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My Cheating Uncle

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Discovering my uncles affair with his coworker

This is the time I caught my uncle cheating on my aunt with a woman from his job.

It was the day of my uncles birthday and I was going over to help set up some decorations and what not. Well I got to my uncles house earlier than planned about 2 hours sooner. When I pulled in I saw my uncles car and another car I didn’t recognize and I thought it could be a friend of his. Well I knocked on the door and get no answer but then I saw the door wasn’t closed all the way so I let myself in. I went and called for my uncle and got no answer.I went to the kitchen and living room and he wasn’t there so I went to the backyard to see if he was setting up the grill and he wasn’t out there as well.

I then figured he must be upstairs in his room. I start to go to his room to see if he was there. I get to the bottom of the stairwell and I heard a faint moan. I stood there for a second and I brushed it off and thinking I am just hearing stuff. I get to the top of the stairs and I hear the moaning again but loader. I stop and froze in place. As I am hearing the moans I see my uncles door almost halfway open. I walk slowly to the door and see him having sex with this woman who is not my aunt. I then realize it is one of his coworkers Stephany.

I stand there watching my uncle fuck her and as I am standing there I get a hard on. I get so hard I pull down my shorts and I start jacking off watching them. I stand there and say to myself

Me: Fuck yeah Uncle Marco get that pussy, give it to her

I still can’t believe my uncle is cheating on my unit with a coworker. And also hearing them both moan is also making me even harder.

Stephany: Oh fuck Marco baby, your dick feels so good in pussy

Marco: Yeah, you like my big dick in your pussy

Stephany: Yes baby, it feels so fucking good

I then look down and see my uncles nice big ass go up and down. I see his ass is really nice and I see his nice hole. Then I hear Marco yell out

Marco: Oh fuck baby, I’m going to cum

Stephany: Yes baby, please give me your cum

I watch as Marco goes even faster and faster and he yells out

Marco: Oh fuck baby, here I cum, oh fuck oh fuck yeahhhhhhh

I myself cum as well but I cum on the carpet by his door. I then hear them make out and I watch for a few minutes and then I go back downstairs and out to my car. And that is when I act like I just got their and make a lot of noise. I “accidentally “ pressed my cars panic button and let if go for a few seconds. Then I go to the door and open it and I yell out

Me: Uncle Marco are you home”

Then my uncle comes rushing down the stairs putting on his shirt

Marco: Hey bud

I act like nothing happen and then I say

Me: New car for your birthday?

Marco: No it’s a coworkers she’s just in the bathroom

Me: Oh okay

He walks me outside to the back and then a few moments later at the corner of my eye I see her go in the bathroom downstairs. Then a few minutes later she comes outside.

Stephany: Hi sweetie how are you?

Me: Oh hi Ms.Stephany, I’m doing good how about you

Stephany: I’m doing good, just dropping some supplies your uncles needed

Me: Oh okay cool

Stephany: Thank you again for letting me use your bathroom Marco

Marco: Yeah or course

Stephany: Well I got to head home now

Me: Will you be back for the party?

Stephany: Yes I will, I came by to drop off the supplies and then I will be back later

Me: Oh okay, so we will see you later on

Stephany: Yes, see you guys later

Marco: Bye, see you later

Me: Bye Stephany

Stephany then leaves and when I look at my uncle I can see he is smiling

Me: So uncle Marco shall we finish setting up

Marco: Yes let us finish

We finish setting up for his party and then he goes back to his room and changes. Then I head a car pull in and I see it is my aunt coming home. She gets out of her and I see her with a lot more stuff she comes in and I help her and then my uncle comes back down stairs. We then set up the rest of the stuff my aunt brought. My aunt then says she needs to go upstairs and change and my uncle found her. I tell them I will be outside getting the grill ready. The come back outside about 10 minutes later all dressed up for the party. Then about another hour people start to show up. We have a fun time at the party and then I see Stephany show up and I can’t help but smile and think about what I saw.

After the party I stayed a built longer to help clean up. My aunt and uncle say they are going to head upstairs and change. I finish cleaning up and then I head upstairs to tell them I am going home. As soon as I get to their door I hear “Oh baby” followed by moaning. I put my ear to their door and I hear them having sex. I smile big knowing my uncle is getting more pussy. I then say to myself “Fuck yeah Marco, get that pussy again haha”. I once again get hard and I pull down my pants and I jack off. Hearing my uncle and aunt having sex just makes me so hard.

I quickly jack off and unload right by their door. I then hurry and go back outside and sit on the patio. Then 10 minutes later my uncle comes outside. I get up and tell him I am going home and that the party was great. As I was about to leave my aunt comes downstairs to give me a hug good bye and honestly she smelled liked sex haha. I get in my car and leave and I am all smiles. When I get home I lay on my bed completely wiped out. I then think about my uncle and how long has he been cheating on my aunt with his coworker.

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  • Reply Willy T. ID:1eutj2lfxqid

    Just a short description of a man cheating on his wife with no real sex. Dull!