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My Gfs little sister likes me too

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It was difficult resisting my gfs little sister Sara

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Ive been dating this girl for a few months, we’ll call her Emmy, she lives about 10 minutes away from me and she’s a year older (Im 17) We hang out pretty frequently and her mom doesn’t care what we do, she always leaves the house when I show up. The only problem is Emmy and I cant really do anything because she has a little sister named Sara who constantly harasses us, she’s nine years old and already turning into a mini version of my girlfriend. Constantly showing her belly button, wearing shorts too small for her and begging Emmy for piercings. Whenever Emmy and I are alone together Sara will usually walk in and bring up something about sex or how I have a dick and Emmy likes it, or just trying to grab at whatever pants Im wearing that day, Emmy usually just tells her to fuck off and lock her out of the room.

I pretty much knew Emmy and I were long term, just because of the experiences we shared and our interests and chemistry, I would be asked to babysit her little sister when she and her mom would go out, and I never minded it, I would just make food with Sara and sit down to watch tv until she got tired and she’d go to bed, but one night was really different.

I was asked to babysit one night when Emmy and her mom decided to have a girls night out, supposedly they would’ve just gotten another family member, but Emmy’s older sister was hours away and that was their only option, plus, Sara was asking if I could babysit her if they were going to go out, which they eventually settled on since their family was out of town.

I made my way to their house and pulled into the driveway around 7PM, I was met at the front door with my girlfriend and her mom rushing out of the house, they said bye, Emmy gave me a kiss and said they’d be back much later in the night, and the guest bedroom was cleaned for me. I thanked them, said drive safe and headed inside. When I closed the door Sara appeared at the top of the stairs in some pink pajamas, I asked her whether or not she was hungry and made my way to the kitchen, she said yes but that she just wanted cereal, I didn’t protest and just let her have whatever sugar she decided to indulge in, she poured herself a bowl and sat down on the single couch in front of the tv, I moved to the couch across the room and laid my head on the pillow and just took a nap, I was tired from the day and Sara wasn’t a kid that needed constant attention, she was pretty grown and mature for her age, I know Emmy and her mom made her that way, it was unfortunate but thats just the way it was.

I knew I had fallen asleep, and I knew I had a dream of drowning, truly suffocating, and when I woke up I knew why, Sara was on-top of me, on my face with her legs locked around my head in her pajamas, just sitting there, my nose in the crevasse of her ass.

My first thought was to push her off and scold her for acting on me when Im dating her sister and because of her age, but thoughts flooded in when I took a breath, the sweet scent of a girl like her, untouched and young, she was still sitting on my face, slowly moving back and forth on my mouth and nose, making little noises. She still thought I was asleep.

I quickly made a decision to just close my eyes and soak in the moment, I felt my erection start swelling up in my shorts, this was probably the best moment of my life, I moved my hand on top of my shorts and slowly started feeling along my dick, it got to the point where my erection was pushing on my shorts so hard it was uncomfortable. I moved my dick to sit under the belt of my shorts and just let it sit there, I felt pre-cum leaking down my dick, I was in heaven, nothing could get better than this. That was until I felt the sensation of a little hand poking at my dick, then a little gasp turn into a giggle.

I felt Sara get off my face and position herself between my legs, she grabbed at my waistband and I tried my best to help her take off my shorts without letting her know I was awake, once they were off her hands began caressing my dick, followed by a tongue, and then lips, it was amazing, I allowed two minutes of this to pass until I decided against continuing to pretend Im asleep, I started making noises and movements, low groans and slight twitching, every time I did this she would flinch and stop for a few seconds before continuing.

I didn’t want to scare her so I did this for a few minutes, until she would just continue, eventually I cracked open my eyes and slowly moved my hand up to caress her face, she was so small, and when she felt my hand she froze, looked at me, waiting a few seconds while I moved my hand to the top of her head and gave her a slight push, she smiled and continued with a newfound confidence. I stopped her after a few seconds and without saying a word, sat up, grabbed her petite body and sat her on-top of me, I didn’t care anymore, I was already in too deep, I got saliva on my finger and fingered her, her juices coating my finger and a bit of my palm as she yelped into my neck, I did this for a minute and moved myself until my dick was under her, 7-inches, the hardest I had ever been, and I knew this wouldn’t last long.

I placed my dick on the opening on her pussy and slowly eased my way into her, her insides gripping my dick and her moans turning into little yells, I kept going, tearing her hymen, she began crying but I couldn’t care less at this moment, she had gotten herself in this mess and I was going to finish it, I groaned as the last of my dick was fully hidden inside of Sara, then with my hands on her hips, I moved her up and then down, using her like a flesh light or sex doll, she was still crying when I did this, but there were hints of pleasure with moans mixed into the noises, I felt the urge to cum building up, I slammed her on my dick and felt it pulsate as I emptied my load into her virgin pussy, my arms lost feeling and I let her go, she collapsed into my chest and began trying to catch her breath and stop her crying.

Eventually she was okay, I was able to get her cleaned up and she let me take her to bed, I assumed she was happy with how things turned out, I had gotten her the pill and she never brought it up again unless we were alone.

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