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My adopted parents

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This is my first story if there are any misspellings please forgive me, also this story is fictional enjoy.

I’m Japanese and is a 15 year old female.I’ve been in foster care for around 3 months now due to my parents being on drugs.If I’m being honest I hated that place like hell , the beds were barely suitable for sleeping on and the food tasted like shit, but I had no choice but to stay there until someone adopted me. I listened to music most of the day to forget about the situation that I was in which helped me a lot. As it was getting close to midnight I took out my headphones getting up and going in to the bathroom that was connected to my cabin. I took my clothes off as i turned on the hot water and jumped in.I finished showering and got out the shower putting on my pjs/personal hygiene items before getting in to my bed putting my headphones in as fell asleep.The next morning the sun shined on my face causing me to wake up.I sat up as I stretched my body before taking out my headphones before getting up going in to the bathroom to brush my teeth,I heard someone enter my room “Joanna someone’s here to see you finish quickly “ a female worker called. “Just a moment” I shouted. I finished quickly as I patted my mouth with a dry washcloth. The female worker walked me into a room were there was a Japanese couple sitting down at a table as if they were waiting for something, there face lit up as soon as they saw me the couple stood up.”This is her” the female worker said to the couple, she spoke again saying “Joanna introduce your self”. “H- hi” I said as I was nervous as I felt the couple eyes glued to me “hello Joanna how are you today”the Female of the relationship said. “Good” I said. The female worker told me to sit,I obeyed her order as the couples also took a seat facing towards me there was a moment of silence as awkwardness filled the air. “Your so pretty” the female of the couple said as she gave a friendly smile. “Thank you” I said smiling back. “Me and my wife would like to adopt you Joanna” the male of the relationship stated. “Re- really” I said “yes only if your comfortable”

“Yes please” I said as I was enjoyed to be finally getting a place I can call home. The couple and I smiled at each other before the female worker gave both of my new parents sheets of papers added with a pin as they signed whatever needed to be signed.”please go get your belongings” the female worker said. I got up walking walking out of the room I was in and going in to my room to grab all of my belongings that I had since I first came here packing them in to my suite case.I walked out and headed back to the room that my new parents and the female worker was in. They had finished signing the papers as they handed it back to the female worker. They both gave off a friendly and happy smile ,”thank you” The worker said before she patted me on the back “congratulations” she said before she waved goodbye to us and walked out. My parents stood up and walked towards me “Are you ready to go Joanna”my adopted mother said “yes please” I said as I smiled. She smiled back as my adopted father opened the door for my adopted mother and I . We walked out as he followed behind us. We reached the exit walking out of the foster care center, as my adopted dad opened the back door to his white jeep car for me to get in “Thank you” I said as I got in. He closed the door and walked around to the passenger door opening it for my adopted mother “Thank you” she said he closed the door back as he walked over to the drivers side as he opened the door and got in starting to back out of the parking lot and on to the road.I looked out the window as we passed cars and buildings as the sun started to set getting closer to midnight. We eventually reached our destination as my adopted father pulled on to the drive way of the house before getting out and opening the door for my adopted mother and I. We both stepped out the car as my adopted father grabbed my suite case that was filled with me belongings before he closed the doors behind us. I looked up at the house as I thought this is gonna be my new home again I felt a