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My Grandfather Introduced Me To Sex

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I’m Nadine, my parents were killed in an auto accident when I was little. I ended up living with my grandfather because he was living with us when they died. To keep stability in my life I was left with him. I was 8 when they died. But, now I’m 10. Grandfather takes good care of me.

I was watching this movie on tv one night and it was scary. Grandfather didn’t want me to watch it but he gave in. We didn’t watch much tv at all. After I went to bed I woke up terrified from a dream I had. I ran into grandfather’s room and jumped in bed. I told him I was scared and he cuddled me up tight into him. I had my back to his front and I started feeling his dick getting big and hard. He started pushing it into me. I just laid there and let him. Then in a few minutes he took his hand, put it under my gown and into my panties. He rubbed my pussy between my legs and slid a finger in between my pussy lips. He was sliding it back and forth. It felt so good. Grandfather pulled my panties down in the back and then he put his dick between my legs right next to my pussy.

It was big and long. It stuck out from my back through my legs and more in front of me. Grandfather reached around me, grabbed it and jacked it off as he was rubbing it against my pussy. It made me feel good, so I didn’t say anything. He was breathing fast. He took my hand and wrapped it around his dick while he was jacking it off. His dick was hard hot and big. All of a sudden grandfather moaned, grunted and squirted wet stuff on the bed in front of me. Then he took my hand and rubbed it on the top where that stuff was. He rubbed my pussy with that stuff too. Then he pulled his dick back through my legs, turned over and went to sleep. I laid there all sticky and wet with my panties pulled down. After a while when I heard him snoring, I got up and went to my bed after washing my hands.

A couple nights later grandfather told me to get in his bed he wanted not talk to me about a few things. I got in his bed and he came to bed. Before be got into bed he took off his boxers and was naked. I saw his big dick. It was sticking out a little like it was hard. He climbed in and spooned right up against my butt with his dick. He told me to take off my clothes. I said, “Why?” He said, “I want to show you some things.” I took them off and he started talking about sex. He said it was time for him to make me a woman so I can start having sex.

I didn’t no what all that meant but I knew some things. Grandfather started playing with my pussy and making it feel real good. He told me to spread my legs far apart. Then he started putting his finger inside me. It hurt and he said it would hurt for just a little bit. He said, “You need to be a big girl and let me do this and get it over with.” He told me he had to break my hymen and then put his dick in my pussy. He said, “The first time I go in will hurt bad but then it’s over, and then I can make you feel so good when I fuck you.” I said, “Okay” He put two fingers in me and tried to stretch my hole. Then he pushed through the hymen with his fingers. Oh, that did hurt. I was crying a little.

Then he got on top of me and put his dick at my opening. He was rubbing it between my pussy lips, that felt good. Then he started pushing it in. It hurt bad. I’m trying to back away but, grandfather held me tight. I said, “I don’t want to grandfather, it hurts too bad.” He covered my mouth and pushed it in. He had to do it several times to get most of it in me. He kept my mouth covered cause I was yelling pretty loud. As he was fucking me he was looking down at my pussy, watching it go in and out of me. Then he said, “I can see my dick raising your belly when I slide it in you.”

He was so turned on. He was panting and he told me he was gonna cum. He moaned, pushed his dick in and cum. I could feel it shooting in my pussy. He took his hand off my mouth and I was still sobbing. He held me and said, “It will never hurt like that again, I promise.”

Grandfather started having sex quite often with me after that. And, he was right, it never hurt like that again. I got to where I loved it when he fucked me. He taught me how to suck his dick and how to cum.
He liked to look at my body especially when my boobs got bigger. He wanted me to not wear anything on top. He liked them hanging and jiggling when an walked.

This went on until I was 15 and then my grandfather died. A distant cousin Josh came to live with me. Josh was about 50. He was pretty strict with me. No friends in the house, no boys around until I’m 17. He started making sexual advances towards me so, I sucked his dick. He ask who taught me how to do that? I told him grandfather. Then he ask what else he taught me to do and I told him. So, he replaced grandfather in the bedroom. Josh ask me, “Did grandfather ever fuck me in the ass?” I said, “No, but he stuck his fingers in it.” So, Josh started fucking me in there too.

I didn’t get free of this treatment until I started socializing with other people. I was home schooled all my life and grandfather limited tv. After I found out from a girlfriend that she didn’t have sex with her dad, I told Josh I didn’t want to do it anymore. He started saying I was gonna do what he wanted until I told him I did think the police would think it was alright if I told them. So, he never touched me again.

I went to public school my junior and senior year. I met a nice boy and started dating him my senior year.
I went off to college and I’m still waiting on Mr.Wright.
I inherited everything grandfather had so I’m pretty well off.
I think I had an interesting life so far.

👄This will be the best oral sex you have ever experienced.👅

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  • Reply PedMan ID:6ewpbi1a42

    Wish you all the best in Life and hope you find your mr.Right!!!!!!!

  • Reply Pervo ID:3qm2a68ri

    Wish I’d been there to watch you Nadine, what a little slut

  • Reply Gonzo ID:fx7itamm2

    Fine and dandy but you need to start fucking more. Grandpa had it right and trained you well so why are you forgetting your training. Sex is natural with absolutely nothing wrong with it at all even when you are young. I am sure your orgasms are amazing so go with the flow enjoying your sex. Just because your well off now doesn’t mean shit, all I see and hear is no sex. I don’t want to be Mr right, I want to be Mr fuck me real good till I scream bloody orgasm lol!

  • Reply Bob ID:7pqjf5vk09

    Lucky man. Or men.

  • Reply TJ ID:7pqjf5voij

    Nadine, you turn me on!
    I would love to be your Mr. Right!