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My first gay experience

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First time i saw an old man cock and got to taste an old dick for the first time ever.

Heading back to school after lunch one day i was about 14. I decided to go into the public toilet as i entered there was an old man having a piss at the urinal i was quite shy and nervous about peeing infront of an adault stranger. I went into an empty stall, it had stories on the wall which i looked at as i pissed my cock in my hand it started to get aroused as i read them i would have had a wank but was worried about the old man at the urinal hearing me, when i finished i noticed a hole in the door i could look through i peered through and the old man was still there i decided to wait till he finished so i could have a wank my cock bulging against my school trousers. After a few minutes i hadn’t heard him leaving so i had a look through the hole in the door again to see if he was still there. I was shocked to see the old man stood at the urinal with his erect cock in his hand stroking it he was looking directly at at the door of the stall i was in and my heart raced i had never seen another erect cock before. I was so horny i sat there watching him stroking his swollen cock.
My cock was now bigger than it had ever been and was straining against my briefs and trousers i was worried about being late for school i knew i had to go but was mesmerised by this old guy stroking slowly his big erect cock, i decided i had to go just walk out dont make eye contact and go back to school. I flushed the chain and unlocked the door had a quick look through the hole in the door and saw the old man was now facing the urinal again i decided this was the time to make my escape, I opened the door and walked towards the entrance not looking at the old man as i passed him. The old man said hello as i passed I said hello not looking at him and he then said “is this yours i think you dropped this” i looked and he was handing a five pound note i said “no its not mine” he replied do you want it i looked down and his fly was unzipped and his cock was pointing at me erect and hard his purble head shining his pubic hair was sticking out at the base of his cock he had so much more hair than me i had only a few strands of hair at that stage. I knew what he wanted and my head was awash with ideas my cock bulging and heart pounding as i was still a virgin i hadn’t been with many girls and was very inexperienced. I looked up at him and nodded he smiled and gave me the fiver i placed it in my pocket and unzipped my pants i dont know why i did it i just wanted to, he looked down at my trembling hands as i undid my fly and released my cock which had swollen bigger than it had ever been, ” ohhh wow” he said “you have a big cock”. He lead me back to the stall i had just been sitting in i know i should not have gone with him but i couldn’t help myself i followed him to the stall my cock hard and sticking out of my pants. We entered the stall and he got me to stand on the toilet i was small he started stroking my cock which nearly made cum there and then, he stroked my cock slowly and told me it was a lovely cock he asked if i had ever been sucked off before i told him i hadn’t which was true either man or a woman. He opened his mouth and pulled my cock into it, it was so warm and wet he sucked me so good i was so close to cumming but wanted to touch his cock as he sucked me he grabbed my arse cheeks and squeezed thwm as he pulled me into his mouth deeper i went with the rythum of him pulling me into him and then i took over as i started to fuck his mouth he groaned as he realised i was thrusting without him having to engorage me i fucked his mouth it was so wet and hot he stopped pulling my cock into him and ran his finger along my arse hole he tried to push his finger inside but i was a virgin and he had thick fingers it hurt and i asked him to stop he did and went back to pulling me into his mouth. I pulled my cock out of his mouth and he asked if i wanted to stop and go I just looked at him and shoock my head and climbed down and sat on the toilet seat this put his cock right in my face i could smell it and feel the heat from his rigid cock, i opened my mouth and he slid his cock into my mouth it felt so good having another mans cock in my mouth for the first time i could tast his pre cum and sweat his pubic hair tickled my face but i was in heavon loving every movement he made, he started to stiffen and tried to pull me off im cumming he said i ignored him and carried on sucking his cock of fuck im cumming he said again and i carriwd on sucking i grabbed his arse cheecks as he had done with mine and pulled him in my mouth but my inexperience ment i pulled him too far and i nearly gagged and he pulled back but i went straight back to having him inside my mouth here i cum he said again and then his cock swelled as he unloaded in my mouth i had never been so horny before or since when he unloaded in my mouth it didnt squirt out in long shoots but just slowly filled my mouth.
After I finished swallowing his cum he pulled his cock out of my mouth and lifted me up on the toilet again he began to suck me me again but harder this time i got into a rythum and started to fuck his mouth again my balls staryed to tighten and i could feel my cum rise then i shott my load into his mouth my legs began to shake and stream after stream of my young 14 year old spunk unloaded into his mouth he groaned as he swalloed everything when i finished he was stroking his now limp cock and i pulled my cock back.
He thanked me and asked if i had ever fucked a man before i told him i hadn’t and he asked if i would like too well i hadn’t fucked anything except my hand before i said i would and he asked to meet me in the toilets the following evening at 6pm if i would like to fuck him ibtold him i would like that and would meet him.

If you like this story i will put on what happened the next evening.

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  • Reply Aries ID:1dvcc6d8j2go

    This is a hot read, and I wish I could go back in time, and fuck an adult man when I was a teenager. I was always sucking cock, and getting my bussy fucked hard. But never found a submissive man!

  • Reply Beachboy ID:1eiw3i74qy76

    Well I must say that I’m not gay but I’m sure it would be nice if I had sex or just a cock to suck and swallow his cum once and if I like it and it tastes good and feels good might be a good thing for me so maybe somebody can help me out and help me figure out what I want

  • Reply Lewd ID:7ylr4iq49c

    Very hot story. I’d love to hear more.

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    • daddy ID:28arpkjm9j

      Really hot story made me get hard just picturing it in my mind

  • Reply Hot ID:fzq6ri558

    Came to this

    • Easybrit44 ID:2jp1taa8rc

      Thankyou i eas touching myself remembering it

    • Jim ID:1e80f4m1t870

      So did I

  • Reply Anon ID:1d4f6pxyk7gc

    Omg, so hot! Got Kik or Telegram?

    • Easybrit44 ID:2jp1taa8rc

      Glad you liked it i will write the next night if people want to read it

    • Easybrit44 ID:2jp1taa8rc

      Im on snap if that works

    • Easybrit44 ID:2jp1taa8rc

      Got kik lewd77

    • Easybrit44 ID:2jp1taa8rc

      I have kik