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My Step-dad Punished Me With His Dick

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My mom remarried a couple of years after she divorced my dad. My step dad was nice enough in the beginning but he found out I was kind of a wild child and he didn’t like it. I would skip school, I smoked, hung out with boys he didn’t like and I think he guessed I was getting fucked. I was 13 when they married. Mom was easy to fool. He wasn’t. She believed about everything I told her, but he didn’t.

He watched me like a hawk. Mom worked and she got bumped to 2 nd shift for a while 3:00-11:00. So, I was home in the evenings with my step dad Dale. I got home from school about 3:15 and he got home at 3:45. He wanted me home alone, no boys in the house and the house cleaning started. He was big on rules.

I loved my mom so much so I would never do anything to hurt her. Dale caught one boyfriend of mine in the house once because he got home early. He saw us coming out of my bedroom. We had fucked but we were dressed and everything. You couldn’t tell by looking at us. He didn’t say anything in front of Jack but gave me the eye. That meant, get him out of here. So, Jack left and I told Dale he came in to get an assignment from a class he missed cause he went to the dentist. My books were in my room.

Well, he didn’t believe me at all. I had on a mini skirt and a v-neck sweater. He said, “I’m not your mother so don’t tell me you didn’t fuck that boy while he was here.” I said, “I did not.” He said, “You’re gonna make me prove it to you, aren’t you?” I said, “You can’t prove anything.” He walked over to me and pushed his hand up under my skirt to my crotch grabbed my panties pulled them aside and swiped through my pussy lips. I was shocked. He said, “You’re gonna stand there and tell me this isn’t cum?” I just looked at him and said nothing. He said, “Go to your room, I’ll be in in a minute.” “Take those panties off and wash your pussy.”

I never thought much of it, I figured he would come in and tell me I was grounded for however long, how ashamed he was of me, how my mother would be heartbroken and storm out.
I took off my panties and was washing my pussy. I walked into my bedroom and was getting panties when he walked in wearing nothing but a towel. At first, I thought he was gonna take a shower cause that’s what he always did when he got home.

But today he walked over to me and ripped my panties out of my hand and said take off your clothes.I just looked at him. He said, “Now, do it.” So, I took off my sweater, and my bra then I pushed my skirt to the floor. I glanced down and could see his dick was hard and sticking out. He took my hand and walked me to the bed. He sat down pulled me over his lap and started spanking me, hard. He said, I think you’ve needed this for a long time little girl.

I said, “I’m sorry, you don’t have to spank me.” He said, “Yes I do.” He spanked me till my butt was red, very red. When he stopped I was gonna get up and he put his left arm across my back. He took his right hand and stuck it right into my pussy. I could feel his dick on my stomach. It was as hard as a rock. He’s fingering me with three fingers. He said, “I can still feel the cum your friend left.” He told me to get up and bend over the bed. He took my arm and led me. Then be pu!led off the towel and stick his dick in me. Oh, he was huge compared to Jack’s dick. He said, “I’m fucking you cause you can’t follow the rules.” “If you want a dick in your pussy, it will be mine.” “If I think you’re fucking I’m gonna be checking with my fingers or like this.” He knew I was on birth control to regulate my periods.

“This is between me and you.” “You better not upset your mom by telling her anything” I said, “I would never tell mom anything to hurt her.” He reaches around and squeezes my titties real hard. He said, “Do you like to be fucked hard?” then he fucked me really hard, “Or easy?” I said, “Hard.” So, he fucked me harder than I’ve ever been fucked before. I started cumming. He’s smacking my ass and called me a little loose slut. Actually, that turned me on. I didn’t think he was ever gonna cum he just kept fucking me and smacking my ass. I cum several times. He said, ” See, you’re cumming on my dick while you’re being punished, you are a little slut who loves to be fucked.”

He was saying, “Are you gonna mind?” I said, “Yes, I’ll mind.” Then he held my hips and rammed his dick in and cum in me. He slid his dick back and forth as it went down and squeezed my ass then pulled out.

I stood up and turned around then he said, “Get into bed, don’t wash that pussy and don’t put on any panties.” “You can wear a night gown or shirt but no panties, understand? ”

I did what be said. It was only 4:45. I didn’t know what I was supposed to do till bed time. So, I did some homework and he brought me a plate of supper. I guess I was in bed for the night. I ate and laid there thinking about what he did to me. I liked it. His dick was better than any I had before and he made me cum. I might have to break the rules so he’ll fuck me some more. I’m a terrible person, I know.

I fell asleep and I woke up with him sticking his dick in me from behind again. I didn’t say a word. I let him fuck me. I looked at the clock. It was 10:30. Mom got home at 11:30. So, he fucked me while I was laying on my side then he rolled me on my stomach , pulled up my hips in to doggie style and fucked me hard again. I liked it hard and he gave it to me hard. He said, “I can feel the cum I put in here before, good girl.” He said, “You are a slut ain’t you?” I said, “Yes, I think I am.” He said, “How many boys have you let fuck you?” I said, “8.” His dick got harder. “Did they all cum in this pussy?” “Yes.” He said, “I knew you were fucking every boy you went with when I met you.” Then be said, “You suck their dicks too?” I said, “Some of them.” He fucked me fast and cum in me again. He pulled out got up and said, “Go to sleep.”

I did just that. I was well fucked and I slept great. Full of cum.

