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My Daddy The Drinker, And His Sexual Desires

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My daddy was a drinker. He had a cousin Scott who was just like him. They were very close and drinking buddies. Momma wasn’t a drinker at all. So, this was a problem for her. When daddy got drunk he would get very sexual. He would force momma to have sex with him. He also did things to me when he was drinking. His drinking buddy also touched me. Daddy knew he did too. I heard them talking one time.
Scott said, “Can you imagine fucking a little pussy like hers.” I know they were talking about me. Daddy said, ” Well, you couldn’t get you dick in it, she too small.” But that didn’t keep them from touching and playing with me.

Daddy would sneak me out of the house and he would take me to the bar which always upset momma. She didn’t want me in the car with him drinking let alone in a bar. I remember being made over by all the old drunk men. I had on my little sun dress and daddy would set me on the bar. These old men would pick me up and pass me around commenting on how cute I was in my pretty little dress and panties.

I also remember them touching me inside my panties and how they smelled like liquor as they breathed on me. They would rub me against their dicks, hard dicks, sitting me on their lap. This one old man put his hand down the back of my panties and cupped my butt and pussy rubbing between my pussy lips. I don’t guess anybody saw him cause he held me doing it for it seemed like quite a while. I never knew for sure if daddy knew those men were touching my pussy or not, but I often thought he’d have to know.

I remember Scott, daddy’s cousin playing with my pussy when we were in the car. Daddy was driving and I sat on Scott’s lap when he would put his hand inside my panties and touch and squeeze my pussy and butt. His dick was hard cause, he sat me on it. I know daddy saw him and knew he was doing it because one time daddy looked at him and said don’t break her hymen. Of course, I didn’t know what that was at the time.

I was very little for my age, I was actually 10 but being very premature I was little for my age. I remember when I was little, crawling in bed with daddy in the mornings while momma was making breakfast and daddy always slept naked. I remember him pulling the back of my panties down then putting his dick between my legs from behind, humping me and holding me tight against his body. Two times he cum and got my panties all wet. He would pull them off and wipe me with them and then he would tell me go get some clean panties.

Momma would get so mad at him if he took me anywhere if he was drinking. But he would sneak away with me while her back was turned. I remember them arguing about him taking me to a bar. I also remember when daddy came home, he always wanted to fuck momma. She didn’t like to do it with him when he was drinking. I heard her say one time, daddy always hurt her when he was drinking. She said he would stick his dick in too far, on purpose. So, I guess he had a big dick. I didn’t know what was big or not back then.

But, I remember he would force her even if she didn’t want to. I saw him drag her in the bedroom and rip her gown off her and I saw him get in top of her and fuck her. She would moan and say don’t hurt me, or that hurts, stop. He would go right on until he cum. Then he would pass out. I remember momma crying and holding her belly after they finished.

Daddy wouldn’t quit drinking and momma couldn’t take it anymore so they divorced. When that happened daddy and his cousin Scott left the state and moved to Oklahoma. I heard momma say to her sister daddy left so he didn’t have to pay child support.

You have to remember this was back when seatbelts weren’t mandatory and they didn’t hunt down deadbeat fathers. It was hard for momma, doing it all on her own but, she always provided for me.

I didn’t see daddy for years and when I did he was still drinking and still very sexual. He came to visit me so he said. He took me out for dinner and then we stopped back at his hotel room so we could visit.
I never thought I would be raped by my father. I was 19 when I saw him again.

I was still a very small petite girl. I only weighed 100 lbs. I was 5′ tall. My body was cute. I had kinda big boobs for my size. 32 D. Momma always said they were the biggest part of me.

I could tell daddy had been drinking but he wasn’t drunk. But, he drank through dinner and when we got to his room, he fixed himself a double shot of whiskey. We were reminiscing and he sat down on the bed next to me and said how beautiful I had become. He put his arm around me pulling me into him. With his other hand he grabbed my breast and said, “I see you got your mom’s boobs.” I said, “Daddy.” He said, “I love it when you call me daddy, always have.”

He said, “Stand in front of me and let me look at you.” So, I stood up and he had my hands in his hands then pulled me into him. I thought he was gonna hug me but he put both my hands behind my back and held my wrists with his one hand. Then, he started unzipping the front of my dress. It zipped all the way down. I’m telling him to stop but those words were wasted talk.

He pushed my dress off and I’m in my bra and panties. He unhooked my front close bra like a pro and immediately starts ducking on my titty. I’m struggling to get away from him when he pushes my panties down to my knees, unzips his pants and pulls out his dick. I saw it and he did have a big dick. No wonder momma cried. I said, “Daddy, you can’t be serious, you’re not gonna fuck me.” He said, “I’m afraid I am, baby.”

With those words he forced me down on the bed by twisting my wrists and when I sat down he grabbed both my legs and pulled them up to his dick and stuck it in my pussy. He held my hips up off the bed and started fucking me. I was telling him, “No daddy, don’t do this please.” He said, “I’ve wanted to put my dick in your pussy since you were born.” He started putting in more of it. Now, it was hurting a little. I said, “Daddy, pull your dick out some, it’s hurting me.” He said, “I’m just fucking you with some of it, I don’t have that much in you.” He kept doing what he was doing. And it hurt. I kept trying to scoot away.

