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My Best friends dad

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When I was 14 I went to Best friends house to sleepover, always loved going to her house because It was so much bigger and her brother and dad are sooo hot. That night we played some games and ate dinner before going to sleep. We were home alone and at night I woke up to the front door opening and It was my friends dad coming home. I snuck out of the room quietly to not wake up my friend and walked downstairs to see him in the kitchen. He saw me and asked me to come closer to him, he smelled very drunk we talked a bit and he said how pretty I was and that he liked how small I was compared to him. He then said he wanted to show me something in his room so we went there and told me to sit on the bed as he started to undress until he was just in his boxers and laid down I couldn’t stop staring at his hot body and big bulge and he noticed me staring and he began to jerk It infront of me asking if I wanted It. I began licking on his big cock and balls and eventually he pinned me down and started fucking my pussy so hard I couldn’t stop moaning so loud he had to shut me up as he fucked me even harder. It was so hot I LOVED his big cock so much he came inside me

👄This will be the best oral sex you have ever experienced.👅

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  • Reply matt ID:1e4m08ho8yci

    aah yes, wide eyed and innocent

  • Reply Lewd1976 ID:1cqwjyko13lv

    Lovely story. I’d love to hear more

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  • Reply A. ID:5lt6jbl3vem

    Too short lacks details