sense of enjoyment thinking about how lovely it was gonna be here with my adopted parents. My adopted mother looked at me with a smile and she nodded her head to the right gesturing for me to follow her I did as she said and followed her to the front door as my adopted father followed behind us. She took out a house key and unlocked the door. We all walked inside as my adopted father closed and locked the door behind us “welcome home Joanna” my adopted mother said “let me show you your room”. I looked around and thought how it was so beautiful inside as I followed my adopted mother to my room everything was perfect and lovely. We reached my room as my adopted mother opened the door my face lit up as soon as I saw how my room looked .My bed was covered in an pink hello kitty cover, sheet and pillow set with a light pink rug at the side of the bed and there were tones of adorable stuffed animals set up very neatly on my bed.”Do you like” my adopted mother said “I love it” I said. “Settle down I’ll go get dinner ready. She left the room closing the door behind her I took a few more looks around the room before I flopped back on my bed beginning to look at the ceiling “Thank you god” I said making a prayer thankful that I now had a beautiful place to live and parents to care for me. “ knock knock” I heard “Joanna dinners ready come eat” I heard my adopted mother say through the door “ok just a moment” I said. I got up as I opened the door walking out my room as I headed to the kitchen “ sit”my adopted father said as he pointed to the chair with his chopsticks. I sat down and looked down at the bowl that was in front of me. White rice and shrimp lo main filled the bowl which was one of my favorite meals I grabbed a pair of chopsticks that was on the side of my dish and started to eat the meal that my adopted mother had prepared. “Do you like?” My adopted mother asked. “yes” I responded she gave off a smile as she continued to eat. A few minutes later my adopted parents and I have finally finished our meal. I got up as I put my bowl in the kitchen sink and through the chopsticks in the trash can that was beside the refrigerator.”Thank you mama” I said as I bowed to show my respect. “Ah you welcome” she replied back as she gave off a happy smile. I walked back to my room and closed the door as I went in to the bathroom that was connected to my room I sat down and peed I wiped after I finished and flushed the toilet before turning on the faucet beginning to wash my hands I finished and began to start brushing my teeth I finished up as I patted my mouth with a dry washcloth and walked out the bathroom switching the light switch off behind me.I got into my bed getting under the covers as I closed my eyes eventually falling asleep.The next morning I woke up as the sun shined on my face I rubbed my eyes as I stretched as I realized my suite case that had my belongings inside it was now inside my room “hm one of my adopted parents must of put it here” I thought. I got up and walked to the bathroom going inside as i turned the faucet to the bathtub on . I let the hot water run for a lil bit before getting inside I grabbed a bar or soap and started to rub it on to my self. I let the hot water run over me as it slid the soap right off my body. I grabbed a bottle of shampoo and started to wash my long dark black hair. I finished washing my hair as I turned the hot water off before ranging my hair out of all the water that had absorbed it. I got out as the rug that was on the ground besides the tub absorbed the water that was on my feet.I opened the door and walked out as I got my towel that was folded neatly inside my suits case and started to dry my body and hair off. I then went in my suitcase case grabbing a deodorant bar and other hygiene products adding it all over my body before picking some clothes that I wanted to wear for the day. I grabbed a white short sleeve shirt a pink short skirt and white cute socks with ruffles around the ankle band. I laid them down on to my bed before getting a pair of pink silk panties with a bow in the front of them out of my suite case. I put my feet through the holes and slid them up my legs eventually getting them on to me I then pulled a pink bra that had a poka dot patent

