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My stepson got me pregnant

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My fiancés son got me pregnant behind his dads back. His dad thinks the kid is his.

My name is Tina, I’m 35 years old. I’m a little bit on the bigger side, but most of it goes to the right places. So my hips and butt are decently big, but my breasts aren’t. This all started where I started suspecting my step son (15) had been using my panties to jerk off, and after confronting him about it, I was correct. I didn’t mind or find it disgusting in any way, but almost more of a compliment. My fiancé, who is 46 years old, often fails to satisfy me in bed any more. So I had a suggestion to my step son that we could just try and have sex. This originally made him quite uncomfortable, as he didn’t want to hurt his dad. But after some talking about it, he agreed.

Skipping to a couple of weeks later, we choose to try having sex for the first time. His dad is out on a trip for work for about a week. We choose to be in me and his dads room, as the bed is bigger, and there’s a TV in that room. We lay together watching a movie, him being a big spoon. Compare to me he isn’t very big, so my ass covers a lot more than just his crotch, and I can clearly feel him getting hard. So I turn around and after some fooling around, I find myself on top of him and making out. He clearly has some strong feelings for me, and honestly, I might for him as well. After some kissing, I get off the bed and bend over the side of it as he gets behind me.

He slowly pushes his dick into me as he’s feeling my ass gently. I start slowly moving back and fourth on his dick. I didn’t know at the time that he was a virgin, but later on that was quite surprising. He grabs the sides of my hips and starts thrusting into me with a lot of energy, a lot more than his dad. It’s at this point I realize how much better this is than with his dad, and I’m loving every second of it. After just a handful of minutes of him thrusting into me, he eventually pushes deep and hard. It makes me fall down onto the bed with him on top of me, still pushing. He’s cumming inside me, and as deep as he can. I’m speechless, as I don’t know how to process this as I’m not on the pill. After a short minute of me just laying there quietly, he eventually starts pumping again, and I forget all my worries. We continue fucking like this, and he cums inside me a lot… a lot.

From that point onward for the rest of the week we have alone, we basically live as a newly-wed couple. After he comes home from school, we share some kisses, touches and love words. I cook us dinner, and then we often end the day by watching a romantic movie. This more often than not ends with me riding him in the couch and kissing him like no tomorrow. We slept in the same bed, him spooning me closely. Some times having sex before bed or in the morning before he has school or I have work (though I work from home).

Of course all good things come to an end. His dad comes home from his trip. a short time after, I start feeling sick. I am of course pregnant. Me and my secret lover discuss it and agree to acting like the kid is his dads. He will never be responsible for the child, as I love him too much to force him to pay for the kid. Over the course of time his dad of course goes on more trips, and we keep fucking. He claims he loves thinking about me having his kid. Even with my big stomach sticking out, he still continues to find me attractive and loves to have sex with me.

A couple of years later him and his dad gets into a lot of arguments and it ends with him getting kicked out of the house. We still see each other on a regular basis to just have sex, most often in the back seat of my car. That’s where we stand today. One day I will divorce his father and take a lot of money, and marry my true love.

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