelling at her; making her spread one leg far to the side; then spreading her other leg to the other side, wide. She lay there, staring to the side through tears, her legs now wide apart; her most private parts fully exposed to these terrible men. She was so freaked out she was hyperventilating, her hands trembled as she tried vainly to cover her privates.

Mark got undressed quickly. You could easily see the outline of her little two-piece bathing suit tan lines. That little cunt, her little bald pussy slit; he couldn’t slow down at all. He had to fuck this white girl right now. He immediately climbed on the young girl, her small body trembling beneath him. She jumped when he did; she started screaming louder and louder;

“No! Please, no! No! Stop! No!”
Skip grabbed a rag nearby; crammed it into her little mouth. He grabbed her arms, held them over her head as Mark grabbed his cock, put it to her little cunt. Fucking little girl was pretty alright; cute, sexy, no tits yet and a bald pussy. So fucking sexy! She tried to keep him away with her legs, but she was already spread too wide apart. He held it to her little girl hole; pushed it around, searching for that little pussy of hers. He felt her cunt lips; he was close. She kept squirming around an awful lot; he kept pushing against her. Suddenly he felt his dick slip into her a little. This was it! Then it slid out; he pushed around some more, found it again. He pushed, forcing that fat head of his into her little girl cunt hole. It was hard; her hole was really small. She screamed bloody murder into the rag when he did push in. First the head, then a little more, then a little more still. He was grinning, laughing. She was so fucking young; he was so fucking horny.

It took a lot of effort by Mark. Skip did what he could to keep her still and quiet, not easy as she fought them. Mark kept her legs spread apart; kept pressing his dick to her little cunt. He kept popping back out; man, she was tight! He pushed it in again, then a third time. This time, he pressed in and kept pressing in, as she thrashed about beneath him. Finally, his dick fueled by his lust and meth, was stiff enough to go into her almost half way, then some more. She started to fight less, arching her back, obviously in pain and trying to do something to stop it. He pushed on; deeper into that little girl’s pussy he went. He felt her hymen as he went right through it. He said to her, breathing heavily,

“Heh heh, little girl, you ain’t no virgin no more, girl, heh heh heh… let’s you and me make a baby…”

He licked her face as he started to fuck that little white girl. Back and forth, he thrust himself in and out of her little twat. He was careful not to back out too much; she was so fucking tight; you could easily get pushed out. No, he kept in there good and deep, fucking her over and over again. Oh man, his dick hadn’t felt this good since last Halloween, when they’d grabbed that little fairy girl. He raped this one for a long time, grunting as she whimpered, cried, begging them to stop.

When he did cum in her, her slid down and licked her mouth; her little tits. He sucked hard on her nipples, until Skip said, “Hey! My turn!”

Mark climbed up; Skip took his place. She choked, sobbed, “Please no, no, not again, please no…..”
Skip took his dick, and again she started to fight. Mark grabbed her arms; Skip lifted a leg, put his cock to her little pussy. It went in easier than Mark’s did, with all the lubrication. Still, she squeezed tight; he had to really push to get past those pussy lips of hers. Once in, she again just went limp. He started humping her right away; she lay there, making little noises as her pounded his meat deep into that little eleven-year-old pussy of hers. He rubbed her flat chest as he did, gripped her ass cheeks, pulling her up towards him. Over and over, he slammed himself so deep she started crying with every thrust from the sharp pain he made as he bottomed out in her little vagina. He just kept laughing his sick laugh, roughly raping the young girl.

Once Skip finished, Emmah was immediately forced to turn over. Again, they spread her legs wide apart. She felt something slick get rubbed on her butt, then one man started to push himself into her butthole! Oh my God, now they were going to rape her butt! Oh my God, this was way more painful! She really screamed this time, but they held her down so she couldn’t stop them. The man raping her ass pushed her face into the floor; she couldn’t even scream now; the pain was so intense.

Mark sodomized the little girl for a very long time. One thing he liked was tight asses. He fucked her until he couldn’t hold it one second longer, then shot his load into that tiny asshole of hers. Skip pushed in, began to rape her ass too. She had hardly any interruption. He didn’t last quite as long, but he filled her ass with cum. He slapped it good when he pulled out.

When they were done with her ass, they forced her to get on her hands and knees and start licking their dicks. Up and down, balls too, girl. She couldn’t get very much in that little mouth of hers, but Skip sure tried a few times. She couldn’t breathe, had actually been turning blue as he gripped her head, forcing himself deep into her throat. Mark watched her throat swell up as it when in. Man, this girl could sure take it. Mark watched Skip go in her throat some more, her struggling to breathe every time. Then Mark went at her again too, making her take him in her throat too. Before they came though, they turned her around and took turns raping her vagina again. It was close to sunrise when they finally let her run away. The two grabbed their few belongings and headed down the path. Soon they came to a railroad track. A freight came along, moving slowly up the long grade. They jumped on, watched from the boxcar as some police cars drove up to the back of the stores. They grinned. What was for breakfast?

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    Loved it. Prone bone, held down and assfucked hard up her tight virgin rectum. So fucking good.
    The best way to fuck a little whore.
    And then the throatfuck, really choking her.
    Man, came so hard imagining this.
    Thank you.

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    raped up the ass like a good girl

    • AssGuy ID:bt1hxzrj

      Fuck yeah. Love to see a little whore held down prone bone with a fat cock balls deep up her tight ass while she is squealing in pain. So so good…

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    Wonderful tale ,loved every bit of it.

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    Excellent! Big, black rapists and a little girl. LovelyLovely!!