Oh it I slid the straps up my arm and reached behind my back attempting to clip the back of the bra but couldn’t get it to budge. I heard movement in the kitchen i slightly opened the door “Mama” I called out as I waited for a reply. “Yes?” She shouted back “I need help clipping my bra” I responded “I’m coming” she replied back. Soon after she came in my room “Good morning” she said as she gave off a friendly smile “Good morning” as I responded smiling back . She moved my hair to the side as there was a few seconds of no movement from her I stood there confused as I wondered why she wasn’t doing what I had asked of her , I then felt her breath down my neck before feeling her give me little soft kisses on my neck. Confused I asked “what are you doing” she stoped and said “you smell good I’m just smelling what you used she then took the straps of the back of my bra and clipped it.” Thank you” I said “you welcome she replied back. As she walked back of of the room closing the door behind her. I finished getting dressed as I put my hair in two pit tails on each side before brushing my bangs. I then smelled something delicious that was coming from the kitchen. I then walked out my room and headed to the kitchen “Good morning papa” I said as I saw my adopted parents at the table “ Good morning” he said. “Sit and eat” my adopted mother said. I sat down at a chair as a bowl of rice and a side of salmon greeted me at the table. I grabbed the pair of chopsticks that was on the side of the dish as I started to eat. Soon my adopted father had finished eating and got up as he was leaving for work my adopted mother walked him out and greeted him goodbye as she closed the door and locked it she then walked back to the table and grabbed her dish and mine as I have already finished eating by time she came back. She then walked over to the kitchen sink as she started to wash the dishes. I then got up as I walked to my room getting in to my bed as I got in to bed getting on to my phone “Joanna come help me fold laundry” I heard my adopted mother shout. I quickly got annoyed as I didn’t feel like getting up. “Later mama” I said “don’t disobey your mother “ she shouted “I said I’ll do it later mama” I responded back I den herd no response I then got back on to my phone playing a mobile game before falling asleep.I suddenly woke up as I felt my wrist tied above my head with a tight thick rope. I moved my hands confused as I tried to brake free and realized I was completely naked I then felt someone softly kiss my inner thigh I then looked down realizing it was my adopted mother “what are you doing untie me” I said. she ignored what I said as she continued kissing my thighs “stop this” I said as I steadied trying to brake loose, again she ignored what I said as she looked up at me before starting to give my fat little pussy soft kisses as she looked back down ,I slightly twitched as I felt her lips make contact with my clit.i quickly got aroused as I felt my pussy starting to get wet “ why are you doing this “ I asked “you disobey your mother? Hm” she said. I shook my head no “you lie to your mother? She said as she slowly shoved her index finger inside me I grunted as I felt her index finger go inside me with my pussy griping her finger. I rapidly shook my head no. “You still lie? “ she said as she started slowly going in and out of me , my pussy gripped around her finger more as my pussy started to get wetter “ pl-please” I stuttered. Spit then slowly drooled from her mouth as it landed directly on my clit before it leaked down going inside of me she then placed her warm tongue on my big clit before slowly moving her tongue up and down against it. She licked against the right exact spot to make waves of pleasure go through my body I moaned as she continued to lick up and down on my clit as she looked up at me making sure she was pleasuring me “ please stop” I said as I moaned . She had stop licking on my clit as she slowly inserted her middle finger inside me I grunted as I slightly moaned a cry. “You’re pussy is so wet” she said “your hurting me” I said as she moved her fingers in and out of me “ this is ur punishment” she said as she made a puddle of spit at the tip of her tongue before she started to lick against my clit making me feel uncontrollably good “you tase so good” she said “stop” I said as I whimpered and moaned she then kept her fingers inside me as she moved them back and forth in an up ward motion rubbing/pushing against my g-spot I grunted as I moaned/cried/whimpered as I felt my stomach and pussy mussels tighten she “your creaming “ she said as she pressed against my g-spot harder while moving her fingers back and forth more quicker before placing her tongue on my clit starting to lick up and down. I started to cream all over her fingers as I was unable to talk slowly begging to cum” I’m cumming” I said as I cried/whimpered she then pushed harder against my g-spot while rubbing back and forth as she was rubbing her tongue up and down against my clit “I’m cumming” I said once more as I went in to an silent intense orgasm cumming in to her mouth slightly arching my back as my body twitched we then heard my adopted father unlock the door and come in he was home from work. Before I can let out my moan that had built up during my orgasm she took her creamy fingers out of me and shoved them inside my mouth I sucked on them as we made eye contact with my eye browns frowned as I was beginning to tase my self she put her finger on her lip with her other hand telling me to stay quite I then shook my head up and down obeying her as she slowly took her fingers that I came on out of my mouth as we made eye contact she then immediately shoved her tongue inside my mouth and began tongue kissing me as she untied my wrist, she then pulled away and spit in my mouth before putting her tongue back inside my mouth and beginning to tongue kiss me again she then put her fingers back in to my mouth as we made eye contact with my eyebrows frowned I then sucked them before she took them out my mouth and shoved them inside my creamy tight little pink pussy I looked down as she inserted her fingers inside me with my eyebrows frowned as I grunted she then slowly going in and out of me as my pussy made a wet creamy sound every time she entered inside me my mouth fell open as I looked down at her going and and out of me before I payed my head back and made eye contact with her “it feel so good “ I said in a low voice “ your pussy is so wet and tight” she said “ please go deeper inside me ” I grunted and slightly arched my back as I felt her fingers go deeper inside me “Ah” i slightly moaned before putting my hand near my mouth to stay quite. “You Iike mommy fingers in your wet little pussy” she said “y-yes” I said as i moaned “good girl” she said as she started to go faster I once again grunted “yes yes yes yes please don’t st-stop” I said as I slightly lifted my head up and watched her go and out my my tight little pussy as my pussy made a wet/creamy sound I felt my self beginning to cum again “cum on mommy fingers again darling” she said as she went deeper inside me pressing and going against my g-spot but with much more speed “honey I’m home” I heard my step father say “just a moment I’m helping Joanna with her cycle” she said as she was making me go in to orgasm with my pussy making a loud wet/creamy sound “ok he said “mom I’m cummingg” I said with a cry/whimper as my eyes went crossited “good girl make that pussy cum on mommy fingers”

