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My sister-in-law Donna, no regrets

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Donna has patched up her relationship with my her sister Kathy my wife. Having no regrets, I lure her into another fun filled weekend with a twist.

My sister-in law Donna managed to patch up things between her sister my wife. But the irresistible lure of another fun filled week-end with brother-in-law proved to be to much for her. Donna meant me at the same resort where we last stayed, got her drunk and fucked . I was waiting for her in the dinning room when she finally got there. She filled me in about how things settled between my wife and her. Kath believed Donna when she told her that nothing was going on between her husband and her. Kath still loved me, but she did not know how to patch up everything that had happen between us. Donna told her to stop over thinking it and just call me to talk. Donna and I talked for some time before ordering a meal. She was dressed up in a low cut dress, I could tell she was not wearing a bra, her nipples left their imprints in the silky material. As much as Donna loved her sister, the lure and desire of me fucking her again was all she could now think about .

After eating, a few drinks and dancing, Donna and I returned to my room. We started kissing passionately, I unzipped the back of her dress, slipped it over her shoulders and it fill to her feet. Donna stood there in just nylons and lacy garter belt, It surprised me that she was panty less. Donna unzipped my pants and reach in taking ahold of my cock. She began the pump it with both hands and as it became hard rubbed it up and down her moist vagina. She dropped to her knees and started making love to my cock with her tongue and mouth. I became huge in size, she helped finish undressing me and pulled me towards the bed. I pushed her down on her back and started eating her wet cunt. Donna squirmed about on the bed then begged me to stick my fucking big cock into her. I picked up both of her legs resting them on my shoulders then rubbed my huge head up and down her wet slit. My sister-in-law twisted about from the torcher begging me to fuck her. I slowly pushed in , my thick head stretched her vagina wide as it began to enter her. Donna’s long slender legs trembled as she slowly became embedded. Half way in to her cunt I slowly began to fuck her, Donna moaned as my huge thickness went in and out. I could feel her insides begin to grip me and vibrate has I sank deeper towards her hard cervix. Oh god, oh god, Donna cries as I start to hit her cervix. She loses control and begins to violently shake under me. I could feel her coming , her hot fluids spilling out and running down her butt. I work hard to force all my 9 inches into my sister-in law’s vagina. Donna is begging me to come , my wet balls slap her ass as my strokes quicken. Donna’s mouth is all over mine and I explode a huge load of my sperm way up deep into her womb as all 9 inches push in. I keep on fucking her until a second load shoots in then collapsed down on her . We lay spent in both of our arms, my cock slowly softens and slips out with gobs of my semen.

We fuck two more time that night, Donna laying in my arms tells me how bad and ashamed she feels for betraying her sisters trust. Kent you are so naughty and bad , you know exactly how to take advantage of my feelings for you. I just smiled and laughed thinking of what else I had in plan for my clueless sister-in-law this week-end.

At dinner time my friend from work would be joining us with his lovely wife . John works with both Donna and I, he will be bring his wife Kim tonight. They are both staying over too, I have them in the connecting room next to ours. John is 28 and his wife 26, they have been married for 8 years. Kim has always been a little lacking in the sex drive. She doesn’t like to experiment or try different positions of which John would like. John has the hots for Donna, he has tried to pick her up during these company events but I have always been in the way. He then found out that I shared a motel room with her, she was my sister-in-law how did I get away with that. So I finally let him in on what I did to her with a mixture of ambien and alcohol which made her totally clueless . John was so amazed, if we drugged Kim and Donna they would not remember anything that happen to them. So could we switch partners ? You could do anything you want to my wife Kim as long as I can fuck your sister-in-law. I said ok and it was decided.

That night Donna was dressed real sexy for me, She was in a spaghetti strapped satin dress with out any underwear, just nylons and a lacy garter belt. Kim was a very good looking girl, 5′ 2″, 110 lbs. and ,long blond braided hair that reach her butt. She wore a satin blouse and short pleated skirt. John was having a hard time keeping his eyes off of Donna. I worried that his wife would catch on, so I ran interference keeping Kim occupied with me. After dinner and a drink we returned to Donna and my room for drinks. It was only 8 , I made old fashions which disguised 3 ambien pills so good. John was starting to get ahead of things, Kim noticed that her husband was paying more attention to Donna than her. So she drank her drink down and requested another. I got her one then sat next to her. John sat next to Donna on the bar stool, he was pulled up against her with his legs against hers. Soon his hand rest on Donna’s thigh, my sister-in-law was starting to fade. She had finished her drugged drink and had started a second. Kim also was becoming loose and clueless. John got up and ushered Donna to the next room. Donna swayed back and forth as she walked, she mumbled senselessly as John lead her to his bed. Standing he unzipped the back of her dress sliding the straps off her shoulders until the dress fell about her feet. John looked at Donna naked body, he cupped her breast and sucked the nipple before pushing her to the bed. Then John got undressed and crawled up by Donna eating her out then he started to fuck her.

