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My Step-Daughter And Her Two Friends

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What could go wrong when three horny nubile 18 year olds all want your cock?

This is a 3-part series. Here is part 1. I’ll post the other parts one after the other. Comments and ratings welcome.

Also, I don’t think I have the main character a name. Best suggestion in the comments wins. So far he’s really just referred to as Daddy. I hope we can all learn to live with that.


My Step-Daughter is eighteen, and so are her two friends. My stepdaughter’s name is Joanie. Her two best friends are Emily and Violet. All three of them are beautiful young women. I’ve known them for the last five years since I moved in with Joanie’s mom, Sam. Joanie is Sam’s daughter from her previous relationship. They weren’t together, and the Dad was kind of a deadbeat. It seems like Joanie was looking for a father figure to look up to so when they moved in with me she was friendly and ready to accept me into her life. I slotted in quite nicely without any issues.

Mine and Sam’s sex life is rather lively, we mostly have sex at night after we think Joanie has gone to bed. Sam is beautiful for her age. Joanie is like a younger version of her Mother. Despite myself, I am attracted to her. I keep that thought to myself. But since Joanie turned eighteen I have been thinking more about her. She’s got nice sized breasts, like her Mother. She also likes to wear skimpy clothing around the house. I don’t complain because it isn’t my place. Sam never tells her anything either. I suppose that she feels comfortable with me being around her half-naked daughter.

I have to admit, from time to time I need to fold up my cock into my sweatpants waistband. It’s one way of hiding an erection. Joanie is wearing these Lulu shorts that hug her ass tightly. She’ll bend over to grab something from the kitchen cupboard and I try to avert my eyes. She’s also only wearing these tight blue sports bras that expose her flat stomach. Joanie is gorgeous and if she knew what I thought about her I’m sure she would be disgusted.

There is also Emily. Who is a tight eighteen-year-old blonde with small tits. She has a perfectly shaped ass which she always fits into tight-fitting pants. Another reason to avert my eyes. I have thought of fucking her from behind countless times.

Violet is a little thicker. She has thick thighs, pale skin, and nice big tits. She’s confided in me that boys don’t pay her much attention, which I can’t imagine. I want to give her all of mine, but I know it crosses a line.

All three girls turn me on and I can’t have each of them. Not because I’m married, but because I’m forty years old and definitely shouldn’t be looking at tight eighteen-year-olds. I have to hide my porn preferences from Sam. She would never approve of the fact I am attracted to girls Joanie’s age. She’s my daughter after all… And a dad should never want to fuck his daughter, but yet here I am thinking about her and the two friends that are always around.

To celebrate Violet’s eighteenth birthday Joanie came to me and asked if her two friends could spend the night. I didn’t hesitate to give her permission. This particular weekend was perfect because Sam was going to be gone for the weekend. Leaving the house mostly to the girls, I would just have to stay out of their way. I could stay in my room and the girls could take over the rest of it.

Joanie jumped up and kissed me on the cheek.

“Thank you, Daddy!” Her sports bra jiggled. “I can’t wait for my girlfriends to get here!”

Me either… I thought to myself. To have three nubile teens under my roof would excite any man. The only problem was that they weren’t there to fuck me. That would be the last thing on their mind…

When Friday came around I kissed Sam goodbye first thing in the morning. She warned me that she might not be back until Tuesday. She was going primarily to see her parents, but her friends had texted her that they wanted to spend some time with her as well. She had already told her work that she might not come back Monday.

“That’s fantastic darling. Take as much time as you need. I’ll watch the house and the girls.”

“Don’t let them get too crazy…” She said distantly. “You know how girls are.”

I nodded sagely. I did know how girls were. Sam had been one at some point. We had made love constantly back in those days. My cock was rarely dry from her pussy for so long. I love her so much, then and now. It just so happened that my fantasies were edging closer to her daughter now… And her daughter’s friends. It wasn’t that Sam was less beautiful to me, it was that Joanie was that much more gorgeous. Her body, and everything else about her, became more attractive every day. Joanie’s attitude was sexy as well. The way she carried herself, was similar to her Mother. The fact was that I hadn’t known Joanie as a kid and so I didn’t view her as one. I viewed her as a fully formed woman that only got hotter as time went on.

Sam drove off and I was left to go to work.

When I came home all three girls had already arrived for the weekend. I walked in at 6 PM to find Violet all alone on the couch. She was watching TV in the living room. She was on our rug, lying on her stomach, kicking her legs into the air. She turned around to look at me.

“Oh, hi, Mr. Horner!”