I didn’t know what was gonna a happen after tomorrow. I had no clue what he would do since he had fucked me. I only saw mom in the mornings, she would get up to see me off to school and then she’d sleep another hour usually. Dale never acted any different if front of mom. But, he had plans for me. When he came in from work I was cleaning the kitchen. He took a quick shower then came up behind me while I was washing dishes. He reached around me grabbed my top, pulled it down to expose my tits and squeezed and rubbed them.

He told me when I got home from school I wasn’t going out in the evening until mom got off 2 nd shift. Not for any reason. No one was allowed over. Not even girlfriends. He said, ” You can’t wear any panties after you get home, you have to wear a low cut short slip with no bra or a low cut short night gown so I can see your titties.” “You will do whatever I tell you to do, understand?” I said, “Yes, I understand.”

And this is how my life was for 9 months. That was how long mom was on 2 nd shift. He would come home from work, shower, fuck me or make me suck his dick. He would make me lay on my back on the bed and hang my head off then he would put his dick in my mouth. He said in that position his dick went down my throat farther and he liked fucking my throat. He would cum in my mouth and insisted I swallow his cum. He played with my titties so much they were sore. After supper he would have me sit in front of him on the ottoman and he would suck on them, pull them and pinch my nipples. He loved my tits. He would watch porn and fuck me while it was on or have me suck him while he watched. He would make me spread my legs apart and he would finger me. He insisted my pussy was shaved. I did that most of the time anyway. But, he wanted it slick all the time. He still spanks me sometimes. He said it makes his dick hard when I’m laying on his lap with my ass and pussy exposed to him.

Don’t get me wrong I enjoyed most of it but he did this everyday. I had no boyfriend or girlfriends. I told them I was working for my stepdad from home after school.

Watching the porn videos caused him to start wanting to fuck my ass. I didn’t want to do that but he made me. He put a butt plug in me and made me wear it. He would keep it in when he fucked me sometimes. After he stretched my opening he loved fucking my ass. I felt like a slave, a sex slave and a slut. If it was up to him he would bring in men to fuck me. He would ask me all kinds of questions about guys that fucked me.

He would say he would love to see somebody fuck my pussy and ass at the same time. He was just to afraid of being caught to ever act on it. I always had a robe close to me in case someone came by. I would put it on and act like I was going to the shower. He cum 3 to 4 times a day. He was in his early 30’s so he could fuck often, I guess. Many nights I would be asleep and he would come in my room and fuck me before mom got home. I’m sure he had to fuck her to, I don’t know how he did it. Mom loved him, I couldn’t ever tell her what he was doing. It would hurt her too much.

I didn’t know any other 13 year old who was fucked as much as I was. Sometimes I thought my pussy was gonna be wore out before I ever found a husband. When mom went back on days I was so glad. He couldn’t fuck me whenever he wanted to. He would make me fuck him if mom was gonna be gone for any length of time. Like if she went to the store, shopping, beauty shop. He found ways to get at me. Especially, at first when she went to days. He was used to fucking all the time. I guarantee he never fucked my mom in the ass. He loved that. When he could find time to fuck me real quick sometimes he wanted to fuck my ass and he would just ram it in. That hurt a lot. But, he did it anyway.

This fucking me went on for 5 years. When I went off to college he stopped for the most part. Sometimes, I miss it actually. But, I am glad it is in the past. He still touches me when he can or he’ll say meet me somewhere but it hasn’t happened so far. If he has the opportunity I’m sure he would. I don’t know if I would stop him or not. I guess we’ll see.

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  • Reply Chuck ID:1de2bhj4wl25

    That’s so hot – I wish I had A friend who had a step dad like that

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    It’s too bad he didn’t insist on breeding you. It would have been awesome if he had knocked you up.

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    Fuck thats a hot story….damn would love to push my cock in ur 13yr pussy…

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    • Lacy ID:1a912bhj

      Steve, he sure loved it. He fucked me constantly.

    • Lowlo ID:1ehod1jrzzcp

      That’s because you’re a pedophile and a perv…her step dad was a pedo and a predator.

  • Reply AssGuy ID:bt1hxzrj

    I would love to fuck you in the ass. I would make you feel it all, really feel it all. I would choke you hard with my cock balls deep up your ass, and your pain and panic from the lack of air would force you to spasm and tighten your ass muscles around my cock, increasing your pain even further giving me ultimate pleasure, to feel your struggles massaging me so fucking good.
    And I would fist your cunt, my whole hand inside you and my cock deep up your ass, and you would feel my hand opening inside your cunt, spreading you and then I would jerk my own cock in your ass with my hand through your cunt walls. Can tell you have never felt anything like it. You would squirm and buck from all that pain, feeling me move in both your holes, you would scream and squeal and grunt like the pig you are, and then you would feel my cock swell and burst inside your ass, shooting deep in your guts.
    Fuck yeah, whore, you would feel it all.

    • Naive little girl ID:1a912bhj

      Poor AssGuy
      All he’s got is his imagination. You’ve written this same thing several times. Move along.

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      Dude you really lack in imagination

      You keep repeating the same shit

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      I love this, just simply love it…

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    So hot, I wanna be fcked real hard too😭

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      so you want it hard and breed you

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      I’d FUCK YOU and Lacey at the same time.

  • Reply Jim ID:71ou0taghl

    I think you did a good job and your 13-year-old pussy and arse would be delightful. He’s very lucky.

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    Very hot story. I’d love to hear more.

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