Kim was swaying back and forth , I pulled her up and she stared ahead in a trance like state. She let me usher her to my bed. I unbutton her blouse and let it fall to the ground, then unzipped her skirt and it fell away. She stood there in just her bra and bikini’s staring at me but I knew no one was home right now. I pushed her down to her knees , then undressed and then took advantage of her mouth. I grabbed her braid pulling her head up so her that face meant my cock with her open mouth. I my cock went, she started gagging as I work it deep into her throat. John looked over and caught me fucking his wife’s mouth , he shook his head in disbelief as Kim held up to my abuse .I pulled Kim up then undid her bra ,slipped it off and then her bikini’s. I picked her up and moved her to my bed, pushing her thighs wide apart I started sucking her clit. Kim began to moan as I sucked , my fingers work the inside of her vagina causing her to twist and squirm about the bed. She let out loud cries as my fingers brought her to a wet spraying climax. I kept up the pressure, Kim started to beg for me to stop, then her body went in to convulsions and she sprayed more of her wet fluids everywhere. I pickup Kim’s legs under her thighs spreading her as wide apart as possible. My cock throbbed after reaching its full 9 inch size, I worked its head up and down her hot wet entrance. I was a lot bigger than John so Kim’s vagina had to be stretched to let me in. She was moaning and shaking her head back and forth from the pressure of my huge head pushing to enter. Oh no Kim shouts twisting wildly until my thick hard head popped past her lips and into her channel. I stopped so that she had time to stretch, the insides of her vagina throbbed around my cock soaking it with her hot juice. Kim was no virgin but she sure felt like it, she was going to have a real sore and stretched vagina after tonight. Kim was really breathing hard and fast, I was also sucking her nipples and they were very hard and pointed. At the same time my weight let me slowly sink further into her wet hot vagina channel. Once half way in I could start to fuck her. In and out I went, slow at first then faster until I hit her cervix. Kim’s legs were shaking out of control as 6 inches hit her hard cervix each forceful plunge. Soon it felt as if her water broke or that she was peeing all over me, she was just that wet. My wet balls slapped against her ass with each hard thrust, I was pushing into her cervix, she was stretch to take all 9 inches of me now. I was fucking her fast and hard, her insides vibrated all around my swollen cock until I exploded inside her., The pressure of my come had to shoot up past her cervix and into her ripe womb. The suction of her tight cunt kept me hard and I fucked her until I climaxed again. Exhausted I laid down on her till I was rested.

By this time John had finished with Donna, It was only about 11 when we both had finished. Real funny for two naked guys to staying in the door of our rooms just to be comparing score cards. John said he had fucked Donna from the back side , once in the ass and then cunt. He said Kim would never let him do that. He also could not get over the size of her clit and how hard it became when played with. I told him that his wife was great and reacted clueless to being fucked by someone new. I told him that no matter what we both had to be back in our own bed before 4 am with our own women.
So I went back and fucked Kim 2 more times , his poor wife had a real red cunt after I had finished with her. If John try’s to fuck Kim this next morning her cunt would be a real sloppy fit for John.

Both John and I were up busy cleaning around 4 am. John had to round up Donnas clothes and get them in my room and I had to do the same for his wife Kim. Then we carried the girls each back to the appropriate room and both turned in. I woke up around 10, Donna was on her side and I had cuddled up next to her . She was beginning to wiggle and move her ass about, it began to make me hard and soon my cock press against her butt. Feeling me become erect Donna moved away. She looked at me and told me that I had fucked her enough, she was so hung over and she needed a hot bath and shower now. So she got up and looking like a zombie she struggled to the bathroom. John was soon up to, he rapped on the door and I opened it. Kim was still in bed but was slowly opening her eyes. She noticed John was talking to me quietly. Blinking open her eyes she saw that I was standing there naked and talking to John. She sat up staring then I noticed her and was not quit enough to move back to my room. She got a look at my large hang before I got out. I shut the door and waited until Donna was done then cleaned up my self.

At breakfast John and I talk. he was quite happy the way things had turned out. Kim was clueless but could not under stand why she was so sore from having sex last night. But then again she didn’t remember having sex or much of anything after drinks. John said anytime I would like to swap he was willing. Donna really satisfied him and he would gladly fuck her again. Both John and I noticed that Donna and Kim had been talking quietly when we were out ,then stopped before we got to ear range. After we finished breakfast we both went our separate ways. Donna told me that Kim told her she had seen me naked this morning. She could not believe the size of your cock, She wondered how big it got when it was hard. I laughed at her and said real big. Donna and I went out shopping and site seeing. We talked during lunch about her sister Kathy and my relationship. Donna wanted her sister to be happy but she did not want to lose me in the process. So we both went back to the resort where we soaked in the hot tub naked then fucked for hours before supper. After supper it was drinks and dancing until we went back to our room . That night I fucked my sister-in law 4 times. She could not walk to the bathroom so I carried her. We found that Donna could take my 9 inches if she laid her head down with her ass up . With the pounding that I gave her , her cervix was thinning out as my hard head push to attempt to enter her womb. Donna thought she was about to give birth at that moment with the cramps and spasms that her insides were having. Later that morning we both left for our homes , when I got to my house there was a note on the table from my wife Kathy……

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    myselfand my stepson, often get his mother drunk and then i have the pleasure of watching him fucking his mother with his big cock, even his cousin has fucked her

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    Great until he drugged her.
    If you need to do that, you’re not much of a man.

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    Where have you been I love your stories.

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    Nice, missed these drugged / clueless stories. Thanks nite!