“Hey Violet,” I said setting down my backpack. “I told you, you can call me Chuck.”

Violet chuckled. “I know… But that’s so personal…”

“I’ve known you for five years.”

“I know… Mr—Chuck, I know you’re right. I’m just not used to that.”

“That’s okay. Call me whatever’s comfortable, but I’m still Chuck.”

Violet put a hand on her ass. I imagined it was my own, but I didn’t stare for too long. I walked to the kitchen which was adjacent to the TV room. I pour myself a glass of water and turned to the TV.

“What’s on?”

Violet turned back around. I took the opportunity to admire how her ass stuck out of her pants.

“Nothing. Just some reality TV show about dating.”

I took a sip. “Any good?”

“As good as any of the other ones.”

“Sam likes those,” I said to Violet. “Can’t stop watching them. I wish I could get into them.”

“Well, why don’t you watch with me?”

I looked around. “Where’s Joanie and Emily?”

Violet looked back at me. “Oh, they’re upstairs in the loft.”

“Why aren’t you with them?”

“Just wanted some alone time.”

“Won’t I cut into that?”

Violet looked me up and down.

“Mr. Horner—Chuck, I don’t think anybody would want alone time from you.”

Behind my glass, Violet probably couldn’t see me blush. It was the nicest thing she had ever said to me. I never thought she had such a high opinion of me. It was the niceness of the comment that made me decide to sit with her.

“Okay. Let’s watch the show.”

“Yay!” Violet said.

I walked over to the couch and sat down, leaning back. Still in my work clothes. Which were a dress shirt and jeans. Quite casual, my business didn’t take the dress code that seriously. As long as you didn’t look homeless it didn’t matter.

I had refilled my glass of water and was drinking from it again. When Violet rolled over to the couch and sat next to me. We just watched the contestants get introduced to each other at first. It was quite boring. Violet added her commentary on events, and I tried to have opinions about the people but it seemed so vapid.

“What are you girls going to do this weekend?” I asked to try and break the monotony.

“Just hang out around the house… If that’s okay. We’re so tired of testing and just want some time to do nothing together.”

“That’s fine. You girls are welcome to do anything. My house is your house. Promise.”

“That’s what I love about you, Chuck.”

I smiled at her. “You’re so sweet, Violet.”

Violet bit her bottom lip. I tried not to overthink it.

“I can tell you don’t really care about this show…”

“No… I mean… Okay, I am a bit bored.”

“I appreciate you watching with me.” Violet put a hand on my chest when she said that.

“I didn’t want you to be all by yourself…”

“I know… And that’s so nice.” Violet began. Her hand was still on my chest. “You’ve always been so nice.”

“Well, I’m Joanie’s dad and I want her friends to feel welcome.”

“And we do.” Her hand brushed downward to my belt buckle. I didn’t react, I didn’t want to make too much of nothing. “I wish there was a way to pay you back.”

“Being Joanie’s friend is all the payment I’ll ever need.”

“No…” Violet began. “For all the other stuff you do too. Giving us rides, money, and for watching shows like this even when you don’t want to watch them.”

I laughed. “It isn’t like torture to watch TV with a beautiful girl.”

Her hand slipped further down, onto my crotch. “You think I’m beautiful?”

I swallowed. “Yes, Violet.” I should have moved her hand, but truth be told I liked her hand on my cock. I wanted to see where she would go with this.

At first, nowhere. The show continued and she focused on watching it. Her hand was gently moving back on forth on top of my bulge. I tried not to moan too much, or shuffle, thinking she might get scared and realize where her hand was. I had already imagined her jerking me off and the thought was incredible.

After a minute she gripped my bulge. “I think you’re hot… Chuck…”

That made me moan. The way she was holding onto my manhood.

We were facing each other. She kept looking down at where her hand was. It was too late to take it back. I used my free hand and cupped the side of her face. I brought her in and kissed Violet.

I pulled away. “I’m sorry. I shouldn—”

She grabbed my face with both her hands and kissed me back. She was pushing her entire body into mine. “I want you too, so badly.” She told me between kisses.

“We shouldn’t do this!” I declared as I kissed her. “Sam would be furious.”

“Forget about Sam.” Violet grabbed my hand and put it onto her breast. “Just think about me.”

“You’re all I could,” I said as I groped her tit.

Violet’s hand found itself back on my bulge. “I want to see your cock, Chuck.”

“No…” I started. “That’s not a good idea.”

“It’s all I’ve been thinking about…”

“You have?”

Violet pulled away. Rubbing my crotch. I started to push back against her hand.