He said, “Oh baby, I love your pussy, who took your virginity?” I said, “I’m not telling you that daddy.”
He laughed. He was getting so hard I thought he was gonna cum in me. I said, “Daddy, don’t cum in me.”
So, he pulled it out, got up on my chest, put it in my mouth and said, “Suck daddy’s dick baby.” He was shoving it in my mouth so, I sucked his dick. He started talking saying things like, he would love to see me sucking a dick while he fucked me and he bet I’ve fucked a lot if guys. He said, “Are you somebody’s cum slut, baby?” He reached around and started rubbing and smacking my clit.

He said, “You haven’t cum yet, baby.” You need to cum, come on.” As he was talking and smacking my pussy he was gonna make me cum and I didn’t want to. Daddy’s dick was swelling and getting harder as he fucks my mouth. Then, he pushed his dick into the back if my throat and shot his cum in my mouth.
I held it and when he pulled out I turned my head and spit it out. He said, “Why didn’t you swallow that?”
I said, “You might cum in my mouth but what I do with it after it’s in my mouth is MY decision, and I choose to spit.” He laughed. He’s now finger fucking my pussy and spanking my clit. He’s added three fingers and I’m gonna cum as much as I didn’t want to. Oh my gosh, that feels good. Crap, I’m gonna cum again. He’s seeing his handy work and slides his dick in me while slapping my clit and I’m squirting my cum on his dick. He’s loving it. I said, “Daddy, stop, please. He makes me cum again and I’m shaking so he quits.

He said, “Wow baby, you know how to cum or was it because it was daddy’s dick?” Actually, I had never
cum like that before but I wasn’t gonna tell him.
He pulls his dick out and grabs both my breast and puts his head between them kissing and sucking the nipples. I just laid there. I couldn’t believe my dad raped me.
He lays on me and said, I’m gonna fuck you again before you go. I said, “No daddy.” He said, “Yes, and don’t make me force you again, okay?” He’s asking me. I don’t think I can get away from him so I might as well give in and get it over with. So, I said, “Okay, daddy.” He squeezed me.

His dick was getting hard and he slid it in me. I spread my legs and let him have all the access he wanted. He started slowly and his big dick actually felt good going in and out in long strokes. He was rubbing against my clit the way he was positioned and he was feeling good. I even started fucking him back. Daddy’s sucking on my titties and squeezing them.

He pushes his dick in a little further and it’s uncomfortable but I let him cause I’m about to cum again and I don’t want to move and lose this build up of a climatic explosion I’m feeling. He could tell somehow cause he said, “Cum baby, cum on daddy’s dick, he wants you to cum for him.” That was all it took, I sprayed so much cum on him and me. I’ve never cum like that before and did know it was possible.

He spoke in a soft seductive voice and said, “That’s what daddy likes, his baby cumming on him while he’s fucking her little pussy.” “You will always be daddy’s little cum slut, daddy will always fuck his baby girl.”

He fucked me a long time then he started getting excited and was pushing it in too far and it was hurting. I said, “Daddy, you’re hurting me.” But, daddy just kept hurting me while he satisfied his own needs by pushing that dick in me the way he did.
Then he cum in my pussy. I felt it shoot three times at my cervix.

Daddy kept his dick in me until it went down. Then he got up and poured himself a drink. I said “Daddy, I need to go home, will you be alright?” He said, “I’ll drive you.” I said, “No, you’ve been drinking, I’ll call a cab.” He said it was good to see me, he hugged me and we said our goodbyes.

I thought about what happened tonight, all the way home. I never expected it to happen but, I gotta let it go now.
Daddy will always be my daddy and I love him, even though he raped me.

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  • Reply Love me hate me ID:1dszkrui4gw5

    I wish that I had raped my daughter when she was young , and my sister when her and I were both young. All I can think about is lil gurl pussy.

    • baby ID:1ebr2hrpguup

      do it now

  • Reply Bob ID:1d4uq39lfq6s

    Nice how you took your dad’s cock when he raped you. Are you on the pill or could his cum make you pregnant? Are you looking forward to his big dick penetrating your pussy again in the near future? Your daddy said he’d love to watch another cock fuck you. Maybe he’ll DP you. Would you like that, honey?
    Love, sucks and fucks,

    [email protected]


    • Rose ID:1a912bhj

      I wrote a part 2 about what happened after daddy left to go back to Oklahoma. I had to go see him so ,he could fuck me some more.
      Click on my name and read it, I think you’ll like it.I liked everything daddy did to me.

  • Reply Kevin ID:1de7ezrxt7ws

    l wouldn’t mind getting fucked by my daddy

    • Lacy ID:1a912bhj

      After I was forced the first time when I was little I prefer to be forced to fuck. I like it when the men make me suck their sick or when they force their dick in me.

  • Reply Bob ID:1e24qtjra371

    Do you like big cock now or prefer average sized?

    • Rose ID:1a912bhj

      I would have to say I like a pretty big dick. At least 8 inches and nice and thick feels good. How big is yours, Bob?

  • Reply Piti ID:1ds16yt9s2xv

    Hallo Rose Dadsy hat sich nur geholt was ihm zustehtdas nächste mal wird er sich auch deinen Arsch holen und ihn ficken dafür hat er dich gezeugt

  • Reply 15y/oTrans ID:8h102i5gb57

    I wish I had a father like this. Being raped by your parents sounds amazing.

  • Reply Horny 69 ID:1ck6yj0ut7q9

    Let him breed you like you deserve.

    • Coc suuuiui89ñññ ID:fzq6k7140

      I love cum

  • Reply Pervo ID:3qm2a68ri

    What a great story, I’m having such a good wank to this. Thanks!

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