She put her face to mine as we made eye contact with my eyebrows frowned “mom please don’t stop u gonna make me cummmm” I said in a whimper we made eye contact before my eyes rolled behind my head as she was making me cum and cream on to her fingers she then covered my mouth with her hand keeping me quite as she kept going my eyes went cross eyed as she was about to make me have an other orgasm I grabbed her wrist and moved it back and forth with her motion while shaking my head yess telling her I loved it that I wanted more and please don’t stop” she continued as she sent me in to orgasm with me cumming/creaming all over her fingers I moaned and whimpered as they was muffled by her hand she then went in and out of me slowly before pulling them out as my body twitched she then shoved my fingers in my mouth I held her hand as I sucked her fingers tasting everything that she made come out of me she then took her fingers out of my mouth and immediately shoved her tongue inside my mouth and began tongue kissing me she then pulled aways as she spit in my mouth and began licking my tongue before starting to tongue kiss me again before pulling away and saying “your pussy tase so good” Thank you” I said as I smiled and giggled. She did the same before starting to tongue kiss me again she then pulled away from the kiss as she cuffed one of my boobs before letting a drop of her spit hit directly on my nipple before licking I moved her hair back as I bit my lip “mmm” I moaned under my breath she grabbed my other boob and started to lick my nipple as she rubbed the other between her index and thumb finger.I loved the feeling of her tongue licking my nipple as she made the other hard and sensitive as she rubbed it between her finger tips. “ I want to taste you now” I said “you want to tase me now?” She asked,I shook my head yes “hm ok” she said I then got up and got in front of her I then felt her put her tongue in my mouth as she stared to tongue kiss me I closed my eyes as I tongue kissed her back as I started to slowly unbutton he shirt she suddenly stopped kissing me as she sucked her fingers before reaching her hand down as she put them between my legs she shoves her tongue back inside my mouth tongue kissing me slightly aggressively as I felt her push on and start to rub my clit with her spit. A sharp sense of pleasure ran through my body as I wined in her mouth before gripping on to her shirt before starting to unbutton again, I eventually unbutton her shirt all the way down I rubbed both her nipples between my fingers as I still felt her rubbing my wet clit I continued to tongue kiss me as I whimpered in pleasure in to her mouth “I’m creaming again” I said she then shoved her middle and ring finger inside me beginning to finger me deeply as she moved her fingers back and forth I felt my self starting to cum as she kept my quite by tongue kissing me “I’m -cummin” I said quietly as I felt her push against my spot harder my eyes when crossed eyed as I grabbed on to her wrist “u making me cummmm” I whimpered as my pussy made a wet and creamy sound as I began to cream and cum all over her fingers I covered my mouth as I had an amazing orgasm as my body twitched. She then took her fingers out of me and started to rub her clit with my cream I then let a drop a spit drool from my mouth and on to her nipple before licking it. She rested her hand on my head as I then began to suck her nipple she then lifted my head up as she slightly tongue kissed me twice she then laid down on her back before rubbing her nipples in between her finger tips I slowly opened her legs as I laid on my stomach.I spreaded her pussy lips as I admired how pink wet and pretty it was I flicked my tongue against her clit two times, she then flinched and moaned seeing her reaction I placed my tongue against her clit and slowly flicked my tongue up and down “yes” she said in a grunting moan while playing with her nipples. I tasted my cum on her clit as I licked on it I stoped licking as I shoved two of my fingers inside her as I began to slowly thrust them in and out. “AHhh” she moaned, I spat on her clit as I started to slowly flick my tongue up and down against it as I looked up at her enjoying seeing that was pleasuring her, her clit tasted so good on my tongue I couldn’t help but suck it. I sucked her clit as she slightly started to move around and moan/whimper I looked up at her as I was sucking her clit as I loved seeing how I made her body feel. I stoped sucking on her clit as I watched me finger her tight little pussy while seeing her cream on my fingers “your creaming”I said “your fingers is hitting the right spot” she said I then placed my tongue on the side of her clit as I licked up and down against and directly on it her cream then got on to my tongue it then covered her clit as I continued to lick ……to be continued

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    The whole point of writing is to convey your thoughts to the reader in the most colorful way possible to engulf the mind of the reader in the story.
    Because of the structure of this story it did not happen .
    On a side note I to love Asian pussy like no tomorrow. I simply loved it in Japan, Okinawa, Thailand, Philippines, Singapore you name it I fucked it no matter what age lol! Wish I was there right now living a dream!
    My dream would be living in the Philippines in a five bedroom house with a different girl in every bedroom with a ton of kids lol!

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      Sorry that the story did not meet up to your expectations I will try my best next story to get the reader involved a lot more ! And nice dream I hope that comes true for you

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    smaller paragraphs might get me to read this.

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      Haha yea sorry next time I will make my story’s a lot more less time consuming.

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    I love jap cunt and ass. So young looking girls. Always bald always fuckable. Nice story but better spacing next time please. Well done. That’s hot. Ide like to rape you.

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      Thank you! And I will make sure I use better spacing next time indeed and I would like to get raped and have someone cum in my little tight pussy