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My Father-In-Law Moves In With Us

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Well, it’s been awhile since I have written anything about my father-in-law, Jake. But, some things have happened. Matthew, is my husband. His mother died a few weeks ago. She had been ill for a short while, so it was expected.

Since her death, I’ve been very busy going through her things and organizing how to get ready to sell the house. Matthew wants his dad to come live with us. Jake’s all for it. Although, I’m not as enthusiastic as he is. Matthew said, “It’ll be great, I won’t worry as much about you, when I’m out of town, plus, I won’t be worried about my dad being alone.”

I said, “There are gonna be some new rules if he moves in here.” Matthew said, “Like what?” I said, “I not gonna be fucked all damn day for one thing.” I said, “Your dad’s been staying here for hours fucking me in every hole I’ve got.” “He’s been getting more aggressive with me and hurting me.” Matthew said, “I didn’t know that but, I’ll talk to the old man, okay?” I nodded my head and said, thanks.

I said, “Make sure you tell him about the rules.” He said, “I will.”

So, for the next coup!e weeks things weren’t bad. He moved in and as soon as he did Matthew had to go out of town on business. Jake had only been fucking me once maybe twice a day. Both of them had taken it easier on my ass. I told them I needed a break. So, they had only been fucking me while I was sucking the other ones dick. I liked that a lot.

Jake came up to me and said, “Here, I want you to wear this today.” It was a see through teddy that was crotchless in pink. I had big tits, 34 D and Jake loved them. He loved looking at my nipples and pinching them, smacking them, sucking them. He would put his dick between them and ram his dick into my mouth and I would suck him until he cum in my mouth. And, this teddy exposed all of my titties.

So, I put the teddy on. Don’t get me wrong I loved his dick and I loved how he would dress me for his fuck sessions. It made me horny and he did have a big dick. He would put hand cuffs on me so I wouldn’t be able to stop him, from doing what he wanted to do to me.

Jake loved to push me down on my knees up against a wall and fuck my mouth. He would put his dick in my mouth, push my head to the wall so I couldn’t back up then, he would run his dick down the back of my throat. He held my cuffed hands above my head. He kinda made me like being submissive to him. I liked it when he made me do things.

I had to wear the teddy all day. He would come up to me, bend me over and stick his dick in me. He only fucked me three times today. I was in bed asleep and at 3:00 in the morning he crawled in my bed and spread my legs and fucked me so hard it made me cry out. He stayed in me. I said, “Aren’t you going back to bed?” He said, “No, my dicks still hard and I’m gonna fuck you again.” Then he said, “Maybe I’ll make you suck me till I cum.” I said, “Oh Jake, I’m half asleep, I don’t wanna do that.” He pulled his dick out of my pussy and climbed up on my chest. His knees trapped my arms down by my side and he took his dick still wet with cum and put it in my mouth. Then he said, “I don’t care what you want, you’re gonna suck my dick and I’m gonna cum in your throat, so get ready to swallow.”

He started pumping his dick in my mouth and then down my throat. I was having a hard time breathing but, Jake kept fucking me. He’s squeezing and smacking my tits. Then he reaches around with his hand and smacks my pussy until I cum. That felt good. His dick was getting hard and I knew he was getting ready to cum. Jake said, “Oh, it’s coming baby, it’s coming.” He pushes his dick way down my throat. And, with a grunt I feel it shooting cum in me. I almost choked so, I swallowed his cum.

Jake was an animal. I don’t think Matthew could cum like his dad. Jake got off and turned me over and spanked my ass. He said, “See you in the morning, baby.” I went back to sleep.

Matthew came home early the next day, which was very unusual. The meeting was cancelled. I was still in bed when he came in. I guess he took the red eye. He crawled in bed and I thought it was Jake at first. But, he slid his dick in me and I knew it was Matthew. He started fucking me and he said, “Ohoo, I can tell my dad was here fucking my wife huh?” I said, “Oh yeah, he fucked me good.” He said, “What all did he do.” I said, “He fucked me four times and made me suck him twice.” Matthew’s dick got harder and he said, “I glad your letting fuck you as much as he wants, it makes my dick hard knowing you’re getting fucked.”

Me and dad will double team you later and I know you wanted a break from your ass getting fucked but, I’m really wanting to fuck it, okay, babe?” I said, “Sure babe, only for you.” We slept awhile and got up to start our day. It was in the afternoon when Matthew said, “Let’s fuck.” He had me suck his dick first and he got so excited. I said, “What are you thinking about?” He said, “I’m thinking about you being the best slut ever.” “You fuck my dad and take care of him. You’ll do anything I ask and I imagine all the slutty things you do and my dick gets extra hard.”

His dad walked in and said, “Where do you want me, Matthew?” Matthew said, “Here dad, let her suck your dick, I want down there.” So, Jake sat down and Matthew started fingering my ass. Then he stuck his dick in. He was so eager to fuck my ass he rushed and, it hurt. He fucked me so hard. Jake’s holding my head and pushing his dick down deep in my mouth again. Matthew’s slapping my ass. I swear these two are starting to make me like pain. I must be sick because I like it when they hurt me s little.

Jake cums in my mouth and Matthew cums in my ass a few minutes later.
Matthew said, I would like to try something new if you’re willing.” I ask, “What would that be?” He said, “I would like to tie you to the bed and do things to you.” I said, “What?” He said, “Whip you, fuck you, things like that.” I said, “You want to whip me?” It’s not like that honey, It’s just a cat o nine tails or a flogger.” “It’s just to sting you, not injure you.” I said, “If that’s what you want, I’ll try.”

Couple days later Matthew told me to take off all my clothes. So, Jake stripped them off me. He put me on the bed and tied my hands to the bed frame at each corner. The same with my ankles.
So, I’m laying there spread eagle, totally exposed. Matthew takes the cat o nine tails and puts it across my tits. Ouch, that stung. Then he hits my pussy. Ohoo. He hit my entire body. It felt like I was on fire.Jake took over and he hit me harder than Matthew. I just tried to take it. Although, I did cry out several times. It was erotic. Jake stuck his fingers in my pussy and hand fucked me till I cum.

They untied me and fucked me.Jake in my ass and Matthew in my pussy.I was surprised how alive I felt with the slapping of the tales. I almost cum when they we’re doing it. So, that was the new thing and they did it to me often.

Matthew had to go out of town for a meeting and Jake fucked me several times a day.
Matthew called and said he had a surprise for me but, I would have to wait till he got back home.I can only imagine what he’s got in mind now.

When Matthew got home he had me get in the bed, they tied me to the bed. Then, Matthew showed me the surprise. I said, “What is it.” He said, “I’m gonna put these clips on your nipples and your clit. I said, ” Is it gonna hurt? He puts one on my nipple and I yelled. He said, “You’ll get used to it.” I said, “No, take it off.” He said, “No, honey and adds one to the other nipple and then to my clit. I’m yelling at him. It fucking hurts.

He takes the cat o nine tails and starts whipping me. I was so mad but, the whipping was taking my mind off of the clamps. Then, Jake gets on me sticks his dick in me and fucks me hard. I cum all over his dick. Matthew was jacking off standing beside me. He got ready to cum and he cum on my titties. Jake fucked me a long time then finally cum.

Jake whipped my pussy and tits some more before they took everything off an untied me. I was shaking and weak. Matthew hugged me and ask if I liked it. I said, ” I’m not liking the clamps.” “I can do the whipping.”
So, that’s where we are for now. We’ll see how things go with his dad living here.

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