“I think you like this… Mr. Horner…”

“Come on… Oh god… Violet… It’s Chuck.”

She giggled. “I know.” She lowered her head down to my crotch. “I want to see your cock.”


“Come on…” She gripped my zipper. “Just let me lower it…” I didn’t stop her. “Just to have a peak.” She pulled it down. It revealed my black underwear. Violet blew hot breath from her mouth onto my cock. I could feel the heat.

“Oh…” I moaned.

“You want me to do this don’t you?”

I stumbled over it a few times. I may have tried to stop myself from saying it. “Yes.”

“Let’s just pull these down.”

I lifted my hips off the couch. Violet pulled down my jeans and underwear until my still soft cock was revealed. Violet licked her lip.

“Oh, Chuck, it looks so wonderful.” She gripped it delicately. It was still soft in her hand but hardening under her grasp.

“We shouldn’t be doing this—”

Violet covered my mouth, then placed her lips against my cock. Slowly extending out her tongue over it. This helped it harden.

“But you want this.”

I nodded.

“Don’t deny yourself this.”

My dick was fully hard. Violet was running her tongue along the shaft. Running it down to my balls, putting one in her mouth. I gently placed a hand on her head and grabbed her hair.

“You’re doing so good.” I assured her.

She licked to the head of my cock and surrounded the head with her mouth. I pushed my cock up into her mouth and she swallowed it graciously.

“Oh fuck, Violet. Keeping sucking my cock. You’re doing such a good job.”

I pushed Violet’s head further down on my cock. She had taken all six inches to the back of her throat. I pushed up further into her mouth. Pulling it out and fucking back into her mouth. I was desperate to fuck Violet. She was doing such a good job with her mouth I couldn’t imagine how good her pussy would feel.

Violet came up for breath. Wiping spit from her jaw. “Your cock is so big.”

I looked into Violet’s eyes and grabbed her chin. I pulled her in for another kiss. “You’re doing a great job. Do you want my cock inside you?” My lips were pulsing as I made the request. My cock was hard and expecting her to say yes, desperately wanting it.

“You want to fuck your daughter’s best friend?” Violet asked me. Her mouth was an inch from mine.

“So badly.”

“Oh… Chuck… I want to ride you so bad, but they’re upstairs… What if they come down?”

“Don’t worry about that, please. I need this.”

Violet looked up. My couch was back up against a wall, that doubled as the stairs to the loft and our other bedrooms. The girls could come down and look down at us at any moment. They would see Violet with my cock in her mouth. Or worse with my cock deep inside her fertile pussy. God. I wanted to fuck her tight teen pussy so bad.

“Let me take you to the bathroom.”

“Chuck… I don’t know…”

“You’re already sucking my dick… It wouldn’t be so bad for us to fuck.”

“You want me, don’t you?”

“So badly. I want to feel my cock inside you.”

“I want that too.”

I grabbed Violet’s shirt and pulled her into a deep kiss. “Then please, take those pants off and get on my cock.”

Violet looked up again. “Take me to the bathroom. I need you inside me, Chuck.”

I pulled my pants back up. We walked past the stairs and to the bathroom right next to them. Violet walked in front of me. She was wearing a white T-shirt and yoga shorts. I playfully touched her ass. Then closed the door behind us. I looked down at Violet. She was a cute girl. A bit thicker, with a nice figure. She was pale with jiggly skin. I pushed her against the wall and kissed her.

“I can’t wait to fuck you.”

“Please, Chuck. Fuck me hard.”

I kissed Violet. Lifting her shirt over her head. She wasn’t wearing a bra. Her tits were C-cups. I put my mouth on a nipple. Sucking gently, pulling Violet close. She grabbed my head and kept me close to her nipples. I continued kissing my way down and pulled her spandex shorts down. Violet kicked them off. She was naked in front of me. I was on my knees. Worshipping her.

“You’re so gorgeous.” I kissed her stomach and continued to kiss her pubic mound, then lapped at her pussy lips. Violet moaned. She was running her fingers through my hair as I ate her out. She rubbed her pussy against my face.

I stood up and unbuckled my pants. I dropped my underwear to the floor and grabbed at my hard cock. “I want this inside of you.”

“Please.” She replied.

I grabbed her by the neck and bent her over the sink. Her hands were holding her in place as I slipped myself into her tight wet pussy.

“Oh… Fuck…” I said as I slid in.

“Fuck me.” She commanded.

I started slamming into her from behind.

“I want to cum inside you,” I told her. As I fucked her hard.

“Please, Chuck. Cum inside my tight teen pussy. I’m on birth control. You can fill me up all you want.”

