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My Dirty Cousin

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The summer my 15 year old cousin and I discovered sex and unknown to me is how submissive she was.

We had a lake cottage with a very nice beach and raft located about 30 feet off our dock. The raft was floated on four 55 gallon drums that you could swim under and between.
In the summer of my 18th year my 15 year old cousin and her family visited us for a week.
My cousin had auburn hair, blue eyes, about 120lbs in a 5’4″ frame. She also sported a good 34c bust and looked very sexy in her blue bikini.

On the 3rd day of their stay the parents were inside playing cards and I found myself swimming alone with Becky my cousin. We were swimming between the drums of the raft and playing a sort of tag game. We both stopped under the raft between the drums to get air. I found that in those close quarters my arm and elbow were pressed against her bikini top and boobs. She did not flinch but said if you cop a feel so can I and with that she reached down and rubbed my crotch through my bathing suit.

I did what any horny 18 year old would do I reached over and fondled her titties through her bathing suit. She started to moan so I stuck my hand inside her bikini top and played with her right nipple. She started to breath heavier and stuck her hands inside my bathing suit and fondled my cock. It didn’t take me long to pull down her bikini top and free her luscious 34c titties and start sucking them. I also placed my hand inside her bottoms and fingered her clit. Our spell was broken when I heard my mom calling that it was almost time for dinner.

The rest of my cousins stay at our lake house did not provide any opportunity for us to explore any further.

My cousin and her only lived a few miles from us in the city. So after summer vacation ended I was back at home working on my car when my cousin rode up on her bike and started chatting with me as I worked on the car in the garage. She said she has been thinking a lot about my cock and then said she really wanted to suck it because all the boys she knows love having a dick in her mouth. This very bold talk got me horny so I closed the overhead garage door and told my cousin I had some magazines hidden in my trunk that I wanted to show her.

These magazines were all BDSM related and showed girls tied up, tit clamps, and various implements of pleasure. As we flipped through the pages she started to unbutton her blouse to show me a pink bra. I then ordered her to remove her bra so I could own her big breasts. To my surprise she said yes master my tits are yours to enjoy. After removing her bra I pushed my cousin over to the work bench and pushed her back against it. I then started to suck and fondle her boobs and twist her nipples.
The day before I read in one of my magazines about a women who loved her tits slapped. So I tentatively gave her left tit a small slap. She said oh yes master slap my titties. To which I did. As I enjoyed working her boobs over she had my dick out and was giving me a great handjob.

This session developed into a long term relationship with my cousin where I punished her titties in every fashion and taught her to pleasure me in many wonderful ways.

👄This will be the best oral sex you have ever experienced.👅

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  • Reply Cracksniffer ID:2e0667zb0a

    TiT torture! Very nice!

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    Lovely story. I’d love to hear more

    Kik and Snap @ lewd1976

  • Reply A. ID:5lt6jbl3vem

    While a good concept, it’s a little unbelievable. But continue