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My 2 nieces

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My sister died of cancer and I was o lying family left for her 2 daughters and I had plans which was my fantasy

I had never seen any of my family since I was in my early 20s I had a sister who was 15 years younger than me and my parents who I hadn’t talked to.
Both my parents had died when I was in my 40s I had worked around the world and was quite wealthy had a large house in the country and a small villa, I didn’t work now except as a consultant and had just learnt my sister had died of cancer and I was to look after her 2 daughters who I had never met.
They were getting brought to mine by the solicitors.
They arrived and I introduced myself not letting on that I loved young girls and had been wanking over videos for years and now I had 2 in my house .
I will describe them the youngest was 11 and thin olive skin small mounds for tits and about 4 ft 6 .
The older one was 16 olive skinned and had died red hair and nice size tits ,they were olive skinned as their father was Asian.
The solicitors gave me all the info and left I showed them to the two rooms they would have and told them to empty the suitcases and I will make drinks and we can talk down stairs .I had it in my mind that I will be doing things to them and I mixed sleeping pills in the drinks.
They both came into the lounge area and sat on the sofa together And I explained what I do and they had the run of the house they drank the drinks and I turned the tv on and have them the remote the older one put on some music channel and they both just watched and I noticed that the younger sister Sofia was staring to close her eyes Elia the older was starting to as well . Soon enough they both had there eyes shut I sat next to them and rubbed them on there arms they didn’t budge by now my cock was hard I opened my zip and got it out and stroked it, .my fantasy was coming true I reached to Elia and felt her tits through her tshirt amazing and I put my hand on her thigh just under her skirt and it felt so soft I lifted her skirt to see a pair of pale blue panties I rubbed my fingers between her legs feeling her pussy lips She didn’t move so u went further and used both hands to pull her panties down and off she had black pubic hair, I slipped a finger in her hymen was gone so I pushed it right in I was so excited I couldn’t help myself as I opened her legs and placed my cock at her pussy entrance and pushed it in, my whole 8 inched was in her and I fucked her for a few minutes until I was ready to cum I pulled out I didn’t want make her pregnant .
I looked over at Sofia she was lying on her back I lifted her skirt and pulled her little white panties off and stuck my finger in her and her hymen was gone too so I wanted the same she was so small as I placed my cock at her pussy entrance she was tight as the end went in I pumped a few times to lubricate her and then I had the whole 8 in her tiny pussy this time I pumped litgle Sofia till I cum in her pussy.
When I had had finished I lifted Sofia and took her to her bedroom and laid her on her bed after putting her panties back on .
I went back down to where Elia was and she was still lying there as I had left her I shook her to wake her up leaving off her panties ,as she slowly woke up she looked at me and reached and felt she didn’t have panties on , what have you done to me she shouted I looked said be quiet and listen from now on if you don’t want Sofia and you to live in different homes , you are now my plaything and you do everything I tell or ask i wont do anything that you dont want to do are you listening she nodded her head.
I then told her that they would have what ever they wanted and a good life she looked then said were is Sofia I told her in bed. So let’s get to know each other .

More to follow

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    Please use spellcheck and proofread before submitting

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    Toller anfang aber du solltest die geschichten länger und ausführlicher machen

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    You make them hppy,keep feding them your meat aos often as possible. Nothing better than young cunt

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    Nice story, but you need to collar them, keep them naked 24/7 and breed them

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      Mmmm little girls should be bred as young as possible

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    Let’s have more on this story . Nothing better than fucking a nice young pusy with an old hard cock .