“Oh… Fuck yes…” I said. I was gripping her shoulder and slamming hard into her pussy. She was moaning with each thrust and I was deep inside her. I felt my balls bouncing against her skin. “Your teen pussy feels so fucking good… Better than my wife…”

“You won’t need to fuck Sam ever again, so long as you have me.” Violet moaned out.

“Yes, Violet, I’d love to fuck you again and again.”

I was balls deep in Violet when she turned around to kiss me. She jumped up onto the sink and presented her pussy. Her legs were up in the air. I aimed my cock and plunged into her. This time with each thrust I came closer to her face and kissed her deeply. I was enjoying fucking Violet’s young body when she wrapped her arms around my neck and lifted herself off the sink. She kissed me and I fell into the wall. I was holding her up and fucking her. She kept falling like the perfect teen cocktease.

I lowered her down onto the floor and continued fucking her missionary. I was on top of her, kissing her deeply, my dick was in her as far as it would go. She had her legs wrapped around me. Preventing me from going too far from her.

“Fuck, Chuck! Your cock feels so good! I love that you’re so close to me…”

“I love you…” I panted harshly into her ear.

“You love me?”

“I love fucking you.” I corrected.

“I love you, Chuck!” She wrapped her legs even tighter. Kissing me.

I pumped several more times and bottomed out into her and moaned loudly. My cum filled her tight teen cunt up. I laid down on her and sucked on her nipples as my cock went soft inside of her. I pulled out. Rested on her for a few minutes longer.

“That was so fucking fun…” I told her. “Thank you.”

Her fingers ran circles on my back, her legs still around me. “No, thank you. I’ve wanted this since I first met you…”

“Really?” I looked into her eyes.

“Yes. I’ve always been into older guys… Especially guys like you.”

I brushed some hair out of her face. “You’re gorgeous Violet. Not just because you’re so young, but your personality and everything. I’m so glad you’re Joanie’s friend.”

She started to blush. “You’re so sweet… Can we do this again?”

“I don’t know… We’ll have to talk about it… You have my number, don’t you?” Violet nodded. “We’ll have to be careful but I want you to text me. Any time you think of me.”

“Any time?”

I nodded. Kissing her. “I want to hear from you.”

“God… This is so great.”

We kissed. I was still soft, but I was grinding my soft cock against her pussy. My body was ready to fuck her one more time. I desperately needed to because I might never get the chance again. Still, I didn’t know how long we could stay in the bathroom before Joanie or Emily noticed we were missing.

I humped my cock on her. “It would feel so good to go again…”

“I know it would.” Violet said.

“But what about Joanie and Emily?”

“I don’t know.”

”We should get dressed… Don’t forget to text me, Violet. Now that I’ve had you, I don’t want to go without you.”

“You’re a horny guy, aren’t you Mr. Horner?”

I kissed her before standing up. “I suppose I am.” I thought about it as I put my pants back on. “I just like sex. I like sex with good-looking teens like you. I’ve never done this before… If that’s what you’re thinking… I’ve never cheated on Sam, but you’re so goddamn gorgeous.” Violet was sliding her yoga shorts back on. I hugged her. My hands landed on her ass. “I like beautiful girls, and I like fucking, ain’t nothing wrong with that. And there ain’t nothing wrong with you wanting to fuck an older man either.”

“What about a married older man?”

“That’s between me and Sam, okay? Has nothing to do with you. As long as we’re having fun, nobody has to know.” I paused. “God, Violet, I love how your tits feel on my skin.”

“I like being close to you.”

I grabbed her shirt from the floor and handed it back to her. She put it on. She didn’t have a bra to put on. I put on my shirt.

“I’m going to leave the bathroom, you wait a few minutes. If anybody asks I’ll say you went outside, but hopefully, Joanie and Emily are both just upstairs.”


I peeked outside the door. Nobody was there, then I looked up the stairs. Nobody was there either. The house was as empty as it had been. The TV was still running the reality dating show. I walked back and sat on the couch.

I let out a deep sigh and relaxed. I had just fucked my daughter’s friend and cum inside her. Life was good. I couldn’t ask for much more than that.

Several minutes later Violet came out of the bathroom and took her place next to me. While she wasn’t right on top of me, she draped her legs over me. I put a hand on her thigh and periodically clenched it. She smiled at me each time. She liked the attention, and I liked giving it to her. After another hour Joanie and Emily came down and started watching TV with us. They didn’t say anything, as far as I could tell neither of them had even realized me and Violet were fucking like rabbits while the two were upstairs.

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